5 Interesting Student Research Topics For Kids

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The benefits of research projects for kids are numerous. Research assignments help kids practice thinking and working independently. Topics are easy to set provided you’re familiar with things kids love.

Regardless of their studies, you will always find it comfortable if you allow the kids to suggest various topics they’re interested in. That means they’ll enjoy writing part of the research project because they’re conversant with something they’re working on. Here are five interesting student research topics for kids.

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Scientists and inventors

This is a fascinating and vast student research topic for the kids to get stuck into. Kids aspire to become great people in society, so they’ll be interested to learn about the great scientists and inventors who have made life easy on Earth.

The number of inventors that students can research is endless. Every invention you see around you was brought into existence by an inventor or scientist. That means you’ll have plenty of topics to choose from. The best idea is to assign the kids a particular inventor and tell them to write about their life, work, and achievements they made in life. Alternatively, ask them to research a specific invention.

Extreme weather and natural disasters

Currently, news about extreme weather and natural disasters in different parts of the world is rampant. That’s primarily due to climate change and other forces of nature. That’s why extreme weather and natural disasters can make a good research topic for kids. This may include earthquakes, fire outbreaks, tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes.

Research into extreme weather and natural disasters can help students be more aware of what’s happening worldwide.

Cultural celebrations and holidays around the world

Cultural celebrations and holidays worldwide are a great research topic for kids to write a research paper on. Most kids have engaged in different, interesting activities during these celebrations, so this will be a great research topic for students.

There are lots of holidays around the world that are celebrated differently. Each culture has unique traditions and festivals for a specific holiday.


Kids love watching movies with dinosaurs (just like they love movies with dragon characters). That’s what makes them a great research topic for the students. There are lots of sub-topics related to dinosaurs that the kids can delve into. The students can research factors that led to their extinction, history, or present-day archaeology. The student can choose a specific dinosaur to cover in their research paper. Here, the student will be responsible for finding out their genetic makeup, hunting techniques, their diet, and their natural habitat.

The solar system

This is among the easiest research topics your students can cover while doing their research. Kids like fascinating facts about outer space, and there is a range of topics that each of the kids can cover in their essays.

The student can choose one of the solar system’s planets or a broader topic. This will get them to do in-depth research about the solar system and all the heavenly bodies associated with it. You can opt for space-themed topics like the moon, the existence of aliens, the planet Pluto or the history of space travel.


There are lots of exciting research topics that students can cover in their research projects. Each topic mentioned above is a great option that you can consider as you can get as many themed topics as possible. The wider the topic, the more the number of sub-topics to write about; hence, the students will explore different options that will enrich their understanding.

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