Tips for looking great in every photo

Do you freak out and cover your face when the camera lens is on you? Nine times out of ten, it can be an awful holiday photo or unflattering birthday pic that sparks a weight loss plan. But even top models or hot celebs know how a badly timed photo can display flaws you didn’t even knew you had (and you probably don’t!). There are a few photo know-hows that you can employ to make you look brilliant for the camera every time.

Face first

  • Tilting your face at a slight angle to the camera will make it look thinner.
  • If you have a large nose – lift your chin slightly in the photo.
  • If your neck is less than perfect, try craning your neck forward.
  • Experiment with looks other than the full on cheesy grin. Try a Mona Lisa-like hint of a smile, cheeky arched eyebrows look, or even a wink. It will add movement and personality to your face and make you appear less static in every photograph.
  • Keep your chin tilted slightly up – it will help you look more youthful.
  • Swallowing as the photo is taken makes your neck look longer and more graceful.
  • Look into the camera but don’t stare.
  • Take your glasses off to avoid glare and reflections from the flash.
  • Putting your hair up and wearing long earrings will give the appearance of a longer neck in a photo.
  • And, if you’ve been caught at a ‘I must really wash my hair’ moment, pull it back for the photo and top it off with a pair of sunglasses resting on top of your head for that ‘just-got-off-the beach’ fabulous hair look.

Body confidence

  • Face the camera side on to minimise your stomach (pulling in those muscles at the same time!).
  • One shoulder pointing forward will show off your figure to its best advantage.
  • If you are sitting when the camera comes out, cross your legs at your ankles. Your thighs and calves will look slimmer.
  • If (for some strange reason) you know your bum is going to be in the photo, tense and lift it for a few moments, but remember to keep your face looking natural at the same time!
  • If at all possible, stand rather than sit in photos.

For a planned photo

This gives you the opportunity to plan a little in advance.

  • Wearing darker colours, especially on areas you are less than happy with, can help slim and minimise them.
  • Avoid anything too stark and dark next to your face (black, navy blues, browns, and dark greens for instance) as this will drag light away from your face, making you look washed out – and doing nothing to hide any less than perfect skin.
  • Employ some speed beauty by whacking on a some mascara to accentuate your eyes and lashes.
  • Jewellery reflects the light and adds colour and interest.
  • Choose something bright and colourful (but not too patterned or busy) that will reflect light onto your face.
  • Don’t experiment with new make-up or hair just before you know you’re going to have your photo taken.
  • Your make-up should be easy and light – tinted moisturiser is a great choice for glowing summer skin.
  • Avoid having your photo taken in bright or direct sunlight, as this will throw shadows on your face or make you squint. Late afternoon and early evening is the best time to get posing.

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