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As mums on a budget, we know how easy it is for your weekly grocery bill to spike in the blink of an eye. If you’re looking for some healthy and affordable recipes to incorporate into your meal planning, check out these easy recipe tutorials that will turn you into your family’s own Masterchef in no time!

These recipes are also perfect for helping to get the kids cooking with you in the kitchen.

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naturally goodSuper naturally good for school days, after school snacks and busy weekends, eggs are full of protein, vitamins and nutrients that help aid your child’s growth and development.

With 14 essential nutrients, eggs are great choice for kids and can be enjoyed by most people every day.

Find out more about the benefits of eggs for your family.

spicy meatball

A delicious one dish dinner that’s perfect for any day of the week. Serves 5 for under $15

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egg hash

A meal in one… a very satisfying dish for all ages, all year round. Serves 4-6 for $15

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This simple tart looks sensational and tastes as good as it looks – serve warm or cold for dinner or a summery lunch. Serves 4 for $13

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This twist on a classic risotto is a great way to sneak veggies into the kids. Serves 4 for $15

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A frittata is a quick and easy meal you can whip up after a busy day or for unexpected guests. Serves 6 for under $15

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tuna tortilla bake

A delicious new idea using tortillas for the base and a cheesy tasty tuna and egg middle. Serves 5 for under $15

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