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Introducing CUTE & CO. premium unisex nappies and nappy pants

Cute & Co.

CUTE & CO. premium unisex nappies and nappy pants are ultra-thin and non-bulky with 7 layers of micro fibre to effectively draw wetness away from your cutie’s skin and lock it in using multiple layers of absorbency. CUTE & CO. nappies are designed, tested and developed for maximum leak protection, dryness, style and wriggle comfort to keep your cutie dry and happy for longer.

  • Ultra-thin, ultra-absorbent, ultra-dry on skin
  • Free from nasty chemicals and dermatologically tested
  • Soft, breathable, and super comfortable
  • Strong grip tabs, wide waistband and cosy leg fit
  • Super cute designer prints
  • Self-adjusting 3D leak guards and gussets, no need to pull out and reposition them to fit your cutie’s bott
  • Perfect for overnight use
  • To keep NZ looking cute, recycle all your soft plastic where available including the CUTE & CO. packaging. Find out where at
  • Stockists: Countdown, Supervalue, Fresh Choice

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Nappy Options: To Fit Size:
Infant 4-8kg
Crawler 6-11kg
Toddler 10-15kg
Walker 13-18kg
Junior 16+kg
Nappy Pant Options: To Fit Size:
Toddler 10-15kg
Walker 13-18kg
Junior 16+kg

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  1. nholt2552 26/06/2020 at 2:52 am

    We were lucky enough to try these in the walker a d toddler sized!

    They are great! We mostly used them for overnight and we had no leaks at all!!

    I found that my boys fit the size smaller better than their usual sizing, but both worked a treat!

    And the prints are super cute!

  2. Veena 25/06/2020 at 10:59 am

    I am in love these Cute& Co nappies. A soft stretchy waistband, leg cuffs, resealable tabs, 3D leak guards and soft breathable layers gave more comfortable and snug fit for my babies. No nasty chemicals and my bubs had no nappy rash problem since they used this nappy. The designer prints are so cute. I’m totally happy with this product and I would highly suggest new mums to buy this. It’s value for your money when you have twins like me lol… Thank you for the opportunity to trial the best and cute nappies.

  3. Sam203 25/06/2020 at 10:38 am

    We absolutely loved Cute&Co Nappies here for Miss 2. At 2 years of age we are at the very beginning stages of toilet training so love that they are available in both nappies and nappy pants. Nappy pants are perfect for during the day whereas the nappies are amazing for night time while she sleeps.

    My little animal lover, loved the animal designs on the junior nappies pointing out the lions and the monkeys as we changed the nappy. The designs are fun and bright which helped make change time fun and provided a distraction from the wriggling we often encounter with a busy energetic toddler. Passing her a nappy to look at and name the animals gave us time to get her in a fresh nappy before she even had the chance to realize she had laid still and cooperated through the whole change.

    The nappies themselves are constructed from soft materials so they are comfortable against the skin and with the stretch around the waistband allowed a comfortable fit without digging in and leaving marks on her skin. This has actually been an issue for us in the past with other brands when even being within the weight limit range for the nappies we’ve found them too tight around her waist leaving her with uncomfortable marks on her hips. The weight range on these cute&co nappies was perfectly aligned with the fit.

    Miss 2 is a great sleeper at night and generally sleeps a full 12 hours so absorbency in a nappy for those night sleeps is extremely important for us and the cute&co nappies really exceeded my expectations. Night leaking is an issue we have had with other brands in the past so I do worry when trying new brands that they won’t stand up to that 12 hour stretch but after waking in the morning while the nappy was definitely full there was absolutely no leaking or wet pyjamas.

    We absolutely love having found this new brand of nappies being NZ made and not using harsh chemicals in the construction gives us peace of mind we are using a great quality nappy for our child. She loves the nappies with the animal prints and can do all her toddler activities comfortably. They will definitely be our new preferred brand of nappy to buy regularly from now on and I’m extremely grateful for having the opportunity to try them and discover how great they are.

  4. Nickynz 24/06/2020 at 9:03 pm

    Hi everyone out there,
    My daughter is 11kg, she’s slender and I would size her usually in a Toddler nappy. We were given both toddler and crawler. I naturally tried Toddler first and found that the leg holes were a bit big for her and we got leakage very regularly. Overnight I tried them and she would be quite wet in the morning, including her sleep sack. So I decided not to use them overnight. I eventually changed to try the crawler and decided this fitted her better even though the tabs were tighter around her tummy. Overall the feeling of the nappy is great, the pattern is great however when these are wet they do sag a lot compared to other brands. I found that we would go through more nappies than we usually would in a day.

