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Did you know that according to data from the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research air pollution inside your home can be up to five times worse than outside? We spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors**which means your family, especially those who have asthma concerns, may have a harder time during the spring/summer months.

The team at Dyson understand how important it is to help support a clean home environment for your family, so they have created the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater that works as a purifier, fan and heater all in one. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater automatically captures gases and 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants. It provides purification all year round and heating and fan cooling when you need it.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater, which includes a new and improved compact filtration technology – the 360° Glass HEPA filter, aims to combat indoor air pollution by removing mould and pollutants from the air. The new model also goes a step further than other purifiers on the market to improve gas capture, trapping ultrafine particles and distributing cleaner air evenly around the whole room.


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*Supported by data from the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate research.

**Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – www.smarterhomes.org.nz

Particle capture tested to EN1822. Gaseous capture tested to JEM 1467 (acetic acid, acetaldehyde, ammonia) and GB/T18801 (formaldehyde, benzene) and DTM-003282 (NO2). Gaseous capture rates vary.

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  1. Jen_Wiig 23/12/2017 at 5:03 pm

    1. Please describe the reason why you wanted to trial the Dyson purifier, and your experience as to how you believe it helped?

    Wanted to trial this as have an asthmatic in household and 3 of us from hay fever which since moving closer to the Waitakere ranges have found this has worsened. Also as we live in quite a built up area surrounded in houses the cooking smells can be quite unbearable at times. The Dyson Purelink has improved the air quality immensely since starting to use it, whwn we first set it up and put on Auto function we were quite horrified to see just how poor the air was within the house even though we have windows open all day every day and have a decent breeze.

    2. What was your knowledge of indoor air pollution before using the Dyson purifier, do you believe that this product helped inform you more of the quality of the air in your home?

    I didn’t know much at all, I knew that there were pollutants around but didn’t realise until starting to use the Dyson just how much they effect your health and the Iver all “odour” if the home. The biggest thing we noticed was whwn out and I’ve used the app to turn it on before arriving home the fresh and literally fresh air smell throughout the whole house not just the lounge area where we had it mostly.

    3. Describe the air in your home before, during and after trialing the Dyson purifier, did you notice a difference?

    Before hand I had thought it was pretty fresh as we always open our doors and windows and never noticed a smell as such, during the use the first day or two there wasn’t a huge noticeable difference physically but when looking on the app it showed a massive change, whwn we first turned it on our quality was rated very poor and it took the purifier just under an hour to lift the quality to very good and switch itself off automatically. There is an option in the app that allows you tweak how sensitive you are to pollutants and thus Dyson will automatically sense when it needs to turn on and at what level to maintain the suitable level of quality… This is a really cool feature

    4. Were there any particular experiences during the use that you can identify and share to others, consider sleep, cooking, health?

    Sleeping was a huge difference this is often where our sons asthma becomes worse in the evening and he often snores… We had always put this down to just his deep sleep patterns but when we used in his room for a week within the first night he seeped better and without snoring and woke up not as raspy as usual.. This is huge and a big game changer for us… He alerted us to the fact he hasn’t needed to use his ventolin as much as he did led into summer last year!!! Cooking wise it’s been pretty awesome too… Because of how our house is setup the kitchen leads off the lounge but is open plan and whether or not I have the fan extracted on in kitchen it would still set the alarms off… Guess what with the Dyson this hasn’t happened once and haven’t had to use the noisy annoying extracter since it’s arrival… Also there is less of a stale odour the next day from the cooking too

    5. What was your experience using the Dyson Link App, did you find it useful or interesting?

    Absolutely love the App, I love the fact you can check on your air quality wherever or whenever.. This was incredibly handy for days where we had been out all day and knew house was closed up and would be hot and musty… Turn the purifier on from app and by the time we got home the air was fresh and house was cool.
    I also liked how it would update the quality of air and you can track how it is going. It’s a simple very user friendly app and allows you to setup how you best want to use.

    6. Did you use the heater or the fan on the Purifier? What was you experience and opinion of this?

    We used the fan mostly just die to the time if the year and this has been so amazing, it’s so neat knowing that not only the air we are breathing in is better for our health but the house has remained cool.
    I did put the heater on for about 1tmins just because I was nosey and it was very efficient.. Took less than 20mins to warm the lounge up but the air didn’t feel hot and muggy it was still fresh feeling.

    7. Do you believe that the combination of one product being a fan, heater and a purifier is an excellent investment?

    Absolutely is an amazing investment esp that it’s portable too, this is where I think the Dyson hot and cold link has its edge… Being an all in one system that u can move rooms with and also if u were to move house can go with is just amazing.

    8. Can you share why you like the Dyson brand?

    Innovation technology that is suitable for everyone not just the few. It has made a quality product without an incredibly high price tag which makes it accessible to most people.
    The design and features Dyson include in all their products you can has been well thought out and they have covered just about every possiblitly
    9. Would you recommend this product to a friend, and why?
    Yes absolutely and already have been. Firstly because as renters having an hr system or similar may not be suitable and quite expensive this allows for these nuisances by providing a better product in my mind that’s transferable to other places and it’s various colours allows for it to be functional and funky without being invasive in your home.
    The fact the remote is magnetic means the designers thought about how easily remotes are lost and kids playing around with button… This remote being able to sit on the system has elevated this.. Very cool
    And also recommended to people because its multi functional.. One system that does everything instead of several various appliances to do each job.
    The price isn’t so expensive that people would be put off and being Dyson you know you get quality so can trust it’ll function well and be long lasting

  2. chefettenz 20/12/2017 at 1:09 pm

    I wanted to trail this product due to the amount of hay-fever we suffer from in our house and our unknown reasons why my partners breathing would play up, since using the Dyson we were shocked as to find it was a poor rating in our bedroom, which is scary as a mum knowing your toddler was sleeping in this area, since using the Dyson we have notice the air seems fresher and our nose isn’t running as much as it was, I believe the Dyson has taken out a lot of the allergens from the air and we are now getting a better night sleep.
    We never realized how much air pollution we had in the house before using the Dyson Purifier, but we have felt a big improvement in our health since using the Dyson Purifier.
    We found out our air in our bedroom was poor when we began using the Dyson we noticed the improvement as we left it going 24 hours a day and when we came into the bedroom we notice it smelt cleaner and we didn’t suffer the itchy eyes or sneezing as we had done in the past.
    I also love the App on the phone which you can control everything on the Dyson Purifier this was great when i was lying in bed to turn it to sleep mode or if i wanted the air to be moved around the room, I also loved the fact you could see when your air quality was really poor to when it was at a good level, also it told us the average temp of the room which i was very surprised with.
    We manly used the fan on the Dyson only because its summer and its really hot, I would of at times liked it to get a bit colder but overall i was very happy and it helped keep the temp down in the room which has meant my toddler is now sleeping way better for which i am very grateful for.
    I Love knowing this Dyson will keep us cool in summer and warm in the winter and all the time keeping our air clean, i wouldn’t have brought this item if i hadn’t trail it first as when i saw it was worth $1,000 i was shocked but now i know what its like and how much it has helped my family with our health and sleeping its worth every penny.
    I Love the Dyson brand as its great quality and you know it will last, as we also have a Dyson vacuum cleaner and its really easy to get spare parts when you require them
    I highly recommend this Dyson Purifier to anyone with animals, children and suffer from any allergies or asthma this is worth buying as it really has helped my family.
    Thank you very much for picking us as i am a complete fan and love this Purifier.
    I also like how safe it is around the toddler as I caught him a few times putting his arm through it, and it was nice knowing he wouldn’t get hurt unlike when we use a real fan and he tries to put things in it.

