Wink murder

Wink murder

Wink murder game is a great party game to get the kids active and break the ice for those who don't know each other well. Add excitement and intrigue to any kids party or holiday gathering with this fun kids activity.

What you need:

Number of players:


Have everyone stand in a circle and close their eyes.

One person must sit out each round. This person will pick the murderer and the detective.

The non-player will walk around the circle and tap a player once on the head to indicate they are the murderer. They will then tap another player on the head twice to indicate that player is the detective.

The players can now open their eyes. The non-player must now wait out the round.

The detective should move to the middle of the circle and try and figure out who the murderer is through a asking the players questions.

Meanwhile the murderer will 'kill' people off by winking at them, without the detective catching them. If a player is killed, they should die dramatically and then leave the circle.

The detective only has three chances to guess correctly who the murderer is; if they fail, they must remain detective for the next round. If they guess correctly, the murderer is the detective the next round.

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