Vertical garden

Vertical garden

Making space in the garden for kids to plant is not always easy. With this activity, all you need is a wall and some creativity to get started. Create a stunning feature as well as a practical space in the garden, just for kids.

What you need:

  • timber fence or wall
  • small recyclable plastic tubs – such as yoghurt containers
  • hole punch
  • hammer
  • hooks
  • potting mix
  • herb or flower seeds or seedlings
  • water

Number of players:


Gather your recycled plastic containers. Get the kids to decorate them with paint or permanent markers.

Punch a hole about 1cm below the rim of each container; this will be to fit the hook through.

Add some small drainage holes in the base of the containers.

Hammer your hooks into the wall or fence you have chosen.

Fill each container with potting mix till about 2 cm below the rim.

Sow your seeds into the potting mix or plant your seedling.

Water as per instructions on the seed packet.

Hang your pots and watch them grow.


  • Let your kids do the watering and nurture their little seeds or seedlings; they'll see the fruits of their labour once flowers or herbs start to sprout!

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