Top 5 outdoor adventures to try with your kids

Top 5 outdoor adventures to try with your kids

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Growing up, I spent a lot of time up trees, in blackberry bushes, under rocks and knee deep in rivers and rock pools.  Did you do those kinds of things, too?  Were your days dotted with blue-tongue lizards or soldier crabs?  Was it a mud-pie kind of life?

I am sure you try to get out and about with your very own kidlets too,  but sometimes life gets in the way, doesn’t it?  It does for me, anyway!  I thought it would be a great idea to make a cheat sheet for adventure.  It will help to remind us of all the lovely outdoorsy stuff you can do with children.  These are the things that happy afternoons and happy memories are made of. Are you ready for those things?!

tadpole hunting

How to catch a tadpole from Trey and Lucy

Get your feet wet (or yank on some gumboots!), make a stocking net from a wire coat hanger and head for a still, pondy creek.  Scoop yourself some taddys, listen for frogs and see if you can spot some of those jellied frogs' eggs floating about, too!

pizza garden

Grow a pizza garden from Kidspot

Make a pizza garden with your little, green-thumbed side-kick.  Plant your favourite pizza toppings (possibly forgo the ham and pineapple!) and learn about cooking and nature as you snack. Ace!

Make a kite

Make a kite from Red Ted Art

How to make a fish bug kite. Or a flower kite. Or a butterfly kite. These are way better than the ones I used to fashion from old sticks and newspaper as a child. I think they even FLY! OMG!

butterfly catching

Butterfly catching from Iheartfaces

Catch bugs or butterflies! Do this in a running-about, carefree kind of way.  Possibly the running and carefree bit is more important than the catching bit! If you do catch any bugs, do it carefully and look at them for a wee while before you set them free.

berry picking

Berry picking from Cannelle et Vanille

Berry picking is heaps of sweet-smelling, delicious fun! Take your kids to the local U-Pick (check the Yellow Pages or Google for locations) and chatter as you pick. Make jam or berry crumble to celebrate your berry harvest.

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