Take the pressure off and save when booking your next holiday

Planning and booking an overseas holidays can be time consuming and a bit nerve wracking.  For many, getting the flights booked is the priority, but then trawling the internet for good accommodation deals can be confusing and frustrating.

Expedia have a great new product that will save you money and take the pressure off. The Expedia Add-On Advantage means that if you book your flights (or car or package) through Expedia, accommodation discounts of up to 49% for participating hotels all over the world will automatically be available to you right up until the day of your trip.

Of course, if you choose to bundle your accommodation and flights together at the time of booking, you can still take advantage of Expedia’s fantastic discounts from our valued accommodation partners.

There are other advantages to the Expedia Add-On Advantage. If you are not certain of your plans while you are away (for example, maybe staying with family or friends), you can book your flights and then relax, knowing you can secure discount accommodation right up to the day before you travel.

You can take the pressure off your finances too. Book your flights and then, when funds allow, book the rest of your trip.

Finally, when booking your accommodation through Expedia you can just look for the “Add On” badge on the hotels and you know you will be getting a great deal – without hours of research.

The Expedia Add-On Advantage can also be used in a different destination than the return flights. For example, if you are booking a trip to London, you could use the discount on the accommodation for a side trip to Paris.

Whether you are planning an epic trip or just a quick getaway, now you can lock in the flights and then worry about the accommodation later, secure in the knowledge that you can still enjoy fantastic savings.

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  1. Mands1980 05/08/2018 at 9:51 am

    We usually go through travel agents to be safe but had never heard of Expedia so will look into this for our next trip depending on where we go in Australia we normally get flights, accommodation and a rental car then we can do what we want with no time constraints. This is great as it gives another option to look at as a lot depends on costs involved for the holiday.

  2. Shelz69 02/08/2018 at 9:08 pm

    This is fantastic, I’ve been looking at planning a holiday but didn’t know where to start, well I do now. thanks Expedia

  3. Bevik1971 02/08/2018 at 2:29 pm

    Awesome! I have used Expedia before to book accommodation in Timaru and Methven and actually got a really good deal too! The Add On sounds great! Mind you we never really have enough money to go away very often, especially overseas haha ūüôā

  4. kymmage 02/08/2018 at 2:25 pm

    That’s pretty cool! I haven’t had the need for a flight option yet, but in future we may be looking at it. I have used Expedia for accommodation in the past and found a cool hotel that I have been to twice now. The kids loved it and the breakfast was excellent. That’s what I like about their service. You find lots of different places that may not be well advertised outside of Expedia. If it’s not online or easy to find I barely look

  5. Jen_Wiig 01/08/2018 at 3:40 pm

    What a fantastic innovative idea!! Takes massive amounts of pressure off and allows for the ability to take advantage of possible spot sales too… I love that you can use right up until die to leave as well esp when travelling with kids plans always change and one less thing to have to think about… Winning!

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