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4.75 out of 5: Kidspot parents would purchase Suckies Probiotic Yoghurt Pouches again and would recommend them to their friends and family.

In a perfect world, the healthy options that you pop in your child’s lunch box would also be tasty and convenient, right?

Well, we’ve found a lunch box filler that means you don’t have to compromise. With a 4.5 Star rating, Suckies is a healthy lunchbox option that not only tastes absolutely delicious but is sure to have smiles all round – win, win!

Gut heroes for li’l tums!

Suckies probiotic yoghurt pouches have no added sugar, premium ‘The Collective’ yoghurt, added fruit for sweetness, and no added preservatives, so you can easily make a healthy, delicious choice for your kids snack.

  • No added sugar
  • Probiotics for good gut health
  • 4.5 health star rating
  • Source of calcium and dietary fibre when consumed as part of a varied and healthy diet
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • All natural
  • Recyclable through soft plastics
  • Available in 7 flavours: Blueberry, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Boysenberry, Raspberry, and new Mango

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We’ve given 100 members with kids aged 1 to 10 years old the chance to trial and review Suckies Probiotic Yoghurt Pouches. See their photos below and scroll down to read more reviews in the comments.

Really enjoyed trying these products. The only complaint from my 2-year-old was that he wanted “more yoddit Mumma”, they were delicious. We tried the blueberry, strawberry and mango flavours. Great, convenient way to eat yoghurt so we’ll definitely be keen to purchase again in the future.


Knowing Suckies don’t have added sugar, I was confident in giving it to her. We bought strawberry and mango flavours. She absolutely loved it and said “yummy”. She had this after dinner and wanted to have more.


My two girls tried these yoghurts, they are 2 and 4 and they both consumed the whole amount in record time. The occasions that they had them was twice for a snack and once on cereal for breakfast as we had run out of our regular 1kg tub.


Miss 7 adores these and much prefers them over other yoghurts. Even my 12yr old daughter had to try as well! I love the fact that they are lower in sugar and still taste so good. I’ll continue to buy for sure.


My 15 month old tried 3 different flavors and equally enjoyed them all and finished them super quick. They’re so convenient for when your on the go and need to give your child a quick and healthy snack. The fact that it’s probiotic yoghurt and helps with gut health has me sold on them and I can feel confident I’m giving my child a low sugar snack with them having a 4.5 star health rating.


We got all three flavors, my son wasn’t such a fan of the blueberry one but loved the strawberry and mango ones. I love the squeezy pouch as they are good for using on the go and being able to put a lid on when they give up half way through means that they can come back to it without yogurt being spread throughout the bag in the meantime.


My 4 year old absolutely loved it! It was the best after daycare treat for him. He could eat it in a car on the way home and no mess at all! We got some banana, strawberry and vanilla flavours and he was happy to try them all. I am so happy there is no added sugar in it as all the other yogurts for kids in supermarkets have added sugar. Definitely our new staple at our home.


A great opportunity to try this product and it was a winner. My 5yr old tried blueberry, boysenberry, strawberry and vanilla with vanilla being his favourite although he loved the flavours he tried. They are handy for on the go and in lunchboxes and love that they have 4.5 stars and no added sugar.


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  1. Mama_of_4 14/11/2021 at 9:20 am

    Thanks so much for the voucher to try these!!! Miss 7 adores these and much prefers them over other yoghurts. Even my 12yr old daughter had to try as well! I love the fact that they are lower in sugar and still taste so good. I’ll continue to buy for sure.

  2. am0223 12/11/2021 at 4:01 pm

    My 2-year old was very excited to collect these from the supermarket.
    We got strawberry, banana and vanilla. She demolished 2 on the drive home.
    I like that they aren’t to sweet, and their packaging is perfect for on the go. Perhaps small and large sized pouches would be helpful? I don’t feel she ever eats a whole one of these.

  3. Briina53 12/11/2021 at 8:11 am

    We were lucky enough to be selected to try these out. We bought the Banana flavoured Sukies as my son just loves everything banana. My 13 Month old loves them! He ate just over 1/2 a packet the first time, and 3/4 of the packet the second & third time. He ate it as an afternoon snack. 100% Highly recommend this product to all 🙂

  4. VL15 11/11/2021 at 8:56 pm

    My children loved these Suckies yogurt. The Pak n Save nearby had Strawberry, Blueberry and Mango flavours available, so I bought these 3 flavours.

