Free Colour Advice & Inspiration For Your Home

Decorating advice with Resene

Want to choose some new colours but you’re totally confused about which shade of white will work best or which colour combination will best achieve your vision? Or, you don’t even have a vision but know the paint needs updating? We have the perfect solution!

Resene knows that choosing the right colours can be difficult which is why Resene has a range of options to help you find the right colour scheme for your next project.

Option 1 – Imitation is the best form of flattery

Free Colour Advice and Inspiration For Your Home

Colour schemes need inspiration. And the best way to get inspired is to collect pictures of looks you like and looks you don’t like.

To help with inspiration, Resene has assembled a collection of projects from other keen DIYers where you can find free decorating ideas from real homes, owned by real people – free to view online.

They also have loads of fun project ideas as well as collaborations with local designers and magazines that cover everything from outdoor projects, furniture refinishing, upcycling and interior decorating to art or custom-painted items.

Resene also has the entire collection of Habitat magazines and Habitat plus books available to view online too and the latest decorating and colour ideas in their latest looks section. So much inspo!

New projects are being added every month showcasing the latest colours, trends and decorating ideas.

View the Resene Inspiration Gallery

Once you’ve made your selections make sure you try them out with Resene testpots or Resene A4 drawdown paint swatches. It’s a small price to pay to know that the colours you’ve selected will look right in the area you’re planning to paint.

If you’re confident enough you can start painting but if you think you could do with a bit more help deciding what your overall look should be, or bringing the whole look together, Resene have experts on hand to help.

2. Resene Colour Expert

If you just have a quick question you can ask a colour expert free via their online form. Check out some of the Q&As that have already been done here.

Resene - bathroom

If you want someone to run your inspo by, or help you choose your overall look, Resene Colour Experts are the answer!

They can help you define your overall look and work with your vision of what you’re trying to achieve as well as help you to navigate your way through the myriad of options to create a blend that suits your lifestyle, your space and you.

You can call your local Resene ColorShop or book online, then gather up your samples and swatches for a free in-store consultation. You can also book a free virtual consultation.

Ask a colour expert

3. On-site colour consultation

If you have a big project on the go and need some expert colour advice, on-site Resene Colour Consultants can do this, however, this help does attract a charge.

If a Resene Colour Consultant is not available in your area they can refer you to an independent colour consultant in your area (their rates may differ from Resene’s) or you can book a free virtual colour consultation.

Book an on-site colour consultation

Paint experts

The world of interior and exterior paint and stains is complex. How to best prepare and then paint varies depending on what you’re painting and where it is. You can send your paint, coating or decorating questions to Resene paint experts.

They also have a huge range of information online to answer questions that others have already asked.

ask a paint expert

For more colour ideas and inspiration, view the latest looks online and visit your local Resene ColorShop.

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