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Kidspot parents gave Treasures Nappies and Nappy Pants an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5

Trust Treasures to keep your little one dry and snug – always

Treasures have been keeping New Zealand babies dry and snug since 1976. Now the iconic Treasures brand has been reimagined by a group of Kiwi parents – with 15 children between them! They seized the opportunity to join together, bought the Treasures brand in 2020 and have revitalised the range with improved quality.

Treasures Comfort are their best nappies yet – the softest, snuggest and driest – with up to 12 hours leakage protection. That means your little treasure is covered, morning, noon, and night. Look out for the super cute bunny packs in stores now!

Treasures are available exclusively at Countdown stores.

Treasures Nappies

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Treasures Nappies

Treasures Nappies are available in six sizes:

  • Newborn – Stage 1: Up to 5kg
  • Infant – Stage 2: 4-7kg
  • Crawler – Stage 3: 6-11kg
  • Toddler – Stage 4: 10-15kg
  • Walker – Stage 5: 13-18kg
  • Junior – Stage 6: 16kg+

Treasures Nappy Pants are available in three sizes:

  • Toddler – Stage 4: 10-15kg
  • Walker – Stage 5: 13-18kg
  • Junior – Stage 6: 16kg+

Read the reviews!

We gave 30 members the chance to trial and review Treasures Nappies or Nappy Pants. See their photos below and scroll down to read more reviews in the comments.

The nappies are a relaxed fit with secure tabs, super absorbent and feels dry from the above and inside for about 10-12 hours. (YES, these are the driest nappies I have tried yet). It can make life so easy while traveling or at night time by providing extra leak protection; hence extra sleep for the mums .The cute packaging is an added bonus.


The nappies themselves felt very thin, lovely and soft. They opened out easily and spread out flat underneath baby without any bulky ridges getting in the way. The tabs were out and easy to find/peel open and then came in and securely attached to his front without too much effort from myself.


They last all night keeping her feeling dry and there have been no leaks. We are just starting with toilet training and she can pull nappy pants down and when we are out it is so much easier to take her to a toilet and get nappy pants back on.

Laura N

A+++ product. Definitely will be permanently switching and purchasing treasures from here on in, into the future. Highly recommend to other parents and users, friends and family! We are now a Treasures proud fan and household. My washing saviours Treasures!


I tried these for the last two nights and have found them great, no leaks. I also like how they are nice and soft and fit well and are easy to put on. The grip tabs grip good and don’t come open when baby moves around and I like the nice stretchy waistband that’s high up on baby’s back.


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  1. Tesha 09/04/2022 at 10:53 am

    Thank you for letting us try the size 6 Nappies, i received 2 packs and we are still using them, i have always used huggies as they used to be great quality and price, that was long ago, these feel alot more thick and better quality, how huggies used to be. I really enjoy using these, an it seems son does too. They look more comfy and feel soft so i know they won’t poke and irritate him while he’s conquering his day. The only thing i would say is whenn son does 2 wees they look saggy an sit to one side, but other then that i will continue to use them, thanks again

  2. mallowpuff 02/04/2022 at 1:35 pm

    Thanks for the opportunity to try the new treasures nappies. I used to use them for my oldest, so it was very interesting to compare old with new.

    I received Size 3 nappies, for a baby who is approximately 6.5-7kg. Currently use huggies, and they seem softer to the touch. After a week of use, I still prefer the huggies brand of nappies.

    Currently only doing online shopping, so I have been to a physical countdown. I have noticed treasures nappy pants on sale at the warehouse, but I haven’t purchased these as we are not up to that stage yet.

    Overall, I’d be happy to purchase these nappies if they were on sale. They remind me of the Japanese merries nappies. My husband found the tabs harder to use than other brands – he had to stop to ensure he had the tab, and not rip the whole thing off by mistake. They seemed comfortable for baby, but unsure of fit for bigger sizes – baby is just on the edge of the lower weight limit. The nappies managed to capture blowouts on the side quite nicely, but not always when they went out the back. It has been hot so I’m unable to tell if rash was from nappy or heat! It was hard to notice how full the nappy was with only brief inspection – I had to look closer than with other nappies.

