LEGO Build & Believe

product trial5 out of 5 – Kidspot mums would purchase LEGO Build & Believe sets again and recommend them to their friends and family.


LEGO is the perfect fun activity for your kids! Inspire their imagination and creativity with the great range of products. You don’t just have to build with the instructions – you can rebuild or mix the sets for endless play, making it great value and the perfect way to spend quality time and quality play with your child. So, get ready for lots of fun together!

The LEGO Build & Believe range includes LEGO Friends, Disney, Elves & Unikitty.

LEGO Friends

LEGO Friends are five ordinary girls doing extraordinary things in their home town, Heartlake City – helping each other make the world a better place!

LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle – Rush to help the little cat stuck in a tree with LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle, featuring a rooftop control center and room for lots of friends inside!  Includes an Olivia mini-doll figure, plus a buildable Zobo figure and a Vega the cat figure.

LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Resort – Make a splash at the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Resort featuring a hotel with 2 bedrooms, monorail, water park with 2 slides, and a beach area with water scooter and parasailer.

LEGO® Friends Emma’s Deluxe Bedroom – Enjoy a day of arts and crafts in Emma’s bedroom with a four-poster bed, drawing board with paints and canvas tile, turning pottery wheel, and a special stand for Chico the cat.


LEGO Disney

Build and play out stories from your favourite fairytales. Disney characters come to life as you recreate adventure, romance, and heroism!

LEGO® Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle – Celebrate Disney Aurora’s 16th Birthday in LEGO Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle with spinning wheel, vanity, bedroom, balcony and Maleficent’s lair.

LEGO® Disney Rapunzel’s Traveling Caravan – Go on a journey with Rapunzel, Cassandra, Maximus and their amazing open-up caravan with everything you need for sleepovers, cooking and adventures.

LEGO Elves

Create your own epic quests with Elves’ companions, Dragons, Goblins and fantasy locations.

LEGO® Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack  – Defend the Elvenstar Tree in this LEGO Elves set, featuring a 3-level tree with slide, transformation function, waterfall tower and portal, plus 3 mini-doll figures and a Noctura the evil bat figure.

LEGO UniKitty

Go on an adventure with UniKitty and her four other pals. Unikitty is the energetic, bubbly, and bright princess of Unikingdom. She’s a creative thinker and leads the charge when there’s a problem in need of a solution.

LEGO® UniKitty Unikingdom Creative Brick Box – Get creative with a handy storage box full of colorful bricks to create all kinds of scenery and 16 amazing characters from Unikingdom, building confidence and imagination along the way.

LEGO® UniKitty Cloud Car  – The fun and colorful  LEGO Unikitty Cloud Car features a spinning sunshine propeller, 2 sparkle matter stud shooters and a flag, plus a small park scene, Square Bear’s house and 3 buildable figures.

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We have given 30 members with a child aged between 6 and 9 years old the chance to trial and review two LEGO sets from the selection above. Read their reviews below.

Each selected reviewer will receive:

  • 2 x LEGO sets, selected at random from the selection above

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  1. Maria 03/12/2018 at 10:29 am

    I give Lego 5 stars. 🙂

  2. keades13 26/11/2018 at 6:20 pm

    We received the LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle and the LEGO® Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle. My daughter loved them from the get go. As soon as she started building the Disney set, her creativity and imagination took over, she started telling a story about the princess and how she will defeat the evil monster (Maleficent). I didnt need to help much, thanks to the simple instructions she was easily able to follow. But we engaged in conversation about the princess and got to spend some quality time together. Her big brother tried to help us, but he quickly got dismissed by his sister, not that he minded. Once both sets were complete, Olivia joined the fight against the evil monster, and her handy car helped in a swift get away. These Lego sets also mix and match with a couple of other Lego friend sets my daughter owns, which is awesome as it means limitless fun and new creations come to life.

  3. Cheekybabes 26/11/2018 at 12:42 pm

    Wow, what a package to receive!

    We were lucky enough to receive the LEGO® Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack & the LEGO® UniKitty Unikingdom Creative Brick Box. Our newly turned 9 yr old couldn’t wait to open the Bat Attack box first. She’s not one that tends to stay in one place for too long so it was great to see how much effort she was putting into following the instructions and her face when she finished her creation was fantastic.

