Smarter Comfort With Voice Control

Smart Voice Control makes it easier than ever to keep your home comfortable thanks to Panasonic’s Network-Enabled Air Conditioners.

Modern technology has given us tools to perform tasks that benefit our day-to-day living. Voice and digital control of our home is made easy with smart devices that can control lights, speakers, TVs, cameras, plugs, kitchen appliances, vacuums … even lawnmowers! And now your voice has the power to control your air conditioning too.

The power of your voice

Maximising your warming and cooling comfort is a breeze with Panasonic’s Network-Enabled Air Conditioners. Panasonic’s Smart Voice Control allows you to utilise smart assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa to easily control the comfort levels in your home.

Using voice control, you can:

  • Turn on/off air conditioners
  • Change mode
  • Adjust temperature
  • Check current air conditioner status
  • Start a routine that includes your air conditioning settings

The convenient hands-free control allows you to adjust the air conditioning in your home, even when your hands are full. This is great when your little one is needing your utmost attention at feeding time or when you simply cannot interrupt the cuddles! Or maybe you’ve walked in the door with bags of shopping and it’s a little chilly. Just give Alexa or Google a voice command and adjust the air conditioning instantly.

Using your smart device’s routine function, you can include air conditoning control as part of your morning or night-time routine.

Please note that a WiFi kit is required for the indoor unit – see here for details. WiFi network and compatible Smartphone also required.

If you already have a Panasonic Air Conditioner, the WiFi and voice control can be added to some models up to 5 years old.  Please contact us to find out more.

Even more control with the Comfort Cloud App

Download the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App from the App Store or Google Play and you’re totally in control – even when you’re away from home. Turn on the air conditioner on your way home and you’ll have ideal comfort the moment you walk in the door. It’s also great when you’ve jumped into bed and realised you need to adjust the temperature but you don’t want to venture out from under the covers!

To find out more about Smart Voice Control and the Comfort Cloud App, visit

If you already have a Panasonic Air Conditioner, the WiFi and voice control can be added to some models up to five years old. Please contact Panasonic here to find out more.

Promotion for Panasonic Smart Voice Control. This article was written by Kidspot NZ for Panasonic.

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