  5. nikki 24/06/2020 at 4:40 pm

    We received the Infant and Crawler sizes. I love that 2 full packs were provided to test allowing for a true test over several days and the chance to trial the 2 sizes as often with weight limits its hard to know which size to get when they overlap slightly. At first when they arrived I was skeptical of the sizing as they seemed so compact, they feel so extremely soft and almost not like a nappy. The thickness was also alot thinner than other brands. I love they have the indicator lines for pee for a quick nappy check. We used these on mr 4 months but also tried the crawler size on our toddler as she has just hit 11 kgs. I would be keen to try the nappy pants as miss 2 just takes nappies off. I love that the nappy tabs were durable you could check the nappy and still refasten and keep using until a change was needed, tabs didnt feel like they were going to pull off. Unfortnately they did not contain the poonami explosions out the sides and I felt they didnt draw the moisture away from bubs bottom as quickly as other brands. I would use these nappies for during the day but would use them overnight. Price seems to be similar to other brands on the market. I shop primarily at pak n save and they arent listed as a stockist on the website so I would only be buying them if I was shopping in countdown.

  6. Sheela Duffy 24/06/2020 at 3:57 pm

    First of all, thank you Kidspot for giving us the opportunity to trial these nappies in Infant and Toddler size.

    Prior to this nappies, we have used other brands such as Huggies, Treasures, Babylove and Dryups nappies.

    Cost: it is just 1cent cheaper than Treasures Care (our current brand) and way cheaper than Huggies Ultra Dry.
    Size, look and feel: it is definitely one of the thinnest nappies I have felt which is actually great for our outdoor nappy bag. The patterns and design on the nappies is quite cute though not a determining factor on whether we will purchase it or not.
    It is also relatively good as an overnight nappy and baby nappies with indicators on it are an added bonus

    No really leak proof. We had a couple of leaks (poo and pee) and this is despite me fitting it properly on my son but strangely no leaks when put on overnight.

    We will definitely buy this nappies because it is cheaper than our current brand and the quality is about the same in fact a bit better because it is free from nasty chemicals which causes skin irritation.

    Hopefully, they start stocking them up in Pak n Save too.

  7. Jackie Horgan 24/06/2020 at 12:51 pm

    I had seen this brand in my local Countdown so was really excited to try them.
    My boy us 7.2kg. We tried the infant 4-8kg first. I found them a bit difficult to open as the perforated lines were not very prominent. My boy has had reactions to another well known brand of nappy, causing a long lasting rash. This did not happen with the Cute&Co. brand which is brilliant.
    The design is cute, lightweight and the tabs grip well. We did have a few leakages, mainly at night. These seemed to be mostly at the waist and occasionally at the leg although the nappies did seem to fit well.

    We then tried the crawler size 6-11kg. Again, the perforated lines were not pronounced making the packet difficult to open. The pattern was slightly different but just as cute. The tabs gripped well. The bigger size fitted better and we only had one leak from the waist in the overnight nappy. I do think that any nappy would have had trouble containing this particular ‘parcel’ though!
    The nappies are thin so there is no bulkiness underneath the clothes. They are absorbent and easy to put on.
    I think compared to other brands, they are good especially as they do not irritate my little ones skin.
    I would personally recommend using the bigger size that fits your child as the smaller size did have more leaks in my experience but all babies are different!
    I would purchase these again as they are available from my local supermarket at a competitive price.

  8. tassynicole 24/06/2020 at 12:44 pm

    We were given the Crawler and Toddler nappies to try out. Our 9kg boy is in toddler in other brands so I was a bit skeptical he would fit the crawler but they fit fine. There was plenty of room in them for him, they werent tight. They held up during naps but I didn’t try them overnight as I thought that might be pushing it.

    The Toddler size are a good fit too. There is plenty of room for him to grow into them but they are secure enough of a fit that there is no leakage. I would buy this size for him again over the crawler.

    What I liked most about these nappies is they were soft and not bulky. I especially liked the thick wide bands and how easy it was to peel and stick the tags. Other brands have such small tags and its so hard to get then and stick them with a rolling baby!

    I loved the designs too. I thought they were super cute. It’s nice to have a fun design that isn’t gendered.

    Another thing I rate on these is the blue line that appears when the nappy is went. It’s a great indication of how wet the nappy is.

    Overall I rate these nappies and will happily purchase in future.

