Kids Room Storage Doesn’t Have To Be Boring: Fun Ideas Parents & Kids Will Love

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If your kids are anything like ours, there are toys everywhere, clothes hanging out of drawers, and little pockets of chaos, usually extending out of their bedrooms and all over the house!  

We wouldn’t have it any other way, but for the times when you would like a little more organisation, creative storage is going to be your new best friend. 

Mocka is here to give us their top tips on making storage fun with these ideas and solutions everyone will love.

Opt for innovative solutions

Mocka Willow Pear Shaped Hanging Storage Basket - Large

Storage options that are a little less ordinary and creative can help make tidying up a fun activity for your kids.

Whether that means using colourful, storage boxes with interesting prints or stylish hanging baskets – try to think a bit differently about what storage could look like. This can also be helpful if you have limited space to work with.

Keep your child’s perspective in mind

When adding storage, make sure it’s accessible and easy to use for your child.

Keep shelving at their height, make sure they can easily open and close doors and drawers, and for items they frequently use (such as stationery, building blocks and figurines), focus on storing them in smaller, easy-to-carry options so they can move them around conveniently.

Add creative shelving

Mocka Small Book Rack

When adding shelving, consider the requirements throughout the room – it doesn’t just have to be for books or decorative items.

Try creating a book nook with shelving set at different heights for an interesting feature. It will make all book titles easily visible so little hands can find exactly what they’re looking for. A small book rack beside a bed or desk can also provide extra storage space for nighttime needs or bedtime stories.

You could also think about shelving for shoes at a lower height on a wall for children to access (or on the inside of wardrobe doors).

Make it personal

This can be especially helpful when young children are sharing a room. Opt for plain storage boxes or baskets, and then let children add their own personal touch to them.

You could use non-toxic paints, fabric pens, stickers or wrapping paper to help your child add their own personal touch to their storage. This is also a great way to minimize sibling disagreements.

Go for dual-purpose storage

Juno bookshelf and toy organiser

Furniture that provides a dual purpose is great in smaller spaces but can also help encourage children to keep their rooms clutter-free.

The Isak table and chairs set is a great example, featuring a small table, two chairs and drawers for books or crafts items. The Juno bookshelf and toy organiser is another fantastic option that offers excellent functionality to store multiple items and still be accessible for your child.

Make sure everything has a place

One of the key things when it comes to successful storage in a kid’s room is to make sure everything has a place and purpose. From pens and pencils to clothing and shoes – there’s a chance to teach your child that everything having a place is not only fun but helps them know where to find the things they want when they need them.

Styling your kid’s room has never been easier with Mocka! For more storage options and ideas to suit every aesthetic and budget, head to the Mocka website today.


Written with information supplied by Mocka

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