  3. Victoria Gardner 20/12/2017 at 6:41 am

    I was keen to trial the Dyson pure hot + cool link purifier because I have been looking at fans and this seemed to be an economical option having the cooling fan option as well as a heating option together with the air purifier all in one unit. I have heard of the Dyson brand of vacuum cleaners and have a few friends who swear by them but didn’t know they made any other products so was keen to try.

    I am pregnant and had been struggling with the heat and have a toddler so the idea of a multi use fan with no dangerous blades was perfect! We also need to prepare a room for baby and I was concerned about the paint fumes and all the dust with my eczema and my sons sensitive skin.

    It has been amazing for me as well as my family! I have been much cooler and much less grumpy and I don’t need to turn it off if I leave my toddler in the room and he can reach it. It’s wonderfully stable, very lightweight and easy to move from room to room as needed and the cord seems longer than average which has been great as it has allowed me to move it to multiple locations in our house. Last week my son caught a tummy bug and it has been great being able to move our Dyson with him as he has needed couch time and sleep time and I know it’s kept the air clear and cool for him as he recovered. It was so good at keeping our air pure that I didn’t catch it at all and my husband had a very mild dose which only required him taking one day off work when he would usually need 2-3.

    The night mode which dims and then darkens the display has been great as my son and I are both light sleepers. We have also enjoyed the timer as it’s great to set it to run for about half an hour when I go to sleep then start again about 2 am which is when I have been waking all hot and I have been sleeping much longer, usually until about 5 when my pregnant bladder wakes me.

    My eczema has been the best it has in a very long time and I noticed after 2 days back at work it had flared up again and I’m convinced it’s because the air at home is cleaner and better for my skin. In the evenings I have been putting it up on my freestanding closet and, when using the tilt option with oscillation, it blows a gentle breeze on my bed which is pure heaven, especially on my hot and swollen feet. For those especially warm evenings I have been using the focused mode and it shoots clear cool air straight at me and I can control the speed and oscillation and change it back to diffused mode to cool the whole room all without getting up by either using the app or the remote.

    The remote has been super handy and the app is fantastic. The remote has all the functions and is magnetic so it sticks to the top of the unit, and the app tells you your room temperature and air quality as well as the air quality for your city. I enjoyed looking at the data gathered about the air quality, temperature and humidity levels. It is put into graph form and you can view it weekly or daily which is so cool. It is also like a second remote that can be used out of the house! My son loves buttons and would often turn it on but I would check my app in the car on our way out and can turn it off remotely without even being in the house, I have found this extremely useful!

    Thank you for the opportunity to trial the Dyson pure hot + cool link purifier. I think it is a wonderful product and has been perfect for my family. I recommend it to others who are keen for just one appliance which does the three tasks of cooling, heating and purifying the air. It cuts back on waste and clutter by having just one unit and the interactive and informative app is unique and the whole thing was very easy to set up and use, I’m not a very tech savvy person but I did it all my self. Having the 2 year guarantee is also a great peace of mind and the filter lasts a massive 4300 hours so running it 12 hours a day it will last an entire year before needing to be replaced.

    It’s sleek and inconspicuous design has gone well in all of the rooms it has been used in in our house and I am looking forward to testing the heating option with our new baby in autumn.

  4. nwebber 20/12/2017 at 12:19 am

    Thank you for choosing me to review the Dyson Purifier. I was keen to trial it as I have 5 children, and many animals including cockatiels in our household. I thought it could be beneficial to the health of our family.

    One of the issues that concerned me the most was with our cockatiels I have noticed the effect they have been having on our breathing, especially as we have recently gone from having 1 cockatiel to 4 cockatiels. Cockatiels are quite dusty birds (they have dander) and it can really affect our air quality. When I had been investigating what do to about their dander other than regularly bathing/water spraying them, an air purifier was suggested. I had recently purchased what I thought was a purifier of a daily deal type website – you had to fill it with water and it sprayed out a stream of water. I didn’t notice any benefits with that one – I think it was more of a humidifier than a purifier even though it was classed as both.

    When the Dyson Hot+ Cold Air Purifier arrived to be honest I was feeling a bit daunted but pleasantly surprised how simple and easy it was to set up and use.

    I set it up in the lounge which is where the kids hang out and the birds are situated. I am loving using the app which I downloaded to my phone and have noticed that the air quality would often start off “Poor” but within 10 minutes it is “Fair” and then on to “Good”. I have noticed less coughing in our household since using the purifier. That tickle in the back of the throat has gone.

    At first, I thought it would be a rather expensive investment but when you take into account that you can use it as both a fan and a heater as well as a purifier it works out quite reasonable and as I found out the hard way buying a cheaper product first was really a waste of money as it had little to no improvement. We haven’t had the chance to trial it properly as a heater but we did quickly try it out.

    We have found if it is on the highest setting 10 it is quite loud. But with the lower settings 1, 2 you can’t hear it.

    One thing I have worried about is the power usage, but I did a test with watching my power online to see if it changed when using the Dyson Air Purifier and it doesn’t appear to have made much difference.

    There are so many extra features which we just love about it – you can tilt the machine – to adjust the flow of air. You can have it oscillating or stationery. The jet focused or diffused. The remote is like a magnet and can sit on top of the purifier – very handy. It has a schedule you can set and it is great that you can use the app whilst you are out. I found it quite addictive checking the air quality, temperature and humidity!

    Since owning a Dyson bag less vacuum I have loved the Dyson brand. The purifier is very sleek and modern looking, and I’ve had a few comments from visitors about it, all intrigued and then impressed when I show them the app and what it can do.

    I would recommend it to friends and family. Especially those with asthma and allergies, or those with birds or other animals. Thank you once again for the opportunity to trial this great product.

  5. helen.x@mac.com 19/12/2017 at 10:10 pm

    As a family we have invested a considerable time and energy researching how to effectively manage aero-allergens in the home environment over the past few years. My husband has asthma and atopic dermatitis both conditions are exacerbated by allergens and pollutants such as dust mites, pollen and mould. All of which have been worse since moving to New Zealand over 10 years ago. We have renovated with this in mind, are very careful about use of cleaning products and have a fairly regimented routine around laundering and hoovering which has helped in part.