    I did not get to try any, but my children said that the yogurt tasted great and would like to have these in their lunchboxes!

    Thank you for the opportunity to try these!

  5. angieb 10/11/2021 at 9:21 pm

    So grateful for the opportunity to try these.
    My little girl has tried one of the flavours before so this was a great opportunity to try out the others.

    My wee miss is 5 and loves yoghurt in general.
    For her, these are an absolute winner!
    She absolutely loves the taste of them, plus the ease of being able to do it herself and no mess (bonus for mum!).
    We bought all flavours (figured why not :)) and she has loved them all. She really enjoyed the blueberry which isn’t surprising as she loves eating frozen blueberries by the bowl full. But she honestly has just loved all flavours!
    She had no trouble consuming the whole packet and would easily have more!
    They are perfect for any occasion – we first had one on the go straight after doing the shopping and buying them, and then she has enjoyed them in her lunchbox for school as well as snacks for after sports activities.

    I would love to know of other alternatives for recycling though as very mindful of the packaging. I’m not aware of any local soft plastics recycling at the moment here in Dunedin, so would appreciate any help as I’d really love to purchase these more often but want to know the packaging can be recycled.

    All round great product. We love The Collective yoghurt and definately recommend giving it a try!!!

    Thanks again for the chance to review!!!

  6. Jyostana 10/11/2021 at 7:30 pm

    My 27 month old loves yogurt. She has never been introduced to flavoured yogurts as most of them sugar added. Knowing Suckies don’t have added sugar, I was confident in giving it to her. We bought strawberry and mango flavours. She absolutely loved it and said “yummy”. She had this after dinner and wanted to have more. We are getting more of these for her.

  7. Victoria.rosebuds 10/11/2021 at 5:48 pm

    My two year old, spotted these straight away in the grocieries we got the blueberry and vanilla flavour, she loved them both, I removed the cap before giving it to her as she is only two so cannot open, great pack convent size and great range of flavours will get more to try, highly recommend, we are big yogurt fans so will be adding these for outing

  8. Em.hendo 10/11/2021 at 5:03 pm

    My 2.5 year old son was so excited to choose his own yoghurts at the supermarket! He chose strawberry (always a favourite!) Yoghurt is a staple in our house house, this being my sons treat after eating his dinner and a daily addition to his lunch box. He ate the whole lot in one go and said it was so YUMMY! He also loved the Tui on the front of the pack!

  9. jenbabe231 10/11/2021 at 12:31 pm

    We chose the blueberry suckies because the other flavours were out of stock, my 7 year old did not like this but he is extremely fussy, these did not go to waste however, my 8month old finished them off, she thought they were amazing and I was happy to give them to her as there is no added sugar

  10. heatherp 09/11/2021 at 8:26 pm

    I got these today and chose strawberry because I knew it would be my son’s favourite. I was unpacking the groceries and he spotted them straightaway. Unfortunately he couldn’t twist the pouch open so had to use a rubber grip, but once he got it open it went down a treat! He said it was delicious! He had another after dinner, but again, needed something to help him open it. He loves them so I will get them again, but they’ll have to be eaten as after school/after dinner snacks since I don’t think he could open it at school. He’s 9 so I would have thought he could open it, but there you go. They are really convenient, and a good amount for a quick snack. He’s not a huge yoghurt fan so I was pleasantly surprised at how much he’s enjoying them. Thanks for the opportunity to trial them.

  11. Beasv 09/11/2021 at 10:39 am

    My son is 21 months and he loves his yoghurt but so far he had only tried natural yoghurt. We were lucky to be selected to try this suckies and he absolutely love them. We bought strawberry, blueberry and vanilla flavours with strawberry being his favourite! He had the first one for dessert after dinner and the other ones for breakfast two different days. Nothing was left in the pouch what I consider a huge success. Also compared to other suckies in the market it has very little sugar (to my suprise!) and probiotics. I think we will start also having flavoured suckies in the fridge! Happy child, happy parents!

