Superhero web catching game

Superhero web catching game

Try this fun outdoor party game that is perfect for kids who love a little superhero action.



Have the children sit in a large circle.

Give the birthday child a ball of wool, and instruct him to hold onto the end.

To start, explain to the children that they are going to make a net in which to catch bad guys.

Ask the children to pass the ball around the circle until it comes back to the birthday child.

Next, the birthday child must walk across the circle and hand the ball to another child, taking their place in the circle and holding the part of the wool circle that the other child had been holding.

The child with the ball of wool then walks across to a different child, exchanging the yarn for that child’s place in the circle.

This continues as the children weave a web.

They may need adult assistance in keeping the string taut as they transfer the ball from child to child.

When the net is finished, the children can pull on their strings and see how it affects the others.

You may also toss a stuffed animal or bad guy action figure into the middle to show how the web pulls and captures the bad guy!

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