    We redoubled our efforts with the birth of our son 6 years ago. He had eczema from 6 weeks and went onto to develop severe food allergies. We knew this year was going to be challenging for him with the transition to school and likely increased exposure to environmental allergens and when he was seen by his specialist for his annual review our concern about his apparent increased reactivity to environmental allergens was confirmed. We resolved to research further as to what might be able to do to help mitigate this heightened sensitivity to environmental allergens.

    There had been a fair amount of korero within our online allergy community about the use of air purifiers, dehumidifiers and air conditioners but where to begin? All for every positive review we read we would come across another with conflicting or contradictory conclusions – different functions and so many different appliances! Around this time we read about the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link trial through Kidspot NZ. Perfect timing. We never imagined we might be selected to test this product but we are so grateful and thankful to Dyson and Kidspot NZ for affording this opportunity.

    We received our Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link 3 weeks ago yesterday. What a beautiful piece of engineering! My son was mesmerised when we opened the package. For the first week, we had the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link positioned in my son’s bedroom. We trialled it for a week in our bedroom and then a further week in my son’s bedroom. Our house is spread over 3 floors. Our bedroom on the lower floor and my son’s room at the top of the house. The air quality in both rooms was ‘fair’ on initial installation but in both cases readily improved and maintained at ‘good’ with little variation despite significant variation in the outdoor air quality.

    What a perfect time to test out the functionality of this product with unseasonably warm weather and high levels of environmental allergens triggering exacerbation of a range of allergic conditions. My son’s room at the top of the house gets extremely hot with all day son, so hot the heat has triggered our fire alarm! It has always been tricky maintaining a comfortable temperature in that room and minimising exposure to air pollutants. This is the real selling point for us of this product – the ability to control air quality and temperature of our living space and to be able to do this remotely through the Dyson Link App.

    A month ago our son was having to use steroid nasal spray and inhalers twice dealer to manage asthma like symptoms and rhinitis. In the past few days we have noticed his symptoms are significantly improved. He would be waking though the night coughing and would generally sleep with his mouth open. We are not seeing this at all. It is early days for sure but the only change we have made during this time is the introduction of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link. We believe it is making a real difference.

    We thought we knew a fair bit about aero allergen management and we suspected our home environment was not perfect, believed that we could improve on this but did not know where to start. This where the intelligent design of this Dyson product really shines through its ability to provide longitudinal data about air quality, humidity and temperature via the Dyson Link App. We found the graphic representations of this data particularly helpful over the day and week, enabling us to pinpoint particular triggers effecting environmental conditions. Thus, for example, leaving a door open resulting in worsening air quality in our sons bedroom or changing the sheets on the bed. It was reassuring to hear the fan kicking in doing its work to restore the air quality in the room. We are certainly more mindful of everyday activities that can impact negatively on our living environment.

    When we first installed the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link we had ‘fair’ readings in both spaces we trialled. We initially had the device set up to control manually via the app and found the conditions were improved within a relatively short period of 30 – 40 minutes running. It was useful to have the device running this way initially to get a sense over time of fluctuations in air quality, temperature, humidity though out the day and night. Before running the device we took a reading of our electricity meter and we were able to compare usage relative to the month before. Despite swtiching to the ‘auto’ function and having the device on 24/7 there was no significant change in our power use. We briefly tested the heating function and were impressed with how quickly the desired temperature was achieved. We are looking forward to testing out the heating function come winter because we imagine the diffuse function will be much more effective at warming our contained living spaces. What we noticed during this trial was not only was the air in rooms significantly and consistently improved in quality but there was generally less humidity which is as important for control allergenic mould.

    What we particularly love about the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is the smooth air output and multiple modes. We wondered how this product might fair as far as noise is concerned particularly at night time. However, we found the air flow so effective particularly on diffuse setting that we rarely set the control above 4 and whilst there is a night mode feature we did not use this. In fact we set it to night mode this evening and my son said he preferred it on normal setting which is quite remarkable as he tends is particularly sensitive to noise. With your average blade and cage fan not only do you have to contend with rattling noise but also the blasts of air but the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link hums quietly in the background and you can chose whether you want the flow directed for personal cooling or warming or more broadly to heat or cool a room. In addition you can have the fan rotate or tilt adding so many more possibilities for get the perfect positioning.

    Both my husband and I work full-time and with our child at school during the day now, the Dyson Link App cuts through all that messing with timers which are not responsive to changing conditions. With the Dyson Link App you can check and access real time data about the home environment and everything you can do with the remote provided with the product you can do from the App which is revolutionary, no messing around when you come home adjusting heaters, fans or setting up air purifiers, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link has been beavering away adjusting the temperature or air quality whilst you work!

    When we were doing our research into air purifiers and first came across a review for the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link there were plenty of comments about the price of this product but we feel the integration of multiple functions into one product really does give it the edge. It is unmistakably a Dyson product, sleek, sharp and pleasing to the eye and infinitely very desirable to place in your home, taking up such a small amount of space and yet having the potential to significantly improve the quality of the living environment. For those living with allergies, this potential is priceless. As a device it is highly portable and this is a great feature allowing for you to respond to changing conditions in different parts of your home.

    As a consumer wading through product reviews, Dyson stands out as a brand for its innovation, quality and reliability. We would consider the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link an investment, an investment in the improved health of our family and our home from a well trusted brand and are thankful we have had this opportunity to test the product out ourselves to see what a difference it can make. We have already shared our findings with friends, family and our online allergy community through social media and we will definitely be investing in purchasing another Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link so we can optimise the benefits of using the air purifying function in different parts of house.

