Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan Book Review

If you’ve got a teen reader that loves any of the below, then they need to pick up this series:

  • Adventure

  • Mystical elements

  • Vibrant world building

  • Smart, funny and outlandish characters

book synopsis

It’s been six weeks since Magnus and his friends returned from defeating Fenris Wolf and the fire giants. Magnus has adjusted to life at the Hotel Valhalla—as much as a once-homeless and previously alive kid can. As a son of Frey, the god of summer, fertility, and health, Magnus doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest of Odin’s chosen warriors, but he has a few good peeps among his hallmates on floor nineteen, and he’s been dutifully training for Ragnarok along with everyone else. His days have settled into a new kind of normal.

But Magnus should have known there’s no such thing as normal in the Nine Worlds. His friends Hearthstone and Blitzen have disappeared. A new hallmate is creating chaos. According to a very nervous goat, a certain object belonging to Thor is still missing, and the thunder god’s enemies will stop at nothing to gain control of it.

Time to summon Jack, the Sword of Summer, and take action. Too bad the only action Jack seems to be interested in is dates with other magical weapons. . . .

book review

This series is an older version of the Percy Jackson books so if your teen was a fan of them, they’ll love the jam-packed adventures Magnus Chase has waiting for them.

The characters in this are hilarious and hello, we have some diverse characters who actually serve a major purpose to the story – this was a super nice treat. The way the Gods are crafted is brilliant and entirely refreshing and they added some extra fun to this story.

“Etiquette tip: if you’re looking for the right time to leave a party, when the host yells “No one leaves here alive,” that’s your cue.”

We were a fan of Magnus after book one so we were really excited to see what this book had in store for him. While he certainly has a hell of a time, what we loved most about this book was the dynamic between Magnus, Alex and Sam: mischievous, hilarious and full of witty banter, it is one of the better friend-trios we’ve read in a while. Also, 10 points to Rick Riordan for not overcomplicating their relationships with a love triangle that YA authors love to throw in the mix.

With a completely captivating narrative style, we first fell in love with his writing through the Percy Jackson series and always admired the way he puts you right in the middle of the action. It is very easy to envision yourself as one of the characters fighting it out alongside Magnus. We love the way Riordan incorporates mythology and ancient history into his stories. It makes for a more interesting read and allows for some of the best settings.


Full of laugh out loud fun, great characters, awesome adventure, mythological lands and a dorky yet lovable lead, this is the perfect YA fantasy addition to your teens book shelf. Great for 12+ readers.

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