Buzz game

Get your kids thinking as they have fun with this great kids game! This fast-paced activity challenges kids to practice their concentration and knowledge of numbers, all while have a lot of fun.

Laughing handkerchief

Kids will have fun playing this game, especially as kids love to laugh. They will be in all sorts of laughter as they try to concentrate on when they have to laugh. Who will be the first to break the rules?!

Whistling Game

This whistle game is a real cracker - literally. All you need is some dry crackers and a lot of laughter and your littlies will have a ball! Play the whistle game to win yourself a few quiet minutes!

Who am I?

Get their minds active with a great party game of who am I? This classic kids activity can be played as a birthday party game or as a weekend boredom buster any time of the day, indoors or outside.

Water race

A fun game that will have the kids laughing and running to try and quickly fill the buckets with water. There may be some water fun play along the way but it will definitely be fun!

Piggy in the middle

This is a great game for the kids to play outside and burn off some extra energy. You can play it with as many people as you like, as long as they can catch the ball and keep it off piggy in the middle.

Trail’s end

This game provides an easy and fun diversion for young children. They will love following the toilet paper around the house going over and under objects looking for the prize at the end of the roll.

Musical sets

Children will enjoy playing this game as they skip about the room, trying to form the number called out before they get left out. Who will win?

Pretend cooking

Pretend cooking is one of the most popular ways kids can engage in natural imaginative play - after all, they love helping mum in the kitchen so its even more fun when they can magic up their own kitchen fun when they get busy with pretend cooking.

Memory – on a tray

Serve up all sorts of fun with memory on a tray. A great kids activity and party game for children of all ages. Its fun to make the pieces yourself and even easier to play and keep your kids minds active and learning.


This card game requires concentration and skill to be able to match up the cards. It can provide hours of fun and build up childrens game skills

Crazy 8s

This card game is a great one to pull out on family night! With a little bit of guidance, the kids will be beating you in no time. Follow the simple steps below and you will be entertained for hours!


Get your kids out and active with a game of pickle. This is a great kids activity to get them moving as they chase each other around. Get them to work up an appetite with this classic game.


Snap is a popular card game that can be played over and over again. Children use their reflexes and sharp observation skills to play the game.


Hopscotch is an old traditional game that still brings loads of fun and laughter in school yards everywhere. With these easy steps you can create your own hopscotch at home, inside or out!

Jack be nimble

What a great way to use the noodle out of the swimming pool! Children love to dodge and jump over the noodle, singing the song makes it all the more fun and entertaining.

Old maid

This card game is a easy and interesting game that the kids will enjoy learning and playing. It makes a good starter card game for kids.