What You Need To Know About Warts & Verrucas

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The common wart

Warts are a common complaint, especially during childhood. These rough, lumps are caused by a virus human papillomavirus (HPV) that enters through a small break in the skin and causes the skin cells to grow really fast. This results in a lump or dome of skin which them protects the virus and allows the wart to keep growing.

Is a verruca the same as a wart?

A verruca (or plantar wart) is the same as the common wart but they are on the sole of feet. Instead of sitting on top of the skin, the wart is pushed back into the skin by the pressure of walking on them. Verrucas are often painful.

Are warts contagious?

The HPV virus can easily be spread on the same person or between people because it gets in through minor breaks or cuts in the skin. Kids’ are more likely to get warts as they are often in close contact with others, have broken skin and also haven’t yet developed immunity.

Isn’t there a vaccine for HPV?

There are many different strains of HPV. The ones that cause warts and verrucas are quite different from those that cause the more dangerous things like genital warts and cervical cancer. It is these more sinister strains that the Gardasil vaccine is designed to protect against.

What are the best ways to reduce the likelihood of getting warts?

The HPV virus that causes warts and verrucas is spread through direct contact so there are a number of ways to help prevent the spread.

• Wash your feet often with soap and water, and be sure to dry them well after washing.
• Don’t wear other people’s footwear or socks
• Always wear footwear (e.g. rubber or synthetic slides, jandals or sandals) in damp public spaces such as swimming pool complexes, showers and changing rooms.
• Avoid walking barefoot in any damp places.
• Don’t share towels, razors, or other personal items.

After contact with HPV, it may take many months of slow growth beneath the skin before you notice a wart.

Getting rid of warts and verrucas

The key to removing warts and verruca is to remove the core of the wart – this is hidden under the dome that you can see on the top of the skin.

Wartie wart remover

Using a unique, rounded, precision tip, Wartie precisely freezes the wart or plantar wart right down to the core, and allows you to avoid the healthy and sensitive skin around it. This patented technology is a fast and effective – perfect for wriggly children!

Ready to use straight of the box, Wartie precisely and quickly delivers the cold liquid gas through a metal tip. This keeps the wart or plantar wart below 0° C for longer meaning treating with Wartie is more likely to be successful.

You can control the size of the area frozen through the amount of pressure you use. More pressure means more of the metal tip touching the wart, resulting in a larger freezing area.

Wartie is available from selected pharmacies nationwide, including Life Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse and Countdown Pharmacies

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