    I would recommend, they are good, just not my preferred nappy at the moment

  3. likichee 01/04/2022 at 9:05 pm

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to trial and review the Treasures Nappy Pants size 4. Our 2 years old is starting toilet training and we were looking for a perfect nappy pants for her. We are currently using Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies Girls size 4. After using the Treasures Nappy Pants, I was impressed how superbly soft and gentle the nappy was on the skin compared to Huggies. The Treasures Nappy Pants are also more light and thin compared to Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies. I love how easy to pull up and down and it fits nicely with our girl too. The waistband is stretchy all the way round, making even the wriggliest toddler easier to change. It has really easy to rip side seams so my active toddler doesn’t have to keep still for too long! It also doesn’t pinch or rub anywhere against my little one’s skin. She loves that she has big girl pants! The bunny design is super cute too!

    We tried it day and overnight for almost a week. They don’t leak, however if my toddler did a heavy wetting and poo, we find that the nappy will sag. It doesn’t have an indicator as well.

    I have not noticed Treasures at our local Countdown but after hearing about this product from this review, I definitely see it now. I also noticed that the price of Huggies Ultra Dry size 4 and Treasures Nappy Pants size 4 are the same at where we can purchase them. I would be purchasing more Treasures myself and would recommend Treasures as it is definitely one of the better brands we have tried before. Worth giving it a try if you haven’t already to to see if they works for your little one 🙂

  4. mumjess 30/03/2022 at 6:58 am

    My 22 month old daughter was lucky enough to trail the treasures nappies. We received the size 5 nappy pack at the end of last week and have been using them over the weekend.
    Firstly the packaging and the bunny design on the nappy is cute and it appealed to my little girl!
    Secondly the nappy works well! As a nappy should. I use disposable nappies over night so they have to absorb plenty and also have to contain a morning number 2! The treasures have worked well and seem really soft and comfortable. I didn’t have to use nappy cream which sometimes happens when I use certain (usually cheapest) brands.
    I found that the fit was not as snug as a premium nappy (Huggies ultimate) but it was good enough! The old feedback about the fit was the tabs seem quite short and with a wider child this could potentially be a problem.
    I haven’t seen these yet at countdown as I haven’t been in for a shop but I will definitely look out for them as they look to be a great option! I’m very glad to see treasures back and I hope that they come back in a box as well as it’s nice to buy a bigger box of nappies to last abit longer. My older children used to love the treasures boxes with the fun designs on them and cut out ideas, so it would be nice to see this brought back!
    Thanks for the trial treasures and Kidspot!

  5. cashaw87 29/03/2022 at 12:34 pm

    I have had the happy privilege of being chosen to review these Treasures Nappies! We received the size four Treasures toddler nappies four days ago and have been using them everyday. On first inspection, they are incredibly soft, especially on the inside. They have a cute gender neutral pattern which I think is great. After using them for the last few days, I can report that I am overall impressed! They fit my 11 kg daughter well, no gapping about the leg like some other brands. The elastic waist fits comfortably around her waist. I do find the tabs hold well, however I do struggle to pull the tabs open initially as I have found it hard to find the edge of it when first putting on a fresh nappy. There has been zero leaks, and no rashes which is wonderful. They definitely do live up to the promise of overnight protection, as my daughter tends to sleep at least 10 hours, and there was no leaking.
    I usually use the Huggies Ultra-dry nappies for girls in size 4. I think the Treasures nappies are definitely a good alternative, as they are just as soft, they don’t leak over night and price wise the Treasures are considerably cheaper! From my local Pak’n’save, the Huggies ultra dry nappies cost 68 cents each from a 36pack, where as the Treasures nappies work out to be 42 cents each from the same size pack (at Countdown). Price is important to me and my budget so I am considering swapping my nappy shop to Countdown since Pak’n’save doesn’t stock them. I have seen Treasures at my local Countdown but I don’t usually shop there.
    I will continue to use the nappies we have been sent, and I will be considering switching nappy brands. I would definitely recommend these to a friend, especially if they were looking for a cheaper alternative to Huggies.

