Thinking about sensitive skin – laundry tips for parents

Most of us are pretty thoughtful about what products we put on ours and our children’s skin, but how often do you think about the things that are probably in contact with your skin the most everyday – your clothes?

Let’s think about it: We spend 7-8 hours (if we’re lucky) every night, with our pyjamas and sheets rubbing against our skin; after a shower we scrub our whole body dry with a towel; and we’re most likely wearing one set of clothes against our skin for the rest of the day (make it 4 or 5 if you’re a 1 year old).

Cold Power Sensitive is my family’s go-to choice, because getting a sensitive laundry product that is also made for the more economical cold water washes is a bonus that ticks yet another family-friendly box.

Here are some other family-friendly laundry tips that I’ve picked up along the way:

  • If you think you have enough laundry baskets … buy more. Try four or five, rotating between dirty clothes, wet clean clothes, and dry clean clothes. Plus an extra one if you’ve got a toddler who wants to “help”.
  • Set up laundry dividers and sort as you go. It makes things so much easier when you don’t have to sift through piles of laundry to find all the whites.
  • You can also hang a mesh bag on the wall for socks. Throw the whole thing in the wash to save pairs getting separated by the ever-present sock monster.

Also follow these tips from Cold Power before using Cold Power Sensitive:

  • Always read pack instructions
  • Read and follow garment washing instructions
  • Use dose as recommended on pack
  • Not recommended for silks or woolens
  • Do not add chlorine bleach
  • Make sure you test clothes for colour fastness, wash non-colour fast items separately and do not dry them in the sun

This article is sponsored by Cold Power Sensitive.

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