  6. Abbey 19/12/2017 at 8:32 pm

    I wanted to try the Dyson air purifier out because we have a lot of smog and even with the weather warming up the neighbours fire still goes and the smoke blows straight to our house. Also we suffer the dreaded hayfever and other allergies and sinus problems and my daughter’s had tonsillitis with a persistent cough. I think it’s helped a bit as we’ve had less respiratory afflictions. Still have to go outside and still like to open the windows as the purifier isn’t a dehumidifier… 😉 so I don’t expect us to be perfect but I see the improvement.
    I didn’t really know anything about indoor air pollution before trying this. I had asked heatpump servicers about the filters on them but always got fobbed off as they weren’t important etc. I know understand that this should not be the case!
    The changes in the air after using thie air purifier are like its fresh almost scentless air that’s light and like the air you get when on a bush walk just minus the tree smell. Prior to the trial ir could feel thick in a way and i recall at times wonfering if I got the grity feeling in my eyes from outside or in… during the trial I was sceptical as to the effectiveness at 1st but so glad I stuck it out.
    I particularly noticed that it got rid of cooking smells faster than I was in past, which I loved! However it also did the same with my scentsy pretties lol
    The night mode is great and I found that to use even during the daytime! I found that it’s noisy. It’s louder than the setting I have my heatpump on and struggled to go to sleep unless night mode was on and it was at the far end of the hall. But then many things these days are being boasted as quiet and yes it might be quieter than others like it but it’s far from quiet! I’m unsurw as yet as to changes in my sleep but I know I’ve woken with no sleep in eyes. Of which I didn’t have heaps prior to the trial but none is great and that must be a sign of something beneficial for me and my health…
    The app was interesting to see what the quality of the air was inside! Although I’m curious as to where they got the outside stats from… I found the app kind of superfluous as I don’t have internet access away from home so I couldn’t interface with it as such, and the remote was right there… but great to learn from. I also fiund that I’ve had local network issues since I downloaded it and use it. It kicks my printer off the setup or something else equally frustrating… but I’m open to the idea that it might be my system not the app… will be looking out to see if others experience the same.
    I had ours set to keep the place at 18°C there were days that had the house at 20°C and the app said the air was in the green yet it kept blowing away and that was frustrating cos I don’t want to hear that… so would turn it off till later. I didn’t choose the fan as 20°C was ok and by not cooling that down 2 degrees it keeps the house warm till the sun’s out the next day without heating required. There were some days and nights the heater had to kick into gear and it’s quite effective when you set it to auto but that’s when it can get really noisy. I think the fan was just blowing those days where the heater didn’t need to heat and air was in green but kept blowing anyway and if that’s what that was it was nice at times cos it made the air move around so it didn’t feel stuffy/ stagnant ☺
    I love the idea of this product and i can see the pluses to having it all combined.
    I’ve always thought the Dyson brand was high quality, efficient and quiet as a high priority.
    I would love to see the cord have a way to be put out of the way if you don’t need the whole length. Having said that it’s not a long super messy cord.
    I would recommend this product to others because of the benefits to the health of yoy and your family and the home itself 😀

  7. kellyhellcat 19/12/2017 at 8:20 pm

    What an amazing trial to be part of. I was very keen to trial this given my son, daughter and husband all suffer from chronic hay fever and dust allergies. I was hopeful this would provide some relief for my family without medication and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The air in our house just feels fresher. With 2 adults, 2 children, a dog and a cat, we have plenty of allergen-causing particles zipping through the air on a daily basis. I have noticed a great improvement in our general air quality, the unit helps with cooking smells, animal smells and has definitely made an impact on my families comfort so far this summer.

    Nice and light, easy to carry around, the unit is very portable. I love how easy it is to move the Dyson around. I have put in various positions around the house and even popped it in our bathroom when I was having a bath one night as our bathroom heater doesn’t quite cut it. It warmed that smaller space nicely.

    The modern aesthetic and sleek design of the Dyson Hot+Cool Link, blends really nicely into our family space. it’s simplistic and stylish at the same time. The tilting and oscillating features are really great, and the magnetised remote that sticks to the top of the unit ensures you never lose it. Win!
    The remote itself is easy to use and really self-explanatory. It didn’t take me long to figure out what the symbols meant and there’s not too many to try to recall, so as far as remotes go, this is perfect.

    I found the app really easy to set up and useful and used that more than the remote. I actually got a bit obsessed with what our air quality was doing and loved that I could check this remotely. The remote gives you further information on the air quality, room humidity and temperature. The app also gives the ability to update the room selection wherever you have the unit placed in the house. The only recommendation I could make on that would be to add some room combinations as we have an open plan, living, dining, kitchen so that might be useful for people in a similar situation. You can also access a weekly schedule that you can use to set when you would like the unit to start.

    The heater starting cranking as soon as I turned the machine, pumping out 25 degree heat, unfortunately it was a random beautiful hot day in Dunedin so it had to go off straight away. But I was very impressed with the initial output!

    As far as sound is concerned the cooling fan is quiet enough to have in my 6-year olds bedroom. He didn’t seem bothered by the noise and it is comparatively quiet compared to most fan units. I am currently sitting near the unit and it is on level 3 heating fan mode. It’s no louder than our heat pump which is great, however I personally wouldn’t be able to sleep with that level of noise but I am an extremely light sleeper.

    In saying that, I have switched from using our heat pump and a cooling device and have been using the Dyson as a cooling fan this summer. It puts out a really nice cool temperature that actually goes way lower than our heat pump, down to 1 degree. Overall, I think the combination of modes on this machine are great. It feels really wonderful to know you are giving your family clean, healthy air with a machine that you don’t feel you have to hide away. Dyson is always on top of the game with design and function and I believe this ticks all the boxes. I would definitely recommend this to friend and family who are in the market for something that is not your average household device. The Dyson name is synonymous with good quality but there is a higher price tag. I feel that if air quality is really important to your family, this would be a great investment.

  8. crank 19/12/2017 at 6:13 pm

    Thank you for selecting me as a reviewer for the Dyson purifier. I wanted to trial the purifier because I suffer from asthma which is mainly exacerbated by pollen and other airborne allergens. My youngest child also has asthma and we have both suffered from irritating coughs for a long time recently. I initially sited the purifier in the dining/kitchen room of our house while I went through how to operate it correctly and got used to its capabilities – which didn’t take long at all. I then moved it into our hallway and finally into my son’s bedroom.

    I think the purifier has made a difference to the air quality in our home. I’m no expert on air pollution, but I do know that since we moved into our house which is surrounded by bush, our symptoms have been worse. We have managed to combat most of this with renovations, replacing windows and insulating the house, to keep it warm and dry but the airborne allergens are still an issue. I like that the Dyson Link app tells me about the temperature and humidity (outside as well as inside) but also gives readings for the particles in the air outside. Our outdoor air quality is pretty good overall (yay suburbia!) but we often get vehicles and outdoor furniture covered in pollen.

    When I first set up the purifier the indoor air quality showed on the app as Fair and quickly went up to Good. I noticed that every time the door to the deck was opened the air quality went back down to Fair – an obvious reflection of the allergens outside making their way in – and when the door was closed it returned to Good after a short while. Thumbs up Dyson!

    One day my son had gotten sunburnt and I sprayed him with an aloe vera coolant. I then realised that, although the window was open, there probably wasn’t enough ventilation in the room and we needed to open it up more. I could see on the Dyson Link app instantly that the air quality had gone down to Poor! Oops! This was such a good indication that it was reading the air quality correctly.

    The Dyson Link app is so easy to use and I love that I can control the purifier with my smartphone. Even if I am busy in the kitchen and my son is in his bedroom I can see if it is getting too warm in there and just pop the fan on. When we go away for the day I can use my smartphone to monitor how warm it is at home and pop the fan on if it’s getting too hot – ideal for my cat who is overheating in this summer heat!! I can see this being useful in winter too to warm the room up before we get home. The fan and heather features makes it a great investment as it has a lot of uses.

    Overall I absolutely love this purifier/fan/heater. I didn’t really expect anything less than perfection from Dyson because they are such a trusted brand and their innovation is fantastic. I would highly recommend this product for helping kids to sleep better at night – I have only heard my son cough a couple of times since we got it!

  9. palindrome 17/12/2017 at 10:55 pm

    Thank you so much to Dyson and to Kidspot for the opportunity to review the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier. We have been lucky enough to be able to trial the Dyson purifier over the last three weeks at our place. Very impressed with this product – not an exaggeration to say that it has made a huge difference to our lives!