  6. Yasminn 29/03/2022 at 12:17 am

    Thank you for choosing us to review the treasures nappies. We received a size 2 for our 6 week old daughter. She’s between 5-6kg and they fit her well.

    We normally alternate between huggies and rascal&friends depending on where we shop and what’s on special. But generally we prefer rascal and friends because of their soft material.

    We normally do online shopping and get it delivered so haven’t really noticed it being promoted online.

    Overall, we found the nappy to be soft and not bulky. It’s absorbent and we haven’t had any blow-outs or leaks. Love the bunny print too.

    Some things I would love to see improved are the tabs, they are a bit difficult to open at times. A wetness indicator would also be helpful on the nappy. The ‘front’ label isn’t very prominent, my friend changed my daughter’s nappy and managed to put it on backwards. Inexperience is a little to blame bit also that the nappy looks the same front and back to someone not very familiar with nappies.

    Overall, I would recommend treasures to others and will now add it to my rota of nappies.

  7. sophiepage 28/03/2022 at 10:10 pm

    We were lucky enough to get to trial the nappy pants size 10-15kg for my 2 year old girl.
    We were currently using Rascal&Friends nappies as I have found these to be the softest and best fit for our girl.
    I was very impressed when I received the Treasures Nappy pants as they were just as soft as the current brand we used and also they weren’t too bulky. The fit is really good and seems to have a fantastic amount of absorption.
    My daughter does not like to stop and lie down for nappy changes anymore and it was becoming abit of a fight to change her nappy, so these nappy pants have been so amazing to just quickly whip off and a new one on again without her having to stop for too long.
    Her kindy has also been using them and they also agree that they noticed how soft and light the nappy pants are and that they hold alot of wee and she never leaks….even if she has a poo explosion!!!
    I will most definitely be recommending these to my family and friends with children and will most likely be swopping over to them from now on.
    I would really love for them to be available to buy from PaknSave as that is my local shop but I will be making a special trip to either Countdown or The Warehouse to be buying these as they are totally worth it.
    Thank you for the trail

  8. mumma_2022 28/03/2022 at 8:20 pm

    Hello! Thank you so much for choosing us as a reviewer! I have been using the Treasures unisex nappies Stage 2. I have always used Huggies nappies for my 13 week old daughter since Day 1. I find the Treasures nappies to be a lot more stretchier, they are super soft and fit her a lot better. She seems a lot comfier in these ones. I have only had one leakage so definitely not complaining as we have had more leakages than id like using the Huggies nappies. I haven’t noticed nappy rash with these but with the Huggies ones i noticed she was starting to get a bit of a rash. The design on the nappies is super cute too. I have seen them at my local countdown and they are normally cheaper than Huggies and are on special more often (yahoo). Id definitely recommend them to my mum friends and anyone i know who is having a baby! I will be switching to Treasures nappies from now on.

  9. Corena Harley 28/03/2022 at 1:55 pm

    We received the SIZE 5 WALKER PULL UP PANTS.
    We usually use HUGGIES because my local supermarket is Countdown & they provide them. My top preference is Rascal & Friends.

    I have noticed Treasures when doing my online countdown shop but I stuck with Huggies because they worked for me.

    My overall thoughts on treasures by way of rating, would be 7/10. Initially before using them, I thought it would not be as great because I have used newborn treasures & found them on the thinner side.