  12. QuinBrax 31/10/2021 at 3:05 pm

    My son is 4 years old and is quite a fussy eater, he tried the Vanilla, blueberry and Strawberry suckies! His favorite by far was the blueberry and we found he went straight for this one for a snack at home. He loves squeezing right to the very end. We have also put these in his lunch for yoghurt day, great healthy snack and teachers appreciate it as it allows the kids to be independent without the mess 😊 If your a busy parent or searching for a healthy alternative I highly recommend!

  13. JessJess 28/10/2021 at 10:10 am

    We have three kids aged 1, 3 and 5, would love to try!
    Be cool to try something on the go

  14. Farmertrix 27/10/2021 at 9:42 am

    I would love to review for my children , I have a 7month old , 9 year old and a 11 year old , I’m sure they would all love to try them 😄

  15. Pommiegotlost 27/10/2021 at 7:29 am

    I have 5yo, 7yo & 10yo (also 15yo & 9mo) who take snacks to school everyday they would love to try these especially miss7 she’s loves dairy!

  16. MuddledUpMolly 26/10/2021 at 8:57 pm

    Yum! Would love for my kids to trial this product, perfect amount of children for it too as they are 2, 4 and 11. We would love to try this because they already love yoghurt but it would be nice to try a product that is a healthier choice for their tums.

  17. mel yu 26/10/2021 at 2:46 pm

    Yes please! Always on the hunt to look for no added sugar and healthy snacks for my kids

  18. Andy 25/10/2021 at 10:01 pm

    I have 10 grandchildren, 8 of which stay with me often. 7 of them are between 1 and 6. I’m always looking for new things for them to try which are healthy so I can pass any new likes on to their parents. They’ve all got different tastes so these individual pouches are great.

  19. maayshaa 24/10/2021 at 10:55 pm

    My 6 year old loves their usual yoghurt pouches so she would be so keen to try these! Such a great add to her school lunches. Knowing they are also probiotic is such a big plus! 🙌🏻

  20. LMV 24/10/2021 at 10:25 pm

    Kia ora. My 1.5 year old and 3 year old seem to think yogurt is a food group 🤦‍♀️ so I’d at least like to try to get them onto one that is not all sugar and colouring.

  21. Seth Holten 24/10/2021 at 9:36 pm

    My daughter’s are 2yr and 4yr and are super fussy they do love yogurts so id love to see if these are a hit. They would be so handy for on the go instead of the usual pot of yogurt

  22. Jodyw75 24/10/2021 at 10:39 am

    I have a fussy toddler aged 18 months. We’d love the chance to try these as I love The Collective products, and have often looked at Suckies in the supermarket and thought about getting them, but I felt silly buying them before child, and now I’m on a budget, so can’t really afford to try new products that my toddler might turn his nose up at and refuse to eat. But if I can try before I buy, I will know what my toddler likes and can just buy that flavour for him.

  23. Lauzieg 24/10/2021 at 10:06 am

    My kids love these, a quick easy snack, great for the lunch box, great for their tummies and no mess is a bonus with yogurt!

  24. Holly 23/10/2021 at 9:35 pm

    My son who’s 2 loves these, would be cool to try the new flavor that’s out mango

  25. Mrsleo2 23/10/2021 at 7:48 pm

    My son is 3 almost 4 and loves yogurts so would be a great opportunity to try a new flavours

  26. Mm 23/10/2021 at 2:35 pm

    Love this yoghurt

  27. NaitKong 23/10/2021 at 1:00 am

    I have a son who just turn 7 and he enjoys snacks. This would be a healthy snack for him as he needs cut down on his sugar intake. With it having probiotics in these which is great for his tummy.

  28. Sandygao 22/10/2021 at 1:31 pm

    My children would like to have a chance to tase those yoghurt as we just come to NZ recently. Hope we have such lucky!

  29. Ashleigh 22/10/2021 at 9:43 am

    With 4 children aged 4 to 11 we go through a lot of yogurt! They love to try new ones, the amount of sugar plays a big part when choosing and the added prebiotic is a real bonus!

  30. rachlouise 22/10/2021 at 9:25 am

    I have 2 girls aged 5 and 20 month, We would love to give these a try as they look super yummy and pouches are so convenient for them both.

    • Biddyboop 23/10/2021 at 9:31 am

      I believe both my children would love to try these. Would be a good lunchbox snack for my 9 year old and I’m sure also my 14 year old would love a taste

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