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When we talked about skin care routines with our beauty testers three things were important to them 1) we want bang for our buck 2) we don’t want it to be a laborious routine 3) natural products please!

We know how easy it is to forget to take care of yourself when there’s so many other things in life that need to be taken care of first! So we took to task to find a skin care range that would be able to tick all those boxes and had our beauty testers trial them out. Weleda is an ethical and sustainable company growing and creating 100% natural, organic herbal medicine and skin care products for over 90 years, often to the same original, authentic recipes that have stood the test of time. Beautiful natural and organic products that help feed your mind, body and soul.

What is Weleda Skin Food?

Skin Food is Weleda’s #1 selling skin care product in NZ “widely used by celebrities and makeup artists around the world”. Included in the Skin Food range is Skin Food, NEW Skin Food Light, a NEW indulgent Skin Food Body Butter and NEW nourishing Skin Food Lip Balm.

Skin Food

The ultimate natural moisturiser for dry, rough skin everywhere. Skin Food is a saviour of dry, rough skin on faces, elbows, hands and feet – wherever you take a lot out of your skin, let Skin Food put it back in.

It really is the ultimate. A refreshing thick moisturiser you can slap all over the rough skin, it easily slides on and sits on the skin for a while absorbing into cracking elbows, hands and feet. Possibly a little too strong sensitive faces we recommend sticking with the rough patches wherever they are to give it the extra nourishment in needs, leaving skin feeling like it’s getting some slow release hydration.

Weleda skin food

Skin Food Light

A light, quickly-absorbed cream, bringing immediate comfort to dry skin. Your skin feels the loving care of instant moisture, while the light formulation regenerates the skin’s own protective barrier, protecting it from drying out.

Absorbing much more quickly Skin Food Light is the moisturiser you can lather on your face and neck before applying makeup, or applied to hands and skin that can do with a regular hydration boost. Pop in your bag for on the go for whenever your skin is starting to feel that every day dryness. The silky lotion combines organic sunflower oil with natural extracts of calendula, pansy and chamomile helping it glide on to the skin with ease, leaving your skin feeling soft and smelling like you’ve just stepped out of day spa. Yummy mummy! While lighter on the skin you’ll still be getting all the nourishment and care your skin needs.

Weleda skin food light

Skin Food Body Butter

Provides intensive care & nourishment for very dry skin. For when a moment of self-care is needed, this delicate creamy whipped butter melts onto skin leaving it glowy and touchable.

A thick but not oily butter that absorbs nicely into the skin leaving it feel silky smooth. The body butter can be used all over your body and doesn’t take much for your skin to get the full feed and that means a tub can last for quite some time even with daily use! Refreshing and slightly scented your body will love you for this nourishment and repay you with feeling fresh and luxurious, especially during the hot summer months!

Weleda skin food body butter

Skin Food Lip Balm

Intensively nourishes and moisturises even the driest, chapped lips. Formulated with organic rosemary, calendula, chamomile plus wild pansy, lanolin and beeswax to leave lips feeling soft and supple.

Who doesn’t need a little lip gloss tucked into their pocket at all times?! All year round our lips are exposed to the elements and sometimes are the least cared parts of our body. Use it before bed, after lipstick or as you’re dashing out of the house as a gloss and again after lunch. Absorbing nicely on the lips you can use Weleda’s Skin Food Lip Balm whenever you remember to, slithering onto the smackers making them feel soft, smooth, silky, supple and ready for business!

Weleda skin food lip balm

If your skin is ready for a nourishing hydration, a skin care routine that’s easy and effective, check out the Weleda range where you’ll find the above products and even more to help feed your skin and give it the love it deserves.

What’s your top 3 skin care needs?

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