    BUT I was SURPRISED! They felt just like huggies, they went on well & gave great hold around my 20mo sons thighs with enough stretch to allow him to move comfortably. We experienced no leakage and it was easy to clean up when he did number 2s.

    I found the sticky tab on the back didn’t hold as well and that is why I have given a 7 rating but that isn’t as important to me but it might be for others.

    I would buy treasures if their pricing is competitive. I prefer quality over price but as my son gets older, I am open to trying other brands. I appreciate this opportunity to trial treasures and it has really changed my outlook of their brand positively.

  10. fbanks 28/03/2022 at 9:44 am

    We received some Junior Stage 6 Nappy Pants to review for our almost 5 year old for overnight use. We are starting to transition to undies and found the Nappy Pants great. Prior to this, we had her in undies and use waterproof bed sheets, but found that I end up doing a lot of washing!
    My daughter at first didn’t want to wear them but the morning after she said that they were so comfy and now ask for them! The nappy pants also keep her nice and dry through the night.
    The fit is good for our daughter who is 18kgs, with no leakage or rash. We would recommend them for anyone going through the night toilet training stage.
    Thank you for the opportunity to trial these and will keep an eye for them next time we’re at Countdown!.

  11. KelseyTAAFFE 27/03/2022 at 11:45 pm

    We were lucky enough to get to trial these for my boy who’s 8.5 months, we got size 3 – he is 8.5kgs.
    Once these new treasures nappies arrived we were very excited and got straight into them!
    Opened them up and just looking at them I was a little concerned thinking they may just fit as placing them next to a Huggies or Rascal & friends brand we already had at home they then seemed a little smaller/thinner.

    Away we went trialing them through some wet nappies over a few hours, a good few soiled ones and even over night nappies during these past 6 days and we have honestly had no issues at all and have been very happy with every change!
    They can get quite full but hold very well, especially because we have found our boy waking wet if he’s slept through at times with other brands.

    These new and improved treasures feel so amazingly soft and comfortable and the tabs are great size/length for easy changes on my wriggly boy who’s on the move constantly so a quick change for us is best!
    We also went for our weekly shop at countdown this week and saw these nappies in store and on special, very reasonable priced so we stocked up with a few packs to continue using them.

    Overall all we can say is that if your after a nappy that is going to be be super soft on baby and super absorbing, as well as stopping any leakage then this is your nappy!
    I will be sure to recommend to family, friends and parents I meet through work/ baby groups.
    I know everyone will love them and will not be disappointed, and trust me I have trialed a good range over the last 5 years and I can say I would defiantly purchase these they are well worth every dollar spent for our wee babes 🤍

    Thank you so much for choosing us.

  12. MamiRo 27/03/2022 at 8:55 pm

    Firstly we love the bunny design, and the fact that the Treasures Managing Director is a father so has obviously has alot of experience with nappies (and nappy fails).

    We have been using the Junior Unisex Pants, which are a stage 6 (for babies 16kg plus). Our 2.5 year old is fully potty trained so the Nappy Pants are for overnight use only. As soon as I opened them I was so impressed with how soft they felt! Super super soft, with soft tabs and the cutest little bunny print. Our son likes to feel the nappy before he puts it on, he has even noticed how lovely they are to touch.

    We have always used a different brand, which has been good for us most of the time. With our previous brand we found that our little one will often leak from time to time. Treasures has been great, our son can pull them up and down with ease which makes his last toilet trip of the day an easy one.

    We have not had any leakages this week and no nappy rash in sight. I am very happy using Treasures Nappy Pants and it is definitely a brand we will be buying in future, I have already recommended it to my fellow mum friends. Our son has always had sensitive skin so these have been a real hit. I like the feel of soft Pjs on my skin as I go to bed, so why wouldn’t little ones want the same on their bum. Loved them – thank you!