  9. ellemitchell 23/06/2020 at 8:01 pm

    Thank you for the oppotunity to review the Cute & Co nappies. I had 2 children using them, the toddler and junior sizes, and they were great. Had no issues with them being too tight, or too small across the front, the tabs were really sticky and having the wee lift bits at the front of the tabs were really handy, especially when changing during the night. There was no issues with leaking (especially when the eldest is a heavy wetter at night) and the layer system worked well for the length of time they could be left on. I will definitely be looking to buy these in the future but the main selling point will be the price. The best part of reviewing these was I still havent looked at the price of these nappies so I look forward to doing that now. Again, thanks for the opportunity

  10. Fetalbandmum 23/06/2020 at 7:22 pm

    Thanks for the opportunity to trial cute & co nappies
    first thing I really liked when they arrived was that the packs are a different colour for different sizes! Awesome- have been plenty of times I’ve got home from shopping and realised I grabbed the wrong size nappies.
    They feel super soft and love the design, I really liked the waistbands as were super stretchy and soft didnt feel scratchy at all I found the sizing to be really generous which was also a added bonus
    However our daughter is a heavy wetter and we did have alot of leaks many changes of clothes and full clothes and cot changes during the night even tried the size down to see if it was a better fit and same thing happened, so unfortunately will be sticking to our current brand even tho the cute and co were alot softer

  11. VanessaC 23/06/2020 at 2:31 pm

    We were picked to trial the new Cute & Co nappies and to give an honest review.

    I have a 18month old 10kg very active boy and these nappies have been great. He is slender for his age and normally we would use the toddler size however we have found them a little big around the leg area when he is moving about so tried him in the crawler nappies and they were a perfect fit!

    We are now using the toddler size for overnight and have had success with no leaks so far.
    My boys skin get irritated easily by other nappies however there has been no irritation with the Cute & Co range.

    I also like the cute designs on the nappies and they seem very soft and do not have any sort of chemical smell.

    We will continue to use these nappies and definitely recommend to others!

  12. Gemmamay 22/06/2020 at 10:39 am

    we were lucky enough to trial the cute and co nappies in crawler and toddler,

    We tried the toddler first as that is his normal size in other brands we found them very roomy for his small frame but still did their job they didn’t rub or irritate him in any way.

    We tried the crawler size the next day and found that size fitted him way better the tabs were still a decent length and the front and back were still high enough for good protection but comfy enough not to cause irritation between his legs

    Over all both sizes were great and didn’t make him look bulky either while wearing them we had no accidents or leaking very easy to use soft with really cute designs we will be making the switch to this brand for the foreseeable future

    Thanks again for the opportunity to try out something different we will be recommending others try these to

  13. Bambi_baby 21/06/2020 at 11:52 pm

    We were lucky enough to trail these nappies and can I just say I’m impressive!

    The nappies are super soft and the prints, Oh so cute! The nappy sits up higher and the tabs are longer than some other brands. This makes a more snug yet comfortable fit.
    My partner actually said “wow, I love these nappies they’re so satisfying to put on.” Bonus points for that!

    We have has zero leaks which has been great! Recently we have been struggling to find a nappy that would last the 12hr stretch overnight without leaking but these have worked!

    In conclusion cute and co nappies are great..
    cute prints, soft with awesome tabs, no leaks, no marks left on the skin and no caused rashes! They are all round great nappies and the instore price is so reasonable that I will for sure be buying over and over again. Thank you Cute and Co for letting us try your amazing nappies!

  14. EmJames 20/06/2020 at 1:35 pm

    We have been trialling the Cute & Co nappies for our second baby, almost six months old. At her last weigh in Darcy was 7.5kgs so I selected the crawler size as this is what she wears in our current brand. I was supplied both the infant size and crawler size so I started with infant (4-8kgs). At first I was skeptical about the absorbency because they are so much thinner than other brands but I was very impressed! These fitted Darcy well around the legs and in the waist. After trialling half the pack of infant size I decided to try the crawler. I found these to fit well and seem more comfortable, but be a lot more bulky on Darcy and looser around the legs so more chance of leaking, however we experienced no leaks at all which is great, even overnight when she doesn’t have a change as she sleeps through.
    I thought the design and pattern on the Cute & Co nappies was gorgeous. I love the neutral colours as they don’t show through lighter coloured clothing.
    Overall I was extremely impressed with this product and if the price is comparable to my current brand I would absolutely consider switching brands. Thanks for the chance to trial these nappies!

  15. CindyM 20/06/2020 at 11:45 am

    We were selected to trial the Cute & Co nappies thank you!! My daughter is 14 months old and nearly 10kgs, the crawler nappies (6-11kgs) are perfect for her. The Toddler (10-15kg) ones are too big for her.