    We both then opened up the Brick box and got building. To be able to share such quality time with her is not always easy so for us both to have fun together, using our imaginations without a TV or device in sight, was incredible. She has already told me how much she enjoyed doing this together so I will definitely be buying some more for Christmas. Thanks so much!

  4. tui29nz 23/11/2018 at 12:03 am

    My 8yo daughter and I were lucky enough to be chosen to review the LEGO® Friends Emma’s Deluxe Bedroom and LEGO® UniKitty Unikingdom Creative Brick Box. We had an absolute ball playing with these LEGO sets together using the instructions and talking through the stages of each build (she was more instructing me on where each brick went). I love how she was able to use her imagination and swap the bricks around to make new characters and make them interact by blending both sets. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and this was incredibly special time together after a rough few weeks for our family. My daughter had already been lucky enough to own some LEGO sets and feels ever so grateful to be able to add these to her growing collection of LEGO and is now even more determined to ask Santa for more especially LEGO Friends and LEGO Minecraft sets.

  5. Looies 21/11/2018 at 4:47 pm

    We were so lucky to receive Lego disney rapunzel traveling caravan. Hannah loved this set where a few tricky parts to put together but once done she was thrilled with her achievement. The little details amazed her especially having the frying pan. Hannah also put together the Lego friends campervan. This came with alot of accessories and took longer for hannah to put together she loved how u can make a picnic table a d has a horse and tent. Very little adult assistance was needed only thing she had trouble with was putting the tent together as the plastic was abit stif to bend. Over all hannah loved both sets but she prefers the rapunzel ser due to the style looks like a gypsy caravan and like all the little bits that went with it. She has spent hours playing with it.

  6. Claret 19/11/2018 at 1:50 pm

    My daughter (7yrs) received the LEGO® Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack and the LEGO® Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle to review.

    From the moment she saw the boxes she started talking about what she wanted to build and how she could put some of the LEGO from the Elvenstar box with the LEGO from the Disney castle box and create a magical city.

    Opening the boxes of LEGO was a family affair. My youngest daughter (2yrs) and son (4yrs) were in awe of what their sister was doing. Reaching in and pulling out different bags of bricks in multiple colours and shapes, there was a lot of ooo-ing and ahhh-ing.

    My daughter is obsessed with doing things properly so wanted to follow the instructions exactly on how to build the LEGO. She spent every spare minute on make sure it was correct, even asking her dad to check that it was right. Once she had completed the two sets to the exact instructions she let me take a picture before breaking them down and wanted to make a new magical city by combining the LEGO bricks.

    Not only did my daughter get the excitement, joy and pleasure out of building and creating whatever she could think of, my younger daughter and son also got to join in. Not to mention my husband and I may have had a play when the kids went to sleep, it brought back memories from our childhood and creating with LEGO.

    With LEGO you are only limited by your imagination. A fantastic product that spans generations.

    Thank you for the opportunity to review these great LEGO products.

  7. Amia 18/11/2018 at 10:55 pm

    Our daughter (8yrs old) gratefully received:
    * LEGO® Disney Tangled, The Series : Rapunzel’s Travelling Caravan (41157)
    * LEGO® Elves Aira & the Song of the Wind Dragon (41193)

    She was absolutely thrilled to have been chosen, and we would like to thank Kidspot & LEGO very much for the wonderful sets you sent us!! 😊

    We have 2 other children, Miss 10 and Miss 8’s twin brother, so they were happily involved in the trialling of these sets too! (even Master 8 had a go, despite the sets being too pink & purple for him! 😂).

    What we noticed about the LEGO sets we received is that each one gave amazing attention to details.

    This was done in two ways: firstly, by how each item was built-up layer-by-layer (following the instructions), creating a fantastic beast or an impressive caravan ready for adventure; and then secondly, the little details that add interest – the hidden box in the floating island, the opening jaws of the dragon, the bat’s gun that shoots ‘bullets’, or a playful nod to a realistic function – like the pull-out bed, lanterns , egg frying in the pan 🍳 – all coming together to paint a fuller picture of what it might be in reality.

    Our children were then free to play with these detailed creations, the details inspiring deeper, more realistic play and interaction.

    Well, as realistic as a dragon or a magical princess can be!!

    But that’s the great thing about LEGO, all these different elements – fantasy and reality – are drawn together by our children’s imaginations into a fabulously involved and rewarding play.

    I loved how using the instructions to build a LEGO set together was like a structured play-date, without me even planning one!

