5 ways to 5km, tips to get marathon ready with fitness expert Rhys Jolly

With warmer weather on the horizon, the rain starting to clear, it’s time to pull out the trainers and make the most of the lighter and longer evenings.

Taking place on Sunday 20th October, the Fitbit Family 5km run aims to inspire Aucklanders to immerse themselves in the marathon spirit with a race-day event that’s fun for all the family.

The announcement of the continued partnership comes as Fitbit launches its smartest watch yet – the Versa 2. Dedicated to its vision to make the world healthier, Fitbit aims to help people live more active lives by empowering them with data that supports their health journey.

Keen to motivate aspiring runners to take on the challenge, Fitbit has partnered with Kiwi fitness personality and personal trainer Rhys Jolly, to offer tips to support families with their race-day training.

To help get you marathon ready, Coach Rhys has put together his top five tips to get 5km ready!

  1. Keep consistent: Create yourself an exercise routine and be consistent, whatever you’re doing, keep it simple and make it fun! If it fits into your lifestyle, you’re more likely to keep it up. The endorphins you’ll begin to feel become addictive and exercise won’t be such a chore. Grab a friend and start off with a 30-minute walk, slowly progress into a run, adding more km’s each time. Don’t be discouraged if you need to take breaks!
  1. Monitor your heart rate: Each morning before you get up, take note of your resting pulse in order to get a baseline number. If the pulse spikes up by 10 percent, it could be a sign of fatigue, lack of recovery between workouts or that you’re falling ill. Take it easy, have a sleep in and pick it up the following day. The Fitbit Versa 2 is a great tool to track your heartrate as well as calories burnt, your speed and distance.
  1. Switch it up! Noticed your workout is getting easier or boring? It’s because your body has plateaued! Change your trainings to keep your training effective, add more resistance to your workout and keep your body guessing. Rotate between interval training, strength & stability circuits, light jogs and fast sprint sessions.
  1. Listen to your body: Know when your body needs a rest, always incorporate a rest day into your training and ensure you stay hydrated. Sleep plays a huge role in your health, so use a device like the Fitbit Versa 2 to learn about your sleep and develop better habits to ensure you get a great night’s rest – it will also help you track your water intake.
  1. Don’t start out too fast: On the big day don’t get too caught up in race day hype and burn all your energy in the first 2kms, take it slow and remember the old saying ‘pace yourself’. Think tactically and run your race so that the second half of the race is faster than the first. During your training, try running intervals at different paces to help you find the right pace to run on the day. 

Rhys JollyJoin Rhys at the Fitbit Family 5km, as part of this year’s Auckland Marathon, on Sunday 20thOctober 2019.

For more information and to register, please visit https://aucklandmarathon.co.nz/race-info/5km/

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