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Anna, aka StitchGirl designs and makes a gorgeous range of cotton based products for home and personal use. StitchGirl Nappy Wallets store a few nappies and wipes for convenient quick access and help you keep your change space organised and tidy. Bundle it together with a reversible Padded Change Mat and you are good to go!

Kai Carrier

Kai Carrier reusable food pouches are convenient, great quality, competitively priced and eliminate the need for single use packaging.  Our range of resealable bags and pouches are perfect for taking food out and about. Dishwasher, freezer safe and recyclable!

Belly Beyond

We have a wonderful range of baby carriers, inserts and covers that will make getting out and about hassle free. Our extensive range, knowledgeable staff and amazing pricing is what sets us apart from the rest.

Minene NZ

Minene lovingly create a large range of stylish baby products including fabric storage baskets, pram accessories, clothing, baby basics, swaddling muslins, blankets, newborn gifts, bandana bibs, baby bath supports, booster cushions and more.


We know there are thousands of decisions to make when expecting a new arrival; the least we can do is offer products of exceptional quality for your wee one that deserves the best. Cariboo ranges of products include something for everyone and every budget. Cariboo now offers Laybuy!