Improve handwriting: dot-to-dot worksheets

Dot-to-dots are a great fun, educational exercise. Completing a dot-to-dot has many benefits:

Dot-to-dot and counting

Working on a dot-to-dot teaches children number order and help with counting. Little ones may need a little help, but as they get older, completing a dot-to-dot all by themselves is a great confidence booster.

Hand-eye co-ordination

Dot-to-dot games are wonderful for improving hand-eye co-ordination. There’s a lot of concentration that goes into completing a dot-to-dot! Visual motor control is developed through dot-to-dot work.

Handwriting skills

Doing dot-to-dot activities really helps improve handwriting skills and are a valuable pre-writing teaching tool. Children learn how to create shapes, focus their pencil and learn how much pressure to apply to the paper.

Fine motor skills

Working on a dot-to-dot is a great way to strengthen hand and finger muscles in preparation for writing. During early childhood is the optimal time to help develop vital muscles we’ll be using throughout our life. Children can concentrate on gripping their pencil and strengthen their hands while working on dot-to-dot.

Other skills

Concentration and focus are built through working on dot-to-dot drawings. Completing a dot-to-dot drawing shows the benefits of hard work – and in a fun way.

Click here for printable dot-to-dot pictures – Level 1

Click here for printable dot-to-dot pictures – Level 2

Click here for printable dot-to-dot pictures – Level 3

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