    I mean, it had all the elements of a great play-date: Time. Togetherness. Something Fun to focus on.. (that allowed us to chat if we wanted to).
    It also provided a positive outcome. Tick✔️ tick✔️ tick!✔️

    We all enjoyed working together on each set, whether I was finding a piece and passing it to them to complete a stage (or vice-versa!), or us working together collaboratively – looking closely at the instructions trying to figure out why that piece wasn’t going where we thought it should go… oh wait! it should go there instead Mummy! 😜

    I value LEGO in the way it teaches children (and adults!) to follow the instructions precisely (teaching Accuracy & Thoroughness), and if they keep at it (Patience & Perserverance), they can construct a marvellous creation (Accomplishment) while enjoying the process and getting a sense of achievement out of it (Fun!).

    Playing LEGO with my children is an interactive, fun activity, and a good way for us to bond and create those special memories that last a lifetime. (And I know this is true, as I recall my own special memories of building LEGO with my Mum & Dad!)😘

    We were challenged in this trial to rebuild or mix the sets up, and I admit, it took a little while for our kids to get into mixing up the sets! We have a rule in our house to NOT mix up the sets – so we had to break the rules for this trial!

    They started off small, joining parts of one set to another. Then as they grew more confident, they started entirely rebuilding the sets into new creations.

    The specialised pieces within each set got transformed into other uses: window shutters turned into decorative flooring, a lamp into a glowing seat and the caravan could now fly behind the dragon as it was attached to it’s behind! 🤣

    It is a new concept for us, to mix up the sets and NOT follow the instructions, so I think it will take a bit of practice for our kids to feel more confident in doing it.

    But I will be very interested in seeing their future creations! 😊

    Thanks so much again Kidspot & LEGO!! 👍

  8. mermaid32 18/11/2018 at 6:18 pm

    Thanks Kidspot for selecting us to review these awesome LEGO products!

    We received the LEGO Elves ‘The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack’ set (41196) and also the LEGO Friends ‘Olivia’s Mission Vehicle’ (41333).

    It was so wonderful to sit down and really connect with my 9 year old daughter while building these great LEGO sets. I really enjoyed watching her focus and perseverance as she worked her way through the instructions.

    We started with Olivia’s Mission Vehicle. My daughter is familiar with the LEGO Friends series, so was very excited to get started! This was a short and sweet build – it was surprising how quickly she put it all together actually! And I must say, I really wasn’t needed at all. The age group for this is quite broad, I think perhaps it is more at the lower end of that 6-12 yr bracket.
    My daughter loved the fact that it is a vehicle. She has two brothers who are LEGO crazy, but almost all of their sets feature wheels, and she finds it hard to fit in with the games they play sometimes. They were even suitably impressed with the high tech gadgets on the roof of the vehicle, not to mention the robot! Love how this is not a stereotypical ‘girls’ set, but at the same time it definitely has features that appeal to my daughter – the colours used, the female character, and the cute animal. Add wheels and a robot and its a real winner!

    The LEGO Elves set was a particularly large set, with many fine details. As much as I wanted to jump in and just do it for her at some points, I made my self sit back and was the chief ‘brick finder’, setting her up for the next stage in the booklet. She did face some frustrations, but referred back to the instructions and problem solved. She is not usually a child with a long attention span, but the simple images in the booklet, and the step by step manner in which the build progresses, meant that she wasn’t overwhelmed. She stuck with it through to the end, and was just delighted watching it all come together. She was so proud when the finished product was complete!

    I was astounded by the many small details of the design in the Elves LEGO set. From the tiny sparkling gems giving it that magical quality, the the secret staircase, the portal launcher, and the little cross bows that actually fired! Even the features around the eyes of the bat and on the faces of the elves and bear made it so mystical and whimsical. Just gorgeous!

    She loved the Elves and Olivia characters, the main Bat, and the small animals in both sets in particular. They featured in some imaginative play we did later on, incorporating both this Elves set, plus one we already owned, and the LEGO Friends set – Olivia was riding dragons, and the bats and bear from the Elves set were being seen to in Olivia’s Mission Vehicle (my daughter decided Olivia was an emergency vet, driving around on the look out for animals in trouble!). A LEGO Star Wars spaceship even made an appearance (thanks to Mr 4) for a dual with the bat!
    It is just amazing to watch how kid’s imaginations run away with them! All of those LEGO pieces from very different sets formed a long period of play which engaged from 4 years old up to 40!