    I was worried because they were thin that the absorbency wasn’t going to be great but they held a lot and the triple line wet markers on the front were great. The nappy didn’t have any smell (like another popular brand currently has) so I was confident putting them on my daughter who has sensitive skin. No issues with rashes.

    The designs on the nappies are cute and my daughter is just learning cats and dogs so she loved looking at them on the nappy.

    The only downside I found is that the waist band seemed to small for the nappy if that makes sense, the bottom of the nappy was very large compared to the waist. Not a major though and doesn’t affect the use but on my skinny daughter it was ‘bulky’ at the bottom. Also it would be awesome to have a ‘middle’ marker, when they are folded in thirds it was hard to get it even in the middle.

    Thanks for letting us trial Cute & Co, they are a great nappy option and even better that they are at a reasonable price.

  16. hannah whitlow 20/06/2020 at 8:23 am

    We trialled the Cute and Co nappies both size infant and crawler for our 7 month daughter. I’m so impressed at first I was abit hesitant with how thin they were but they are so absorbent ! I love how they aren’t bulking under clothing and they are so soft on my daughters skin. They are a great day and night nappy and they even held in the near explosions ! This is our 3rd child and we’ve gone through a lot of nappy brands in the last 6 years and I definitely think cute and co are ones to purchase especially as I’ve seen them for such an affordable price at countdown ! We trialled both the infant and crawler and I was suprised at how well the infant fit her too as other brands we are more on size 3.

  17. KGathie 18/06/2020 at 8:10 pm

    I was selected to trial the Cute & Co infant nappies. My son has very sensitive skin with excema absolutely everywhere! I was thrilled with the nappies, they didn’t irritate my sons skin at all.
    The design is cute and I love how it’s in muted tones so you don’t have to worry about the design showing through clothes.
    The triple lined wetness indicator is great too and gives an accurate show of how wet they are.
    My son is skinny – and yet it managed to fit well around his waist and skinny legs.
    I love the tabs having that extra flick back bit – which makes them super easy to remove (I don’t know if they are like that for the larger sizes but that would have posed a problem for my toddler as he would of removed the nappies himself with ease!) but I like them for the younger babes.
    We had one wet through but I expected it – as it was his over night nappy. I feel like it does the 12 hr night really well. I love how thin they are – you don’t get that huge nappy bum and yet it holds a heap without issue. I usually use huggies for overnight and the Cute & Co is totally comparable.
    I’m a huge fan and I will be buying them in the future.
    Another note is the wide channel – I find that awesome.
    As they are folded in thirds it would be handy to have a halfway mark printed on it so you know you have equal back and front.
    So Cute & Co these are awesome and thanks for letting me try them out!

  18. briannaasplin 18/06/2020 at 7:56 pm

    Really appreciate the opportunity to try cute & co nappies. Love the packaging , love the name. Cute design and unisex keeps it simple. Nice generous sizing and easy to put on. Unfortunately I don’t find they hold as much wee as other brands I use. (Currently have 3 different brands in the house). Definitely good pricing and quality for a day nappy that you would just change a little more often than others. We’ve had a few very wet clothes learning this nappy. Would I buy again? Hmmm not sure.

  19. Amy Tinker 18/06/2020 at 5:39 pm

    We were lucky enough to put these nappies to the ultimate test. My daughter was unwell this week so these nappies really had their work cut out for them.

    First impressions were that they were lovely and soft and that the pattern didn’t show through her white singlet. I really liked the subtle pattern.

    They held up well overnight but my daughter isn’t the heaviest wetter as she doesn’t have bottles or anything before bed.

    She wore the walker size which is 13-18kg which is what she has just moved to in other brands. She is almost two so very active.

    We normally buy a premium brand so I was pleasantly surprised with these as we haven’t been happy with other brands we have trialed in the past.

    The only negative I have is that her urine seemed to smell more in these nappies, but as I said she was unwell so this could have been concentrated during this time.

    I will buy these again in the future and have given some from my pack to my friend as her wee boy was wetting through overnight and she thinks they are great. Overall as a cheaper option I rate them and the designs are cute!

  20. Arna.williams 17/06/2020 at 6:47 pm

    We have been lucky enough to review these Cute and Co nappies and how cute are they! I absolutely love the unisex design.
    These nappies are super cute and very functional. I absolutely love the tab detail on the nappies which make it very quick to take off without an hassle, I also love how far up the back they go with a super stretchy waist band. During the trial period they have had a couple of explosions to contain and they Did! No more accidents up babies back!! Yay!
    The other feature I love is the 3 line wet indicator as if makes it very easy to check when trying to get a quick peak!
    All in all these nappies are fantasic in both design, fit and functionality and I will be happily changing brands and purchasing these going forward.

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