Truths and Myths about Headlice & Nits and Why Neutralice Works!

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Head lice or louse are small parasitic insects about 2 to 3mm long, that feed on human blood and live on scalps. Although they are wingless they are very efficient at spreading. You most likely will see their eggs, commonly referred to as nits, before you spot them.

There are many myths and theories about head lice and nits, so let’s look at what’s true and what is more of an urban myth and more importantly how you can really get rid of them with Neutralice Advance!

1. Dirty hair or clean hair

You may have heard that having nits is a sign of poor hygiene however this is simply not true. The life source for head lice is your scalp and they really don’t care if your hair is dirty, clean, straightened, dyed or bleached. Head lice are the true equal opportunists.

2. It’s all in a name

The actual head lice themselves can be called louse, lice, cooties, or kutu while their little white/grey eggs are called nits or in Māori, riha. Nits is a term that is commonly mistaken for headlice, but in fact is the name given to the eggs that the head lice lays.

3. How head lice spread

Head lice (Pediculosis capitis) are tiny, wingless insects so contrary to some beliefs, they cannot fly, nor can they jump or swim. They are about 2-3.5mm long, with six legs, each with a claw at the end that they use to move quickly across the scalp from hair to hair.

Kutu most often spread via head-to-head contact. To survive, kutu need to feed on blood three or four times a day so there is a low risk of catching lice from hair brushes, hats, car seat head rests and bedding.

4. Kids and kutu

Because head-to-head contact is the most effective way of lice moving between people, children are the most likely to get kutu but adults are not immune. Your school likely has a policy that asks for long hair to be tied back and there is good reason for this – it reduces the chance for the lice to spread amongst the children. During swimming season, packing a hair brush in the kids swimming bags is also a good tactic to ensure they don’t borrow one.

5. Head lice and disease

The good news is that kutu, despite their bad rap, don’t spread any disease. People with a well established infestation can develop a rash from where the lice feeds on their scalp blood and also from scratching but in general kutu are just plain annoying.

6. Treating Head Lice with Neutralice Advance


There are a range of homemade, over the counter, and natural products that claim to conquer head lice so it can get a little confusing about what really works. NeutraLice Advance is clinically proven to kill head lice and their eggs.

But why is NeutraLice different? Recent evidence shows that head lice are developing resistance to some of the chemical products used, but NeutraLice Advance, unlike these products, is a new generation treatment which actually kills lice and eggs by suffocating them (not by poisoning). Resistance has not been reported to be a problem with suffocation products. What’s more, as long as Neutralice is used correctly, they offer a Money Back Guarantee through the NeutraLice website.

Nits attach to the hair with a glue-like substance and are difficult to remove. So after treating with NeutraLice Advance use the Neutralice Conditioner Shampoo to help break the bond between the eggs and the hair. Then use the Neutralice M3 Nit Comb, with its patented 3 row technology, to help remove dead head lice and eggs.

To effectively treat head lice NeutraLice recommends 3 treatments, 7 days between each treatment; so that head lice that hatch from any surviving eggs are killed before they can mature and lay more eggs.

The Neutralice Advance range is suitable for the whole family, including those with sensitive skin, and children from six months. NeutraLice is available from selected supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, including Countdown, New World, Life Pharmacy and Chemist Warehouse.

Find out more about NeutraLice Advance at or ask your pharmacist.

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