What creature am I? game

What creature am I? game

This is a fun kids party game that will have your little ones laughing as they are challenged to solve the riddle of what animal they have been given. It’s a great learning game too as kids find out all about the different animals, large and small, that live in our wonderful world.

What you need:

  • Old nature magazines or newspapers with animal pictures
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Safety pins

Number of players:


Cut pictures of various animals out of the magazines or newspaper.

Glue the pictures to a piece of cardboard to make them sturdier like playing cards.

Punch a hole in the centre top of the card and use a safety pin to attach a card to the back of each child’s shirt or dress.

Give the kids some starter questions to ask each other to get clues as to the animal on their outfit.

Enjoy as they learn about animals of all types.

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