Swoop To The Rescue With The PAW Patrol True Metal Mighty Meteor Track Set! | Kids Review

The PAW Patrol True Metal Mighty Meteor Track Set is a great toy for children who have watched and loved PAW Patrol and even those new to it.

Our Junior Toy Analyst, Ruby, was delighted to be able to help her favourites, PAW Patrol’s Ryder and the Pups, save the day.

Check out what Ruby and her mum thought below ⬇️ 

Meet Ruby, a  Junior Toy Analyst

Ruby Junior Toy Reviewer

Age: 5 years old 

Favourite colour: Rainbow

Favourite food: Pineapple

Favourite toy: Fluffy toys

Ruby has a love for fluffy toys and animals. When out and about Ruby loves to stop and talk to all the puppies – one day she would love to have a kitten or a puppy of her own. When she is older her dream is to own her very own zoo! Ruby also enjoys spending time playing with her Barbies and princess or animal sets. Every night you will see Ruby snuggled up in bed with one of her fluffy friends.

Paw Patrol Mighty Meteor Trackset

PAW Patrol True Metal Mighty Meteor Track Set

Ruby was so excited when she saw the big box and even more excited to see that it was PAW Patrol – she could not wait to get into it. Once we opened the box Ruby was quickly handing me the pieces to build the PAW Patrol Mighty Meteor Track Set. With the great picture instructions, the track set was easy to build within a couple of minutes.

The set comes with a metal Chase and vehicle. Ruby who has just started to learn to read excitedly said, “It’s a real metal car Mum.” You can buy the other Pups die-cast vehicles to add to the track set so your child can include their favourite pup.

Ruby has grown-up watching PAW Patrol and has always enjoyed role playing being part of Ryder and the pups’ team to save the day. Now Ruby can use her new Meteor Track Set and her imagination to help Ryder save the day – “No job too big, no pup too small.”

It was quick for Ruby to learn on her own with no help from mum how to use the Meteor Track Set. She put Chase in the track and set him off to beat the robot. She then started to include her other dolls in her game who all needed saving from the meteor.

This set is great for little hands, big hands and any PAW Patrol lover –  there is hours of entertainment to be had. This would make a great Christmas present for any little pup hero.

The toys in this review were provided to Kidspot by The Warehouse.

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