    I really wanted to trial the Dyson purifier because we suffer from fairly extreme hay fever all year round. It is especially bad during the summer and I’d been getting really sick of having to rely on hay fever drugs. My thoughts had been that if the Dyson purifier meant that the kids don’t look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and us adults don’t look like we have an affinity with gin that could only be a good thing! Also wanted to know whether it could help with Bub’s asthma because a 99.95% success rate for capturing pollutants and distributing clean air around the house sounded like a possible (and drug free) solution.

    Having trialed the Dyson purifier for three weeks now, I can honestly say that it has made a vast improvement to our health. We have been able to dispense with using hay fever meds altogether after the first few days of using the Dyson purifier. No more feeling like we have a permanent bad cold and itchy eyes and going through boxes of tissues every day – that alone has made us all much happier this summer. Also a noticeable improvement with the asthma.

    I didn’t know much about indoor air pollution before using the Dyson purifier, aside from the obvious (eg if the windows are open and the neighbours are having a smoko we will get that in the house; frying in the kitchen can lead to smoke inside; pollen from the garden can make its way in etc). The Dyson Purifier has helped inform me of the quality of the air in our home. The Dyson app (more on this later) has a very cool function that intelligently detects the level of air pollution in any particular room (you can set each room, eg. Living room, Kid’s bedroom etc) and depending on which room you are in, the app will tell you the quality of the air (green for ‘good’; orangey yellow for ‘fair’; red for ‘poor’). At the beginning of the trial, our home consistently fell in the ‘fair’ to ‘poor’ range, depending on the time of day. We have found that by putting the Dyson purifier on for several hours in the morning and several more in the evening over the past three weeks, we can stay at ‘good’. When the air is at ‘good’, we usually have no hay fever symptoms at all, so the difference is discernible. Sometimes it takes longer to achieve ‘good’ – for that the Dyson purifier has an amazing and very handy “auto” function that automatically adjusts the level required to achieve ‘good’. Incredible – just set and forget.

    We often keep the Dyson purifier on whilst cooking – there are no dangers with doing this and the air does seem a lot less stuffy with the Dyson purifier on. On a few nights it has been really hot so I’ve kept the Dyson purifier on (more for the fan function than for the purifying effects). The ‘night mode’ is rather helpful in this respect. The sound of the Dyson purifier is muted so you barely notice it at all. One thing I noted was that you can’t have the Dyson fan on at its coolest settings when you are on ‘night’ mode – only up to setting 4, so that is a slight down side. But honestly, perhaps because I’m a deep sleeper, having it at the higher settings does not stop me falling asleep! By way of comparison, the noise is much quieter than our dehumidifier. If you wish to keep the Dyson purifier on for its purifying function during the night, I suggest the ‘auto’ setting so that settings automatically change depending on the quality of the air.

    As for the Dyson Link App, I’ve already mentioned that it intelligently monitors the air quality, which is pretty awesome. Setting up the App on my smart phone was also relatively straightforward (just have to remember your home’s wifi password and log in another machine specific number which is provided, plus follow a few simple instructions) and you’re away. There are functions like timed switching on and off, and remote control of settings even when you are not in the same room, and you can monitor trends and air purity levels data for your home – really interesting! Quite useful if you want to set up automatized start up. The app also has all of the controls that the remote has, so if you lose the remote (which is cleverly magnetised to stay on top of the Dyson purifier by the way) there is always another way to operate the machine. For those who prefer hard copy instructions, the Dyson purifier comes with an instruction manual which is succinct but thorough.

    Because it has been so hot lately, I’ve mainly been trialing the fan on the Dyson purifier. I love the fan – there are no blades, so perfectly safe for Bubs. The fan has an oscillating function, so it can move gently from side to side, spreading the coolness around. You can also choose between the coolness being diffused or being concentrated in one spot, and there is a range of temperatures to choose from. Really slick. I have tried the heater function just to see how it works (the principle is the same, you can oscillate, diffuse, or concentrate the heat). I think that there is the potential for younger children to get burnt if they touch the air loop when it is on heating mode, but in fairness, there is that risk for all heaters.

    I think the Dyson purifier, being a combo of fan, heater, and purifier is an excellent investment as it does the job(s) wonderfully. Such a great machine. The filter only has to be replaced once a year, which is a small price for the increased health benefits. I really like the innovation shown by Dyson – it is a trusted, reliable brand certainly, but having tried the Dyson purifier I’m even more impressed, especially with their ability to create a relevant product for the market that combines several essential uses. Their design is also attractive – as the photos demonstrate, the Dyson purifier looks good in the house – sleek and minimalistic in a charcoal grey. It is not clunky or heavy, meaning that it is easily portable around the home. Just remember not to lift the Dyson purifier by the air loop amplifier as the instructions say you should only lift by the base.

    I have been recommending the Dyson purifier to friends already, especially those who suffer from hay fever. I’m probably the most effective walking advertisement out there given that my nose has stopped constantly dripping and is no longer bright gin red, due to the drug free but equally effective Dyson purifier. Can’t recommend the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier enough – an A+ grade from me and my family!

  10. Kelly Pulham 17/12/2017 at 1:59 pm

    I wanted to trial the Dyson purifier as I have eczema on my hands and my partner and son both have asthma. I wanted to see if this machine would make a difference. This time of the year often makes our symptoms worse.

    I have been using the Dyson for just over three weeks and have actually found my eczema has started to improve after having the machine in our bedroom for about a week and a half, I have not been doing anything different apart from using the Dyson and therefore truly believe it has helped! My symptoms are not completely gone but I am pleased with the results. My partner’s asthma has also improved, he has also recently changed his preventative inhaler so we are unsure whether it is the preventer, the Dyson or a combination of the two which has helped him.

    We ran the Dyson in my son’s room for the other week and a half but did not notice a real change in his asthma. He does not have as bad asthma as my partner does. I look forward to continue using the Dyson long term to see what happens.

    I found the night mode great as it dims the lights and sound and therefore did not bother my son or disturb his sleep.

    Before trialling the Dyson I was not aware of the indoor air pollution in our house. When I first started using it in our bedrooms the Dyson app stated both rooms had ‘poor’ air quality. After a week and a half in each room the air quality had changed to ‘fair’ and then onto ‘good’. I enjoyed using the App to see what changes were made to our air throughout the period.

    Our home is quite open plan and split level so it would be interesting to run the Dyson in a living area which is more open and see what happens to the air quality being a bigger space.

    The Dyson Link App was very easy to use. It was very handy as it could also be used as a remote for the machine.
    The history and graphs using the data from the sensors were really interesting to look at which included Air Quality, Temperature, and Humidity.

    I could not believe how effective the fan was on this machine. I use it on a daily basis. I also trialled the heater which also seemed highly effective but do not use it due to the weather at the moment. The fan would cool down any room in a short period of time and is excellent how it rotates to distribute cold air evenly.