    I initially thought that it would be great if each set came with a little storybook, setting the scene and explaining the characters and pieces. However, the images on the box lend just enough of a hint, and then they just run with it from there – creating their own back stories and getting lost in their play.

    It was also interesting watching other members of the family stop by every now and then, over the course of both builds, sometimes just to observe, sometimes helping place a particularly tricky bit, or finding the next brick. It was a project that really drew us all in! I’d love to purchase a large LEGO set for Christmas that we can all work on – it would be a great family bonding/connection/fun activity.

    Thanks again Kidspot and LEGO!

  9. shellv 14/11/2018 at 12:39 am

    Firstly, thanks Kidspot for this opportunity to review LEGO! I’m not gonna lie, think I was equally as excited as the kids to receive this one! The two sets we received were the Unikitty Cloud Car 41451 and Unikitty Unikingdom Creative Brick Box 41455.

    Miss 7 and I set about opening and making these together on a perfect rainy weekend. There was no way my Miss 3.5 was going to be left out of any LEGO action, but she actually proved the perfect little helper at locating all the pieces we needed from the instruction manual, and also grouping the bricks into colour piles for us!

    We started with the smaller Unikitty Cloud Car set, and both worked together to build it. The instructions were fairly easy for her to follow, and for the most part she managed it on her own. Because the car was symmetrical, for the trickier brick placements, I’d do one side and she would copy for the other side. We loved that the car had little ‘guns’ on the side to shoot ‘sparkles’.

    The Unikitty Creative Brick Box was similar in that both sets made lots of cool little characters and scenery. There were 16 different characters of varying difficulty to make up, most were fairly easy and not much assistance was required, once she got into the swing of following the diagrams in the instructions. We both really loved all the little details, like the hot dog and ice cream stands. Once complete, their imagination took over and they made a little village around the palace and played with it for ages. It became the first thing they played with each morning when they got up, and it was quite difficult to tear them away from it to get ready for school /kindy! It was in fact not until the next weekend we finally broke up the bricks to make some new free play creations. Having lots of face /eye type bricks made for some cool mixed up crazy creatures being made.

    We had never actually heard of Unikitty before this, but I understand its a program on the Cartoon Network. I think we might have to look up some You Tube clips to get up to speed with some of the characters we’ve been building and give them a bit more meaning!

    These sets were both aimed at ages 5-12, which I would say was fairly accurate – the Creative Brick Box would definitely be a good introductory set for anyone.

    Its only 6 months since our first introduction to LEGO – a Classic Creative Brick Box for Miss 3’s birthday (she is already now very proficient at making her own creations), and then a Classic Creative Windows and Doors supplement set, and LEGO Friends Snow Resort Chalet for Miss 7’s recent birthday. I really love how LEGO is a toy we can all enjoy playing together with as a family – both in the building, and then also playing with the finished results. Being more of a ‘stick to the instructions’ type person myself, I’m always amazed at what the girls can come up with and build from the bricks – I could definitely learn a thing or two about being more creative with it and building ‘outside the box’ from them!

    Unikingdom has been a cool place to hang out with my girls, and I’m sure they will get many more hours of fun from these neat LEGO sets. Thanks again for the opportunity to review. We look forward to adding to our growing LEGO collection in future, probably Christmas!

  10. queenbean 13/11/2018 at 11:05 pm

    A huge thank you from both myself and my 7 year old daughter for selecting us to trial these amazing LEGO products.

    We received the LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle set and the LEGO® Disney Rapunzel’s Traveling Caravan set.

    My daughter was beside herself with excitement as she opened her parcel after she got home from school, and that evening got stuck into the LEGO® Disney Rapunzel’s Traveling Caravan set.

    We decided to make the set following the instructions initially, so carefully read the booklet step by step. At the age of 7, my daughter could easily follow the very clear instructions laid out by LEGO. It was fantastic to have separately numbered bags of bricks for each stage, as there were a number of very small parts, so this made it much less confusing for her. She seemed to get more excited, the more it came together, and she could see how the end product was going to turn out. We finished the set the next day, and her sense of pride was huge! We left it set up for a couple of days for her to play with, before dismantling. Rapunzel and her friend had many adventures!

    Once fully dismantled, she was free to build her own structures, which she did over and over. Her most prized free build was creating a shop with “shopkeeper” and “customer”, and a freestanding BBQ. Her imagination went to town! She had just as much fun creating her own masterpieces, as she did making the actual set!

