4 Ways To Update Your Bedroom In A Weekend

Giving your bedroom a little makeover doesn’t have to be a big project, in fact, there are little ways you can refresh your room over a single weekend.

Whether you’re looking to add pops of colour, you want cover your bland walls or you just need some new vibes, here are 4 easy (and cost effective) ways to spruce up your bedroom.

Add a gallery wall to your bedroom


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Creating a gallery wall is all about using your imagination. Mix and match frames and photos sizes to create a stylised space or go for a theme such as this easy aztec wall.

Personally, I love clean lines and silhouettes. The gallery wall in my bedroom features a mix of photos of friends and family, prints and artwork from a few friends. Pulled together with black and white frames of different shapes and sizes, I change up the prints every now and then to keep my room feeling fresh.

Not sure where to start? I got you.

While there are a number of places to find artwork for your wall, my personal favourite is Etsy. With artists providing high-quality digital downloads, Etsy is a cost-effective way to support artists from around the world.

Simply download your favourite prints or quotes, head to your local photo printer (such as Warehouse Stationery or Harvey Norman) and grab yourself some frames.

Bring in a little greenery to spare corners or bookshelves


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If you’ve spent enough time around here, you’ll know that we LOVE adding plants to any spare corner of our homes.

Plants aren’t only great for creating a calming space, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Don’t worry if you’re not much of a green thumb, that’s okay, because there are a great range of indoor plants that can survive just about anything.

A few of our favourite low maintenance plants are:

🌿 Peace lily

🌿 Palor palm

🌿 Aloe vera

🌿 Snake plant

🌿 Spider plant

If you’re worried you don’t know enough about taking care of plants, check out our tips for keeping your indoor plants thriving.

Want an easier bedroom DIY? Switch up your bed linen

There’s nothing better than sleeping in a cosy bed.

Probably the easiest way to refresh your space, it’s amazing how new bed linen can change the whole vibe of your bedroom.

For a classy, more luxurious feel, add in some white or neutral sheets and mix-and-match a selection of pastel toned throw pillows. Top things off with a throw blanket at the end of the bed.

To keep things cosy, grab a weighted blanket or a chunky knit to throw over yourself at night. Pastels work well in this space to brighten the heavier designs.

Boho more your style? Look for patterns and mismatched colours in your quilt and add in some throw pillows in different shapes.

Go big with a new rug


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Adding a rug to your room will not only make those Winter days easier, but they’re a carefree ways to add in different colours, patterns and textures to your space.

Available in sizes to suit any space, rugs are also suitable for most budgets.

✨ If your budget is on a higher end, places like Harvey Norman, Rugs Direct and Miss Amara have options to match whatever your aesthetic is.

✨ For us budget-conscious babes, Kmart and Mocka have gorgeous options that help your dollars stretch further.

To help style your rug, try and find a size that sits about 30cms either side of your bed. It’s also best if your rug can also fit your bedside table onto it.

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