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Just in time for the kids to head back to school, the team at Charlie’s are giving your children the chance to taste test their delicious Charlie’s Kids Pouches. Designed for cheeky little Charlie’s, they’ve blended their famous, not from concentrate fruit juice with a little water to create the perfect kids drink that’ll make them feel like superheroes.

These lunchbox sized pouches are the perfect way to fill up your young ones with ‘just the good stuff’ during a busy school day. Prefer these as an after school snack? Make the most of the hot summer weather by freezing the juices into ice block moulds for a yummy treat (with way less sugar!).

Currently available in 3 irresistible flavours, Apple Juice, Black Currant Juice and Orange Juice, with a brand new Tropical Juice on the way! Keep your eyes peeled for the newest edition to the Charlie’s juice pouch family in March 2018.

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We gave 50 registered trialists with children aged 3 – 10 years of age the chance to trial and review the Charlies Kids Pouches.

Each selected reviewer will receive:

  • 1x 200ml Apple Juice
  • 1x 200ml Black Currant Juice
  • 1x 200ml Orange Juice

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  1. Lstruthers 21/02/2018 at 4:26 pm

    My 6 year old son loved all 3 flavours. Black current was his favorite. We liked how they were just the right size to fit into his lunch box. It was a real treat to have a fruit drink in his lunch box. We liked how there was low sugar in them also. They were a hit we will be buying them again. Thanks for letting us trial them ☺

  2. MammaV 21/02/2018 at 1:14 pm

    MY girl and her friend tried these juices out after school and loved them. First comment was that they were not too sweet ,which they both really enjoy. They then decided they would be great to have them frozen in their lunch box the next day, which was perfect as they wanted yoghurt for lunch as well and the frozen drinks kept this cool till lunchtime. The favourite was blackcurrant and they were really happy to know a tropical flavour would be coming into shops soon. Tropical is always a popular flavour. The pouches are handy but again the straws were attached a little flimsy. Will be buying again for sure. 🙂

  3. Motheroffour 21/02/2018 at 10:46 am

    Omg was soooo excited to be chosennfor this trial. Turns out the kids were even more excited. I didn’t even get chance to get a picture cause they drank them while I was at work. By all accounts i got a request to buy more in the shopping. So def a win in this house when miss 6 won’t drink boring water and other drinks have to much sugar.
    So happy camper all round here .
    One request I would have is a option of a resealable top.
    Thanks again.

  4. Vee 21/02/2018 at 10:33 am

    Thank you for the opportunity to review Charlies juice drink. If I buy juice for home I’m always adding a bit of water to any juice the kids drink so it’s not so thick and strong I guess. So to be able to buy a juice for the kids on the go that’s natural and mixed with water is perfect for us. My kids favourite is blackcurrent, like everyone else it seems! Followed by apple, and the orange was left for mum. I popped them into the freezer for a little bit before taking them out with a packed lunch in an insulated lunchbox – they kept cold and they also doubled as an icepack! They’re a yummy little perfectly sized juicy drink for the kids when we are out and about, that’s natural and not full of added sugars. I know the kids enjoy them, I know they’re getting hydrated, they feel like they’re getting a treat, and they’re not being pumped with sugar. I’m really happy with the juices, and would definitely buy again. I only had problems with the straws as well – they go missing because they easily fall off, and then we’re in trouble :). Looking forward to the tropical flavour!

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