    The next week, we took our other set, LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle, around to Miss 7’s grandparents house. She knew her Grandad was a big LEGO fan and wanted to ask him to help her with this next set. The recommended age range for this set was 7-12, so we thought this could be a little more challenging, and we were right. Not to worry though, as Grandad was a great help, assisting Miss 7 with the trickier bits and any time she couldn’t quite follow the instructions. I think Grandad enjoyed himself just as much as Miss 7. It was just so heart-warming to see her enjoying quality time with her grandfather, finding a common enjoyment, and working together to create a wonderful end-product. I think I know what Grandad will be putting on his Christmas shopping list for his grandkids!!

    Thank you once again Kidspot and LEGO for this wonderful opportunity, we had such a lot of fun and some amazing bonding time together because of these fantastic products.

  11. Emmzip 13/11/2018 at 9:04 pm

    Thank you for picking us for the product trial, Miss 6 was very grateful for her new LEGO sets.
    My daughter was lucky enough to receive LEGO Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle set and LEGO Friends Mia’s Camper Van set.

    I popped the sets away for a couple of days to pull out on the weekend for some quiet time and some one on one time with Miss 6 which is extremely rare in this house so was great to bond over the LEGO sets. First we got to work on the Olivia’s Mission Vehicle set as this was a much smaller set for us to get a feel for the instructions. The kit had a recommended age of 6 to 12 so my daughter could follow the basic instructions but needed my help for the more trickier parts which was fine. We completed the mission vehicle in no time and miss 6 had a great time playing with her new LEGO set.

    I waited until I had some free time to pull out the bigger set as I knew some time would be required to complete this set. We pulled out the set and noticed it has a recommended age of 7 to 12 so knew it would be a little bit trickier than the first kit. We got to work putting together the little friends and more the more basic little pieces and then moved onto the camper van. The instructions were so easy to follow and very clear, stating the bricks required on each page and then showing a picture on how to put them together. This set was a bit more technical and took about 2 hours to put together but that was fine, it was nice to spend a few hours of quality time with my daughter.

    Now both sets are complete my daughter has been mixing the sets up and playing with them together. She’s enjoyed mixing up the girls hair and outfits. Its being so nice listening to her use her imagination and play camping with her new LEGO sets. I asked her what she loved about her new LEGO and she said: The LEGO was cool and fun to play with. I loved hoe the top opened up on the camper van and there is two beds inside. I love the dolls, the horse and the other accessories that came with the LEGO.

    The thing I love most about LEGO is the opportunities are endless. You can mix sets up, create your own fun and let your imaginations run wild. Even us as parents still enjoy getting creative while building with LEGO. I’ve had such a great time building the LEGO sets with my daughter, thank you again for this opportunity!

  12. samara 13/11/2018 at 8:56 pm

    My 7 and 5 year girls were so lucky to receive 2 awesome sets:

    LEGO Elves: The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack
    LEGO Disney Rapunzel’s Traveling Caravan

    They were perfectly match to the two differing ages as the bigger Elves set was more complex and had a large number of pieces and the Disney set was smaller and a little simpler to build . We have never tried Elves LEGO before so was exciting to see the style and what bespoke pieces were part of the set. I love how LEGO and their simple instructions are usable even by a 5 year old and the enjoyment of even looking at the box for all the different build ideas is an activity in itself! But the option to build freely is available due to the large number of pieces available and the hundreds of ways the LEGO has go together!

    Instantly the girls were pulling out the bags and eager to start building to the instruction book. As they were building they were role-playing and playing out scenes with their respective sets. The building phase lasted a good 3-4 hours during which there was lots of excitement and oohhhing and ahhing over the unique pieces and the characters. I even got involved building some parts of the sets as it is so satisfying, even for adults, to see the models coming together. It became a family affair to help each other find the right piece and work together to build all the parts. Throughout the whole build, both girls were eagerly discussing how they would interact with each others LEGO characters and sets when finished!

    When the sets were built as per the instructions, both girls were very proud that the actual outcome was exactly as the box and that they had been in charge of creating it! They both began to interact with each others sets and creating little stories and scenes. A combination of real life scenarios and fantasy scenarios were acted out, including some disagreements over whose character was doing what and when!

