Turkey roll: Double dice deals

Turkey roll: Double dice deals

Learning all about colours doesn't have to be boring, nor do you have to hear the rainbow song over and over again. No! Print this activity for the kids and have them learn all about their colours and improve their counting skills. Turkey roll is a fun, interactive and yummy game!

What you need:

  • computer with internet access
  • printer
  • Smarties – see list below
  • malt sticks- 2 each
  • biscuits for each player
  • 2 die

Smarties list

Each player needs 20 Smarties to fill the board but allow DOUBLE this for eating. Each player should be given EIGHT:

  • blue Smarties
  • yellow Smarties
  • brown Smarties
  • green Smarties
  • red Smarties
  • orange Smarties

Number of players:


Print out the FREE printables for each player as pictured. These become your playing boards.

Hand out double the number of Smarties and malt sticks as needed to each player. This makes sure that if they HAVE to eat one (according to the instructions) they have enough to fill the board. If a player eats all of the one colour Smartie and cannot possibly win, the game is over. These are the playing pieces so make sure they don't get eaten unless they have to be!

Give each player a biscuit. This sits in the middle of the playing board and you get that to begin the game. Set out eyes on the turkey, these are also beginning pieces.

With the Smarties for the top of the turkey and the malt sticks for the legs, you're ready to play. Here's how!

Turkey roll rules:

Each player rolls one of the die, the highest roller goes first.

Player one rolls BOTH die and follows the instructions on the printable below. Add a colour to your turkey as set out.

Player two has a turn and so on until all of the pieces are played.

The first to fill in the board wins.


Print this game board                                                         Print the turkey roll rules sheet

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