How to spend special creative moments with your toddler

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Our lives can get really busy so being able to spend precious moments with your toddler as they play not only enhances their experience, it also is an important time that allows you both to connect in a happy, fun and creative way.

Already your baby has become a toddler who is changing and learning new words and skills every day. They have gone from a tiny newborn, totally dependent on you, to a little person who can sit, walk and perhaps even run. They will laugh and giggle, learn new words daily, and start to do some things for themselves.

Learning as they play

Your toddler’s clever little mind is rapidly learning and developing and while they can play alone, a toddler loves nothing more than learning and creating with an adult who is special to them. Learning through play and creativity is an important part of their development. Watch as they explore and create and join in the fun and help them extend their vision and learning to a different level.

Create and connect

Even if you are not feeling particularly creative, spending time with your toddler at play is important. LEGO® DUPLO® have created an exciting new range, World Animals, that is a simple way for you and your toddler to create and connect.

Kids love animals and the endless play possibilities of the World Animals range will allow you to share a common language of fun and creativity.

The World Animals range includes the following destinations:

Tropical Island

World Animals Tropical Island

This set has 3 characters and 6 animals plus all the colourful bricks you need to create a family tree house complete with a pulley system for supplies, and a bridge. There is even a vine for the monkey to swing on!

World Animals

Lego animal world

From a safari across the African savannah and a canoe trip along a woodland river to building sandcastles on a tropical beach and whale watching at the South Pole, this set has a huge range of animals, buildings, vehicles and characters that will allow you to take a journey together around the world.

Submarine Adventure

lego submarine

Take the diver on a underwater adventure with a submarine that emits bubbles and a whale, and build a seaweed arch for the fish to swim through. Perfect for bath time, water play or even when doing the dishes.

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