Where is the slipper?

Where is the slipper?

This pass-around activity requires a small amount of advance setup time but is worth the effort because your guests will have a ball playing this fun party game.

What you need:

  • a small pair of doll slippers
  • scissors
  • tape
  • wrapping paper
  • music

Number of players:


First, wrap one slipper. Cut a small piece of wrapping paper and wrap the slipper again. Repeat wrapping individual layers around and around. Remember to use as little paper as necessary, to make the unwrapping easy.

About halfway through the number of layers you choose to use, insert the other slipper, and keep wrapping. Make enough layers so that each guest has the opportunity to unwrap at least one layer.

At the party, seat your guests in a circle.

Start the music and have the children begin passing the wrapped package quickly from one person to another. Stop the music.

The guest holding the ball removes a layer. Continue until you find the first slipper. Then, reverse the passing order until the second slipper is uncovered.

A small prize may be awarded to the person who finally finds the matching slipper, or you can choose to wrap a candy or small trinket in each layer, rewarding all of the guests throughout the game.


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