    The 2 LEGO sets have been on the kitchen table for over a week now and have been modified and rebuilt into many creations made up by themselves. It is great how any desired creation can be built and can be added to as they see fit. Everyday something else is made or rebuilt, sometimes even triggered by their baby brother breaking apart their creations. Although they get upset by this, the chance to create something newer and even better than the last creation is more exciting!

    LEGO is definitely a toy that has lasted the ages and appeals to any age whether you feel like building what is suggested on the box or simply placing pieces together to see what ends up. The opportunity to try a new range of LEGO has been amazing as I would not have usually chosen Elves LEGO. Thanks so much for the review opportunity. My girls though it was actually Christmas!

  13. courtneyevans91 13/11/2018 at 7:08 pm

    We received the LEGO Unikitty Unikingdom Creative Brick Box and the LEGO Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle. Miss 8 year old was over the moon so thank you so much for this opportunity, she has never had a lego set as big as these two so she wanted to get stuck in right away.

    First off we got into the Disney set and she started building this one with her Dad. They both had the great idea of separating all of the pieces into colour groups to help make it easier to find each piece as they followed the instructions. Each piece she matched up to the instruction was another exciting achievement, there were moments she would get a bit frustrated if she didn’t understand a picture or couldn’t find a piece. So it was also a great opportunity to support her and encourage along the way. While the two of them built myself and our 7 month old sat and watched which made this a fun family activity for everyone. Once the castle was put together she had a lot of fun with the different characters and deciding where to put them in the castle.

    Once our castle was built we got stuck into the Unikitty LEGO block set. This set offers an endless amount of play with all of the different characters and pieces you can build. We all started building a character each and then stopped following the instructions and we ended up building an extension onto her Disney castle and the characters all came into the one world. Miss 8 definitely had the most fun here when we weren’t focusing on what the instructions told us to build, she was able to imagine different scenes and mix and match all of the pieces. She kept stopping to exclaim “this is so much fun!”. Moments like these are ones we never forget!

    In the end we spent around three hours on a Saturday night building and creating, the TV didn’t even go on once it was fantastic for all of us to spend some time together doing this. It was also the first thing she went to in the morning when she got up.

    Thank you again LEGO and Kidspot, I think we will be adding to our LEGO collection this Christmas!

  14. Marike7209 13/11/2018 at 5:03 pm

    Thank you very much for choosing us for this trial.

    We received Lego Elves:The Elvenstar tree bat attack and Disney Princess:Sleeping beauty’s Castle.

    It took us quite a few days to build the the Lego Elves set. But is was a great how it was made into sections with numbered bag and 3 instruction books, so we could do one at a time and easily pack away the rest till we got time to carry on. It took great effort and teamwork with some tricky parts and it was great to do it with her, an even more so to see the end result.

    My 6 year old loved the Disney Princess and the instructions was easy enough for her to follow and didn’t need much help from me. My 5 year also loved helping and could follow the instructions quite well with a little guidence to where pieces fit into each other.

    With 4 kids its hard to find time to spent with each alone, and this has been an amazing time, spending one on one time and working together.

    After finishing, the kids had hours of fun playing with the Lego sets and using the various characters to enrich their imaginative play.

    We had lots of fun creating some of our own creative designs and endless fun. LEGO will certainly be on the Christmas lists this year to add to our collection.

  15. Sarah Curtis 13/11/2018 at 3:34 pm

    We received the LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Resort and LEGO® Friends Emma’s Deluxe Bedroom. My children had a great time building these Lego sets. Both of the sets were difficult enough to challenge the children but not so difficult that they couldn’t do it.

    The large set (Lego Friends Heartlake City Resort) was exciting for the children from the the get-go. They started talking about playing with the monorail even before we opened the box. As the set was so large there were opportunities for the children to take turns putting sections together and develop their teamwork skills.

    I was surprised how much the boys loved the sets that were aimed at girls. They love Lego and they took great pride in helping their sister make it. All of the children have been playing with it since, taking parts of it apart and modifying it to fit whatever game they are playing at the time.

    This was actually the first time I have seen my daughter do imaginary play. She put on different voices for each of the characters and developed all sorts of stories around the themes. The boys played with it in a different way, where they used their imagination to do modifications to the sets and integrate it into other sets that we have.

    We found these Lego sets to be a great way to spend quality time together. The children wanted me to sit with them and were really proud to show everyone in our house what they had made.