    Although the cost for the Dyson is $999 I believe it is a great investment. It is a super effective heater, fan and air purifier. It has a sleek look and is pretty discreet. I have already spoken to a few friends about how effective it is and would definitely recommend it to others, especially those which allergies or asthma.

    The brand Dyson has always been known for its innovative and high quality products and I believe this purifier doesn’t disappoint.

  11. Steph 14/12/2017 at 11:07 am

    I was recently privileged to be selected by Dyson and Kidspot to try out the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier. Below is my honest review and opinion based on my experience over a 3 week period.

    My husband and I are fans of Dyson, first purchasing a Dyson V6 stick vacuum a little over two years ago (Would love to try the V8!). This was one of our best purchases that year and we were impressed that the bold performance claims on the box are our real world experience. Naturally, we were excited to see if the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier would also meet our now high expectation of Dyson’s quality that we have come to know and love.

    The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier comes with the main primary unit and a remote control. The main unit itself has a single button used to turn the device on and off, and a small basic LED panel displaying the current status of the unit. The unit itself is controlled by the remote control or the mobile app.

    The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier headline feature is the air purifier – I’ll skip this to a bit later. As the name suggests has the ability to blow hot or cold air and essentially operate as a fan. Fan features include osculating left and right movement and fan speed control with up to 9 fan speeds. A neat feature on this particular model is the Jet Focus feature – this allows you to spread the airflow in a directional stream or wide angel stream. Other premium features not found on cheaper alternative fans is the sleep timer and wake up times. As the weather has been warming up, we’ve really enjoyed using the fan functionality. As far as the heat, I’ve flicked it on for 5 minutes – it works, it pumps out lots of heat – but as it’s currently too hot without a heater, I haven’t properly evaluated this feature.

    Dyson have really thought about the practical design of this product. If you want to tilt the air flow up or down you can gently tilt the unit in the direction you wish for it to point and it pivots upon it’s base, neat! Another feature I absolutely love is the remote control placement. The centre top of the unit is magnetic and so is the face of the remote – just pop the remote on top and there it stays, just fabulous.

    The timing of receiving the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier was perfect. I’m currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and my symptoms to hay fever are exaggerated to usual. Being pregnant, there are next to no medication that is recommended when pregnant – anything that could reduce the pollen, dust and general pollution would be greatly appreciated.

    Let me introduce you to my highly scientific method of testing – the tissue metre. Before switching on the Dyson, I was quite often blowing my nose – I was interested to see if my symptoms would reduce or even better, would they completely go away? Further more, as the Dyson was stationed in our living area, I was interested in how often I would have to use my tissues in other parts of the house. How did it perform? Although I still need to keep a tissue box near by in the living room, I’ve defiantly noticed a significant reduction in the number of tissues I need in a given day. Further more, when I move to other parts of the house I am using significantly more tissues and my symptoms return. Interesting… the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier works great for me as a purifier.

    We’ve left the Dyson on 24 / 7 on the auto setting for the last 2 weeks rather trying to manage it manually. Love the auto setting, it turns itself off, usually sits on 1 or 2 fan speed and adjusts itself according to the current air quality in the room… set and forget, as a busy mum, thats what I’m all about.

    Like many 2017 appliances, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier is smart. It was as simple as downloading the app from the Google Play Store (also available on Apples App Store) and following the instructions in the app which consist of connecting to the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier WiFi directly and then selecting your WiFi name and password for it to connect too. Sounds complicated, but it really was simple and done and dusted in a minute. The app itself I love. I’m frequently using it change a setting instead of reaching out to the remote control as all the functions found on the remote control can be found within the app.

    Another interesting feature of the app are the history and graphs recoding the data from the sensors in the device which include Air Quality, Temperature, and Humidity. This is a feature I was definitely not expecting and the inner geek in me loves, loves, loves these stats! I find it interesting that when I do need to use my tissues, the air pollution is elevated for the same period of time I’m reacting.

    As with every product, there generally are trade offs and room for improvement. The first disappointment was that when unpacking the unit, the metal looking grate and enclosure around the fan is in fact plastic. If a product is trying to replicate the look of metal then it probably should be metal. In this day and age, it’s become an expectation of a premium high priced product and I would hope Dyson improves this in the next model.

    The higher price point of NZ$999 will make this product inaccessible for many families – however, I do think Dyson together with their reputation and the packing of features and multi uses is justifiable and not outrages.

    The filter lasts approximately 4,300 hours of air purification (This includes if you are just intending on using it as a fan or heater). If you use the air purifier consistently, this means you could be replacing the filter once or twice a year. The filter is NZ$99 each so could have a running cost of $100 – $200 per year and from my understanding, are not reusable.

    We’ve come to love this product, it’s great and out performs it’s flaws. I like that this unit has a lot packed into it – Fan, Heater, Purifier, Temperature and humidity recording (It’s actually replaced our basic weather station!). Could I recommend this product? If you have young kids or suffering from allergies and are in the market for a air purifier, yes, defiantly consider the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier – especially if you want it to double as a heater or fan.

  12. neeshadlima 13/12/2017 at 6:01 pm

    Dyson was well known to us for its vacuum cleaner. When we heard about the Dyson Hot + Cold we wanted to trial it. When the box arrived at home we were all so excited to see and open and trial it. Our first impression was that this was one of the sleekest and stylish looking product. Both of our daughters suffer from mild asthma. During Winter and Summer, they are vulnerable, so trialling this product was imperative.

    We had no knowledge of how polluted indoor air was. When we connected the Dyson App and learnt that the air quality was poor, we were really thankful for this product and think every household should have this. I wouldn’t say we noticed a difference in the quality as such other than couple of things. The app shows the air quality is good and our two our girls are fine and don’t need their puffers. When we first tried it in one of the children’s bedroom the app showed the quality of air was poor. In less than 30 mins it turned from poor to fair to good.

    With our style of cooking, the flavours are quite strong. So running the Dyson helps with reducing these flavours to a neutral level. Being portable you have the flexibility to move it anywhere around the house. Also it can be used during the summer and the winter with the hot and cold air. It can be used through out the year. The remote sticks to the top of the Dyson when not in use due to its magnetism method. Less likely to be misplaced. Even if it does get misplaced then you can operate the Dyson Hot + Closed through the Dyson Link App. This works like your remote plus you can see the quality of the air etc. The dyson with no turning blades is safe for kids. It provides a one in all product, warm air, cool air, it oscillates and while it does that, it purifies the air. It can blow air straight at you or to a wider audience. The design is sleek too and is another gadget in the house. We have 2 heat pumps in the house in the Master Bedroom and the Lounge. So having a portable air purifier is certainly advantageous.

    Also, if you leave it on and go away you can turn it off from the app on your phone. Setting it up, connecting is all very simple and the app guides you step by step what to do. Just got to remember that you need to be on the same network or the setup connection will fail. With the latest modems you have the 2.4GHZ and the 5.0 GHZ. It must be noted that the Dyson is not compatible with the 5.0GHZ band.

