Winter craft: Make a homemade windchime

Winter craft: Make a homemade windchime

Wintry windswept beaches wash up some of the best craft suppiles. Go for a winter beach walk with your children and collect some bits to make this seashell and driftwood windchime. Your homemade windchime will remind you of your day at the beach.

What you need:

  • a collection of driftwood and seashells
  • twine or fishing wire
  • a hand drill
  • scissors


  • a fishing swivel (available in the fishing aisle at Kmart)

Number of players:


Watch the video below to find out how to make a seashell windchime.


Start by laying out your materials to plan how you will make it all come together.

Use the largest piece of driftwood as a cross-piece and hang all the other bits from it. 

Hollow pieces of worn driftwood work best as ‘chimes’.

Use fishing wire or twine to tie alternate strands of driftwood pieces and seashells to your main cross-piece.

When you've finished, you can use the fishing swivel (if you have one) to hang your chimes so they spin in the wind.

Make sure you hang the chimes where they will catch the wind and tinkle.

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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