  16. Emilz 13/11/2018 at 2:52 pm

    My daugter and I were very lucky to be chosen for LEGO review. We received 2 awesome sets
    – LEGO Elves: The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack
    – LEGO Disney Rapunzel’s Traveling Caravan

    My daugter who is 8 wanted to do the biggest set first which was the LEGO Elves. It was great how each bag was numbered which made building the sets lots easier. My daugter liked to open the bags and sort out the pieces into colurs which was such a great idea as it meant finding the pieces for each step a cinch. This took us a few days to complete as we had guests staying and after school activities. It was great spending some 1 on 1 quality time with my girl as I don’t get to do that much as she has 2 younger siblings as well. We even managed to learn some of her time tables too which was an added bonus. It was great to see her following instructions and looking at the diagrams to see the next steps.

    She loved all the little details of the sets, like the stickers and little crossbows which shot little red discs.

    When it came to the Rapunzel set, my other daughter who is nearly 6 joined in and the girls played so nicely together – finding bits for each other and taking turns to biuld it. The LEGO figurines from both sets are very cute and have such detail in their faces like the colour of their eyes and their facial expressions.

    My eldest daugther already has a very vivid imagaination but seeing and playing with both these LEGO sets really helped inspire her to think of lots of different ways she could combine them and make something else. She even came home from school one day with a drwaing of what she wanted to build during free play.Both my girls really enjoyed sitting at the table and along with another LEGO set we had making all sorts of creations. My youngest daughter figured out a way to put the weeks on the dragon from the elves set and had fun wiht the horse pulling the dragon along.

    I love how LEGO inspires kids and get them to think outside the box when building their own creations. I also love that there is no right or wrong when they are building things from their own mind so there is no fear of failure or getting it wrong.

    We are hoping on getting the 2 older kids some more LEGO for Christmas and I am planning on getting the LEGO Star Wars Mellinium Falcon for my husband and my eldest daughter so they can have some quality time together too.

    Thank you for picking us to do this review – I had so much fun biulding things with my girls and just spening some nice time together. It was a great way to get them off their screens and playing with something fun at the same time as learning how to follow instructions and diagrams and stimulate thier imaginations too.

  17. kymmage 13/11/2018 at 2:08 pm

    Hi Everyone!! We were very lucky to receive two different sets in the latest LEGO product reviews.

    We got LEGO Elves 41193 Aira & The Song Of The Wind Dragon and we got LEGO Friends Emma’s Bedroom 41342. When my 6 year old girl opened the package she was overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement for her new LEGO. Her older sister is 11 and she has a few of the LEGO Elves sets with Dragons herself, so Miss 6 was pleased to have her own Dragon to build.

    We started with the LEGO Friends set. She opened all the packs and following the instructions in the box. She proceeded to make her cat stand, and the mechanism which turns an artist’s bust. She was thrilled when the cogs all came together to create the movement and her pride at having made it herself was obvious. She rushed to show the rest of the family her brick creation. She got a little frustrated when she made a mistake in the placement of the bed, however I put that down to the heat of the day (it was very hot and muggy in the bedroom at the time).

    When she opened the LEGO Elves set, she immediately went to work building her Wind Dragon by the instructions provided. However, from there she was more interested in using the rest of the bricks to free-build her own creations. She made a shop and another creature out of the remaining bricks. I asked if she wanted to build anything else in the instructions but she was more than happy with the dragon. She didn’t object to me making the airship though. It looked so cute and I couldn’t resist.

    I find that of my two children, Miss 6 is more likely to use the instructions in a LEGO box. Her older sister regularly mixes and matches and free-builds with her bricks. Miss 6 was inspired by the available shapes and accessories to the bricks and we were both impressed with the tones and colours in each set too. Miss 6 played with both sets in the way she enjoys. Her play style is largely role-play based and often includes homes and families, and shopping trips.

    I personally am not a fan of gendering toys and for LEGO sets I havent been the biggest fan of the Friends collection. That said, I have one child (Miss 6) who adores the Friends sets. It comes in some of her favourite colours. Miss 11 is much more Dinosaurs and Dragons, so while I would not have though Elves would be her jam; she loved this set and she enjoys Friends as well for all the little animal creatures. We do tend to buy a lot of City sets as well, mainly because I think having vehicles and other pieces make for better freebuilding. It is awesome how they all click together pretty happily! Both of my kids would love to be master builders one day.

