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Pull My Finger is a hilarious game that combines two of kids’ favourite things – monkeys and farts!

It also includes inflating bottoms and pulling the monkey’s finger – how much toilet humour can our Junior Toy Reviewers handle?!

Ella and Ruby, and their mum, gave this new family game a spin ⬇️ 

Meet Ella!

Meet Ruby!

Ruby Junior Toy Reviewer

Age: 7 years old
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Ruby Junior Toy Reviewer

Age – 5 years old
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Favourite Toy –  Fluffy Toys

“Pull my finger!”

Ella and sister Ruby received the Pull My Finger game to review. Ruby (5) is very in to potty humour at the moment so she couldn’t wait to get in to this game! The box looked exciting with the bright purple cheeky looking monkey with a big smile on its face. The game does require some adult assembling, but that is very quick and easy. It comes with a spare bottom and a bright, colourful banana spinner and instead of just having your normal 1-6 numbers there is a reverse, skip, and choose game action, which makes for a bit more excitement.

The object of the game is to pull the monkey’s finger and watch its bottom inflate until it blows. If the bottom blows on your turn you are then out of the game and the remaining players will continue until there is one person left (they are the winner).

Pull My Finger

You get to a point in the game when you are sure the bum is going to deflate and the girls got all giggly thinking, “this is it, it’s going to blow”, and then there is a sigh of relief when it doesn’t and you’re safe (for now!). Once the game is finished you can display your monkey on a shelf in your bedroom or playroom as a cute colourful ornament.

This is a great family game, children from age four and upwards would be able to play this game without adult help, and I think two and three-year-olds would also love this game, although they may just require an adult to hold the monkey down while they pull the finger.

The toys in this review were provided to Kidspot by The Warehouse.

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