    Thank you Kidspot for giving us this amazing opportunity to trial this Brilliant Product. I have highly recommended Dyson Pure Hot+Cool to all of our family and friends.

  13. Rainbow 13/12/2017 at 9:48 am

    I was so pleased to be able to trial the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier heater with my family. We live in a rental house so cannot add a heat pump or HRV system. I was keen to try a portable option that can be taken anywhere.
    Before trailing the Dyson purifier, I hadn’t really thought about indoor air pollution other than running a dehumidifier to prevent mould or opening windows for cooking. However since running the Dyson I now know there is a lot more than can affect the air quality in the home including pollution from traffic outside, barbecuing near the door, cooking and even pollen from the garden.

    When the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier heater arrived at the house, my first thoughts were how stylish and sleek it looks. It will fit into any room and doesn’t look ugly of clunky. My children were so excited by the box that I literally opened it in the hallway and set it up within a few minutes, including downloading the app to my iPhone. I have to say the app is one of the best features of the purifier. It allows you to monitor the air quality, see the temperature of the rooms, and use it as a remote control. It’s really interesting to be able to track the air quality and temperature over time. I ran a quick test in the hall where I had set it up. The cool air was lovely, and the hot air felt lovely and warm. The reading on the app said air quality was good. However once I moved it to the living room I was shocked that the air quality was only fair. We regularly have the windows and doors open allowing fresh air, so this was a real eye opener for us and certainly made us think more about what was in the air around us. I love the fact you can set the fan speed, the oscillation and the direction of the air.
    After several days running the air quality improved and I moved it to my daughter’s bedroom to see what the quality was like there. The great thing about the Dyson purifier is that it is so easy to move around and the remote control is magnetic so it stays with the machine. My daughters room air quality was only fair too and I can only think that it is from traffic or pollen outside, so I ran it overnight in her room. The purifier has a night time function so that it goes into quiet mode and the light dims for sleeping. It was lovely and cool for her to sleep as I could see from the app that her room was regularly 25-26 degrees. It was great that I could sit in the living room in the evening and using the app, check the temperature of her room and adjust the fan remotely. I used the auto function mostly and the fan would increase or decrease as necessary. We used to always run a small humidifier in her room at night as she could be quite snuffly but we don’t need to run this now using the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier heater instead and as it acts as a cooler, heater and humidifier it means we don’t have to switch things around in summer or winter or have humidifiers containing water plugged in either. So I think in that regard it’s an excellent investment. I would love to get one for each bedroom and the living room!

    I have already recommended the product and anyone who has visited the house has commented on the “feature” of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier heater and I have explained how it works to them, so I would definitely recommend it. I can’t wait for a nice warm house in winter too!

    The Dyson brand itself is synonymous with quality and style. I have always loved the vacuum cleaners as well, however being able to link with the app is absolutely wonderful as you don’t have to guess if its working you can actually see the air quality improving right in front of you. I haven’t had any hay fever symptoms yet this year and I believe it’d down to the improved and cleaner air quality in my home.

  14. Heather_D 11/12/2017 at 4:40 pm

    We signed up to review the Dyson purifier hoping we might be picked. The family all suffer from some dust and pollen allergies – some of us worse than others. We’re also one of the transport routes to all the trucks etc. constructing Transmission Gully, and clouds of exhaust fumes and dust had increased around us, and likely in the home. We have an open plan home – plenty of ventilation and indoor/outdoor flow so we have the house open often and airy!

    I hadn’t thought too hard about pollutants in the home prior to reading about the Dyson – I had heard about the appliance prior to this review coming up and it looked amazing in the stores – and so often we buy with our eyes – it certainly appealed on looks before I knew it could do some great things around purifying the home. I tended to think because our indoor-outdoor flow was so good that we had less pollutants because we had plenty of fresh air. I think open doors definitely helps – and we are lucky that in Wellington our air quality is relatively good anyway – but I didn’t necessarily think about the pollutants in the carpets, furniture, the cleaning products we use, etc…..

    First impressions – the Dyson Pure is a beautiful machine – it is not large, and it fits in with décor nicely. It is not overly heavy, and has a nice length of cord to place it in a variety of spaces easily. Our downstairs is open plan so we placed it central to all of the spaces – though we did move it around to try different spaces too.

    Set up is easy – you follow the easy to follow setup guide and you’re quickly up and running. I was particularly impressed by the wireless/Dyson Link App set up – especially considering many ‘wireless’ appliances can be an incredibly complicated process to connect to phones and tablets. The Dyson was the easiest appliance to connect from my experience (and we’re a big wireless/technology home). The Dyson Link App itself is pretty well laid out too – we did spend some time playing with the application and testing it to control the Dyson Pure. Everything was really easy.

    The Dyson Pure has a remote as well. Simple and well laid out. The kids thought it was fun to grab the remote as it sits magnetically on top of the heater itself. I ended up putting the remote in a safe place and would recommend that if you have young children that love to ‘hide’ things like remotes etc. The Dyson Link App on the phone does all the things the remote does – so we didn’t find we used the remote that much – but it is a great addition – and the way it fits on top of the heater is really neat!

    As we were new to the heater, I decided to set it to Auto to start and let the Dyson determine what was best for our home.
    Interestingly when we first started using it our air quality was ‘Poor’ and a couple of times ‘Very Poor’. The traffic light coloured indicators make it quick to identify the state of the home on the Link App.
    Our home stayed in the ‘Poor’ state as an average for those first couple of days. We also discovered, when hubby charred food on the BBQ near the family room one afternoon the Dyson very quickly identified Very Poor air quality as the smoke etc. filtered through the doors…and noticed it pick up in fan speed and activity to counter the added pollutants in the home.

    What I loved is on the Dyson Link App is you can click on the room and it will quickly guide you as to what you should run the Dyson at to improve the air quality. We generally used Auto settings the most. Over the three weeks our air quality has come up from the Poor through Fair, and we’re now running at the best level, the majority of the time as ‘Good’. With us staying in a ‘Good’ state I experimented this week with running the Dyson to fit with when we’re at home more etc. using the schedule function in the App itself, and so far, we have managed to stay in a ‘Good’ status.

    The statistics available on the App are really interesting after you’ve been using it for a while, and it is great to have a visual of the improvements the purifier is making to the home. It is configurable to run when you want it, how you want it, for how long you want it – and the configuration isn’t hard at all to navigate.

    The heater – is impressive – it’s been so warm we haven’t needed it, but I did try it the first day we got it. It’s a nice comfortable heat at its highest temperature. It would easily heat our family/living spaces comfortably.

    The Cooling is great too. Not ice cold like air conditioning, but definitely cooling. It was fine for our rooms and the dog was particularly happy about a low-lying fan to cool off. With running the Dyson purifier, we stopped using the Heat Pump (we didn’t need to run both), and other than the odd days (we’ve had extreme heat) the Dyson could adequately cool the living spaces. The fan speed and oscillation meant there was plenty of cool air flowing through the main living spaces – and we could see the temperature coming down on the App when we were cooling the home.