  13. courtneyevans91 26/03/2022 at 2:55 pm

    We received two packets of the walker size pull ups. We hadn’t been using pull ups previously and I was really keen to try them as my just turned one year old is getting so wriggly and hard to change! We were previously using Cute & Co and I noticed that the Treasures seemed a lot softer and thicker. The leak guards around the legs also seemed like a better fit. The nappy pants are nice and stretchy and so easy to quickly put onto my boy while we wrestles me! I really liked the easy to use tab on the back once we were disposing the nappy. The print on the nappy is also so sweet! We haven’t had any leak issues after four days of use even with extra wakes ups and milk feeds during the night. We will definitely be buying more of these.

  14. Daddynate92 25/03/2022 at 12:36 pm

    Thanks for letting us review these. Our twins were 4ish weeks old when they started to try the size one’s. They held pee and poop really well. They seemed to be comfortable for the little ones too. I’d recommend these if asked. Afew points around the branding and design. I hadn’t noticed these at countdown before. The packaging, although looks good, doesn’t really stand out to me. On the nappies themselves, there is no indicator and the design of the bunny is really small that it lots like green specs on the nappy. Id do them bigger and less of them.

  15. Mummummum 25/03/2022 at 8:44 am

    We were lucky enough to receive two packs of size 6 nappies. I was hesitant at first as they were very thin however they had great absorbency. These lasted all night without any leaks and they sat nicely under pajamas so there was no big bulgy nappy bum.There was not a strong urine smell in the nappies in the morning either.

  16. NikitahM123 23/03/2022 at 9:31 pm

    We were lucky to be gifted 2 packs of Treasures Size3 crawler nappies for our chunky 5 month old monkey.
    We usually use Huggies or Rascal and Friends as they would hardly ever leak, until recently with bub getting sick.
    At first I thought the design was super cute, they were nice and slim and soft.
    Bubs has been feeding very regularly since getting sick, so has been leaking through lots of nappies but since using Treasures he hasn’t leaked once!
    We have noticed them at Countdown whilst doing our online shopping.
    Overall we are very impressed with the new Treasures nappies, and they will definitely be our new go to nappies!

  17. GONZZE 23/03/2022 at 4:12 pm

    Thanks for giving us the chance to try the walker nappies we were using the Huggies nappies and I found that they weren’t holding out that long at night she was always waking up with wet clothes and sheets I tried these for the last two nights and have found them grate no leaks I also like how they are nice and soft and fit well and are easy to put on the grip tabs grip good and don’t come open when baby moves around and I like the nice stretchy waistband that’s high up on baby s back.It would be great if you could get them at other supermarkets and the warehouse beside
    just countdown I would definitely recommend these for any parent who has a baby in nappies .I’ve not added my photos yet but will take soon thanks again for giving me the chance to try them

  18. Dannilouise13 23/03/2022 at 2:14 pm

    Hi , thankyou for letting me be chosen for this review … I received my newborn treasures around 4 days ago and so far I am thrilled they sit a lil more higher and are slightly more wider than the Huggies disposable nappies I had purchased and all I can say is treasures by far my son feels way more comfortable in these especially around his waist and legs …and by far better fit … Hold and absorb way more than others …often had a leakage problem up his back wif Huggies brand and was forever changing his clothes every nappy change , annoying and time consuming .
    I have found the opposite and have had none of these leakage issues up my poor son’s back since I made the switch !
    A +++ product definitely will be permanently switching and purchasing treasures from Here on in ,into the future .
    Highly recommend to other parents an users , frends and family ! WE ARE NOW A TREASURES PROUD FAN AN HOUSEHOLD .

  19. julie.hsien 23/03/2022 at 9:33 am

    We received the Crawler Size 3 nappies.
    I have Huggies Boys, Rascal & Friends, and Noopii, to compare with the Treasures.
    In terms of touch and thickness, Treasures feel quite similar to Rascal, perhaps just a tad softer (Noopii is by far the most luxurious).

