Indoor basketball

Raining outside? This game is great to play indoors on a rainy day and will keep the kids entertained for hours. It will also help with their hand-eye co-ordination. A great way to use up those old newspapers.

Blindman’s bluff

Encourage some learning at your kids party with this fun game for kids. Blindman's bluff ensures kids are tapping in to their other senses understanding what it is like to be blind even for a short time.

Over and Under

Here is a great use for that pool noodle that is sitting around long after everyone has hopped out of the pool. This game can be played by all ages and will bring loads of entertainment for everybody!

No paws allowed

This is a fun kids game where the children try and imitate their favourite pet animal. Can they eat the apple without using their hands?! It requires balancing and concentration skills.

How to play battleships

Keep kids minds fresh and your memory sharp with this strategy game of Battleships. Each child has their own page, that the opponent should not see, on which they keep track of enemy battleships plotted in the sea. Great for a rainy day!

Odd one out

This is a great game to play with your little one to help them differentiate between certain objects. They may need a little help at first but it wont be long until they are showing you by themselves. This activity can be played with any objects as long as they are the same.

String game: Star

String games are a great way to develop fine motor skills. Once you know a few basic string moves, you can make a wide range of figures. Try making this star by watching this easy how-to video.

Leaping Lilly Pads

What a great game to play with the family, especially before the laundry has been folded! As the kids hop from one sock to the next, get them to pair the socks up as they go! A win-win for everyone involved, the kids have fun playing the game and the adults get the washing done.

Simon says

Playing simon says is always a winner with kids of all ages. This favourite birthday party game and kids activity will have your kids practicing their listening skills and laughing out loud as they try to remember what simon really said.

Family board games night

Grab out the old board games and remind the kids what it is like to be unplugged and enjoy the games of the past. Cool games mum and dad used to play. Make it a night a week you all sit and play a game or two. Chat about the week and connect again.

War – card game

This is a great card game to teach the kids. It will keep them entertained for hours as they try to beat their opponent. With a little bit of guidance, the kids will be beating you in no time. A fantastic game to be pulled out on family night!