    The Dyson purifier isn’t overly noisy – even at its highest fan speed. When it’s on auto we barely noticed it at all.

    As it’s portable, I moved the Dyson to our upstairs for a few days and it worked equally well – I think our wireless modem/signal failed us a little (upstairs does have issues with wireless – we need an expander) in connecting with the Dyson for upstairs, and it wasn’t as straightforward to ‘add’ another room to the Dyson Link App – and with our flaky wireless – I just put it back downstairs. We do mainly live downstairs, so that was the best location for the trial. I’m going to try it again though as it’s super handy being able to easily move it around! It is also such a good size that it happily will sit in a hallway without being an obstacle. Our upstairs hall is quite narrow and it sat there happily (see photos).

    From a wellbeing perspective – I can tell you that the whole family has stopped sneezing. We didn’t change anything about our living other than adding the Dyson to our living spaces, but we are not sneezing as much! Dirty dusty air around the home seems less also. I can’t think what else we’ve done other than the Dyson to lesson that – and we are the transport path to transmission gully so we’re exposed to a lot of dust and exhaust fumes – I think Dyson can take a fair amount of credit in that. It certainly identifies when you’re cooking and there are more smoke and odours about, and it quickly steps in to rectify that. I never realised cooking a BBQ sent so much into the air inside. Sleep wise – because we didn’t use the heat pump we didn’t have the ‘dry air’ issue that usually gives us sore throats at night. The purifier isn’t noisy at all so it certainly doesn’t disrupt sleep. It also has a night mode that dims the lights on the purifier so it’s hard to spot at night

    The Dyson Heats, Cools and Purifies – the combination is perfect for family homes. Heat Pumps are certainly efficient too but for the fact they don’t purify if I had to replace the family room heat pump, I would consider the option of another Dyson Pure instead.

    From an electricity perspective – we get weekly bills and we saw next to no movement on our bills by turning off the heat pump and using the Dyson – and we used the Dyson more than we would our Heat Pump on a day/night basis.

    Dyson without a doubt is a very reputable brand. We like the brand because they’re not just every day appliances but appliances focused on improving the living conditions of our homes – and they’re quality appliances that last and look great. We’ve already recommended the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool to a couple of friends, and as mentioned I’d been incredibly keen to get another for our home too so there was one upstairs and one downstairs. We are constantly exposed to pollutants indoors and outdoors, so it is great there is a product that can aid in improving and maintaining the air quality in the family home. Thank you for choosing our family to trial this amazing appliance. I’d happily recommend this product– it’s difficult to fault. I was personally amazed the severity of my allergies all but vanished inside the home after just under a week.

  15. Cathy 10/12/2017 at 9:20 am

    This would be great for my son who is 2 years old and he always tries to insert his fingers inside the table fans

  16. Amanda Duthie 05/12/2017 at 9:13 pm

    We have three boys and two cats this would be amazing to try because I get hay fever and this would help purify the air

  17. aprilc 05/12/2017 at 12:51 pm

    Have 2 little children definitely need a safer fan. We would love to trial on this and hope to provide the kids a safer and comfortable living areas.

  18. Cazper 05/12/2017 at 11:15 am

    As a stay at home and work at home mum we use a normal fan in the house, but its closed up due to living around massive trees that have pods open up these fluffy things and blow into the house causing allergies and so I cant have the house open. Means stuffy hot house. This would be very beneficial for a trial.

  19. nana86 05/12/2017 at 11:07 am

    I would love to trial this product. Our house is like an oven on really hot days, the layout is an old style house with not much open flow. in the colder times the house is like an icebox. So would love to trial this as i had always wanted to get one to see how efficient this would be at cooling/heating the house.

  20. Hlesnz 05/12/2017 at 10:27 am

    I would love to trial this as a cooling fan in our work office at my daycare. We have an induction system that blows hot air into the office (with no windows) in the summer an cold air in the winter!! This would be perfect and if it worked well we would definitely purchase!!

  21. irateelf 30/11/2017 at 4:27 pm

    So disappointed I missed out on this trial. We have terrible mould problems in the house that we live in even with constant cleaning. I am always worried about what that is doing to my kids health, particularly my son who suffers from allergies and asthma. Have wondered many times about getting an air purifier. We have a dyson cordless vacuum and its been a lifesaver, great to know they make purifiers also. Can’t wait to see the reviews for this.

  22. yanbellamy 29/11/2017 at 6:10 pm

    We would love to test out the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier heater. Myself and 2 out of my 4 children have been diagnosed with asthma. Unfortunately we are renting an old house so we have to deal with the condensation and dampness that happens in winter as well as the dust year round. My youngest isn’t quite 2 yet and he has already been on steroids and a nebuliser to help with his chesty coughs and bouts of croup. It’s so hard to hear him trying to breathe amongst all the crying. We do have a dehumidifier in the house but i really don’t think it has made much of a difference to our asthma and my ongoing chronic sinusitis (which is from hayfever and dust allergies). Again, as our house is old, the temperature is either too cold in winter or too hot in summer, so being able to use dehumidifier that is also able to heat up and cool down a room would be amazing.

  23. vinniejo 29/11/2017 at 12:15 pm

    We would appreciate the opportunity to trial this product. Our current dehumidifier is loud and does not help much to ease my and Mr 5’s hay fever and sinus symptoms. He’s had to be taken to the A & E for nebulisation because of the severity of these symptoms. Mr 5 also tends to overheat at night. We have wondered if a product such as this would help us and would love the opportunity to find out.

  24. ashtaylor 23/11/2017 at 4:06 pm

    I would love to trial this product, my eldest has been diagnosed with asthma and it looks like my youngest will have it too. Our house is always gathered with condensation in the mornings and lots of dust and spurts of mould in places. Would be awesome to see if this helps them both

  25. Ashleigh 14/11/2017 at 4:05 pm

    We would love to trial this, out babies room is on the sunny side of the house but need to keep her door shut so her big brothers can’t disturb her, this would be perfect to keep her room cool now its warming up!

  26. Nthorne 14/11/2017 at 2:37 pm

    I am asmatic and have terrible allergies. Sadly my little boy who is only 11 months old has started coughing every morning as well. We don’t know if it’s tree pollen so it would be great to trial this to see if it helps us both.

  27. Katrina Russell 14/11/2017 at 7:54 am

    I have bad house dust allergies and this would be interesting to trail and see how it affects it.

  28. kiran preet 13/11/2017 at 8:56 am

    i will love to try this for my 4 months old princess room. love to try this.

  29. Vickybijal 11/11/2017 at 12:19 am

    Would love to try it for my babies room as both have allergies and health issues related cold weather. Hoping to see.if it makes any difference!

  30. Carli Frisby 10/11/2017 at 10:32 am

    We would love to trial this, Mr 2 has asthma and Miss 4 suffers with allergies and recurrent sinus problems. Would be great to see this difference this could make for them. ☺️

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