NERF Zombie Strike Blaster | Kids Review

Get ready to master the zombie apocalypse with the NERF Zombie Strike Survival kit.

Our Junior Toy Analyst Jaxon had an afternoon of ultimate fun with NERF. Check out what Jaxon and his mum thought below ⬇️ 

Meet Jaxon, one of our Junior Toy Analysts

jaxAge: 7

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite food: Chicken pasta

Favourite toy: LEGO

Jax loves building, creating and imaginative play – he’s also recently discovered the game Roblox and is currently obsessed. When he’s not inside playing with LEGO or building forts with the kids next door, he’s outside on his bike or practising his forward flips on the trampoline.

NERF Zombie Strike ZED Clear Shot Blaster

Jaxon is really into NERF toys at the moment and loves having battles with the boys next door, so he got really excited when he saw that he was getting to trial the NERF Zombie Strike Blaster. This blaster with foam darts has a removable long-range targeting scope which is really cool, and not something he’s tried on a NERF blaster before. He was amazed at how much it helped, and he couldn’t stop setting himself new targets to keep testing it out – perfect shot every time!

Once he’d had a bit of practice, he was straight off next door to show the neighbours and get a NERF battle underway. They went with the zombie theme that the NERF blaster is named after and had a total blast (excuse the pun) taking out the zombies one by one. This blaster is solid and sturdy. It holds four darts (three under the barrel and there’s a hidden one in the handle too!) so it can be loaded fast when you run out of ammo.


Overall, this blaster is a hit with Jaxon and he has been using it every day since he got it. Even in the evenings he’s been setting up a balloon as a target and practicing his aiming precision which is great for his hand-eye coordination and also a lesson in patience and determination. Inspired by his NERF Zombie Strike ZED Clear Shot Blaster, he’s decided he wants to have a NERF party for his birthday this year – so I feel like the NERF craze is going to stick around for quite some time! If you have a child that’s anything like mine, then this is a must-have NERF blaster to add to the birthday or Christmas list.

The toy in this review was provided to Kidspot by The Warehouse.

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