    Miss 6 and I had a pretty great time playing with the LEGO together. My style is very much build from the instructions. If I am buying a set for me it’s because I want the thing on the box. She is more like that, then my eldest. It was fun building things together. My role in play seemed to be as her cheerleader as well as her brick finder. She was able to project manage me in a way. Later I was the shop keeper to various LEGO people coming in for goods at the “shop”.

    It’s definitely true that you don’t just have to build with the instructions. After she had finished playing with the two sets seperately, she started to combine them. She also brought into the game, other LEGO Friends sets we have. Later still her older sister joined us and using parts of a LEGO bedroom set, she made a lion-like creature for the dragon to fight.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to try these sets. We had a lot of fun and we’ll definitely be looking to purchase more LEGO – I’m under orders to buy another Wind Dragon set for Miss 11 already!

  18. RachaMcAn 13/11/2018 at 12:58 pm

    My daughter, who is 6, was so happy to be picked to review 2 sets of Lego, she received, Lego friends Emma’s deluxe bedroom set and Lego Elves Aria and the song of the wind dragon.
    The boxes were received with quite a few excited squeals.

    My daughter picked the bedroom set to open first, its recommended age is 6-12. she was mostly excited about this one as she loves to build houses and bedrooms with her other Lego for her little Lego people, so it was awesome for her to have an actual bedroom to play with. for this age box the instructions were very easy to follow, we had fun following the booklet and taking about what we could do with the bedroom after, and she was very keen to make more bedrooms and other house rooms to add to this.

    The second box was opened after, recommended age 8-12 so she is a little younger than that, and it showed when trying to follow the instructions to create the house and dragon, it was a bit trickier so need some help, but once we got threw it, it was great, we played with both sets together, it worked well with the house and the bedroom. my daughter made up little stories about each character, and we played like that for a couple of hours.

    In the days to follow other Lego creations were added to make up a bigger “village” with other characters joining in.

    It was great to see my daughters imagination blossom and soar off it the crazy world of Lego, where a few little bricks can transform into anything she wanted, it really took me back to my childhood when i would do the same. Lego is definitely a favourite in our house, and probably will be for a very long time

  19. Bevik1971 13/11/2018 at 11:12 am

    We were extremely lucky to be one of the chosen to review 2 x LEGO sets 🙂 The sets we received were LEGO Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle and LEGO Elves, both of which were received with excitement by my almost 6 year old daughter 🙂 Unfortunately I wasn’t with her when she opened the boxes and she tore open every plastic numbered bag and tipped all of the pieces together haha! The instruction books explained which numbered bag to use for which design, so it took us a bit longer as they were all together! I didn’t mind though as it actually made it more fun to paw through all the LEGO bricks to find what we needed 🙂 I really love how they make my daughter use her cognitive thinking to try and read the instructions and then find all the pieces required to make the item chosen. It is also brilliant when we went free play and just built some silly things using her imagination to add to the already made up sets, she had lots of fun making things up. I did end up sorting all the pieces into their sets and putting them into small resealable plastic bags to keep them tidy which was great for storage as there are some REALLY small pieces there! 😊. I must say that I think I enjoyed playing with the LEGO as much as my daughter did hehe, brought back some good memories really. I know she will have so much fun playing with these LEGO sets over and over, building and rebuilding and making up her own stuff. I have always loved the LEGO brand but now think I love it even more! I am actually going to get her another set for Christmas/birthday (which is Boxing Day!) – to add to what we already have 10/10 LEGO!

  20. Maria 12/11/2018 at 3:55 pm

    We received the Lego Unikitty Cloud Car and the Lego Disney Princess Build & Swap. My daughter was really excited to get these Lego sets as was I, thank you. 🙂

    They arrived in the morning before school and would have started to play with them then if she could but I said she had to wait till she got home. We started with the Lego Unikitty Cloud Car which she built with the instructions first. Then she opened the Lego Disney Princess Build & Swap and played with them both together using her creativity and imagination to build various things. I added my input to a couple of bits.

    I love that whoever plays with Lego can use the Lego for free play using their imagination or learning how to follow instructions.

    On another day we built the Lego Disney Princess Build & Swap with the instructions and finished it. She didn’t need too much help but I loved watching how she could build it and being there to answer any questions. It’s a good opportunity to do something together one on one and spend quality time.

    Since then she has mixed in some of her Lego pieces and built other things. Lego fun spans across a wide range of different ages.

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