    We have a 5 month boy who has chunky leg rolls. Rascals leak most nights, Huggies and Noopii are pretty good, and so far with the 5th night, Treasures are also holding up quite well.
    The absorbency is good for 12 hours, the only time we did have a little leak was towards the morning where the nappy was already quite full, and the baby was sleeping on his side.

    One thing that I would hope it has is the longer tabs like Huggies. It’s only a minor detail, but the long stretchy tab makes is slightly easier for parents.
    Lastly, the print on Treasures is subtle which is nice.

    The price point at Countdown is comparable to most brands, and I would continue to buy them since it doesn’t leak.

  20. Laura Neilson 22/03/2022 at 10:10 pm

    We received stage 4 size 10-15kg toddler nappy pants for our 23 month old girl. She is very co operative putting nappy pants on and likes to put them on herself, it makes nappy changing a breeze. They last all night keeping her feeling dry and there have been no leaks we are just starting with toilet training and she can pull nappy pants down and when we are out it is so much easier to take her to a toilet and get nappy pants back on. We had been using Little One’s Ultra Dry and I would say that these are better due to the pull up style which makes Treasures more convenient for myself and my little girl happier about nappy time

  21. BexE 22/03/2022 at 1:19 pm

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to review the Treasures Nappies. We received the newborn nappies for our 2 week old boy. We tried almost every brand on our first son, but mostly stuck with Huggies for comfort and quality for price. I have noticed the new Treasures at our local Countdown during our weekly shops and was so pleased to be able to give them a try for review! They are similar to Huggies for comfort and quality but did find they fit slightly bigger than Huggies. We have small babies so at the very early stage this causes a little extra bulk however would be perfect for my nephews as they are bigger babies. The longer waist tabs were great and very secure. We had no leakages or signs of rashes. Would definitely buy for myself and recommend to family and friends.

  22. JessJess 22/03/2022 at 12:01 pm

    I was excited to try these new nappies on my youngest, after the closure of the Treasures factory in NZ. I am a huge fan of the Treasures Care range, and always stock up when I find them. Onto the new Treasures nappies. They are thin, absorbent and didn’t leak. Unfortunately the fit is not quite right. The nappy is very long, and the elastic does not have much stretch. We often ended up with that saggy nappy look. Unfortunately for us these did not live up to the high standard set by the NZ made Treasures Care range.

  23. amandacam 22/03/2022 at 8:51 am

    I was fortunate to receive 2 packs of Size 2 nappies for my 4week old son which we initially tried over an afternoon once received.

    The packaging is nice and sleek with 48 unisex nappies inside. The nappies themselves felt very thin, lovely and soft. They opened out easily and spread out flat underneath baby without any bulky ridges getting in the way. The tabs were out and easy to find/peel open and then came in and securely attached to his front without too much effort from myself. This is helpful when you have a wriggly baby and you’re trying to find the tabs but the overly elasticated back band like Huggies makes it hard to find them and stick down quickly.

    My little guy then had a huge feed followed by a very long (& much appreciated!) nap for 3hrs or so. The nappy swelled to a huge size with no leakage which was great! We’re finding leakage with Huggies (regardless of which size nappy we use) so it was nice for everyone involved that baby was dry when he woke and the I didn’t have an additional outfit added to the washing pile for the day.

    As a preferred Huggies family since my first born, Treasures have definitely now been thrown into the mix and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the 2 packs wear and what goes on the shopping list – I have a feeling Treasures are way up there with a chance now for sure!

  24. Aisha 22/03/2022 at 12:40 am

    I received infant unisex (size 2) nappies for my 2 month old baby boy. I was using Huggies Comfort in size 2, and have also tried Baby Online Dry Ups for bulk buys and Pams nappies as a cheaper option. Huggies comfort nappies are thick, whereas Treasures was almost half as thin and soft (buttery on the bum). I have experienced pee/poo leaks with almost all of the nappies I have tried yet with the exception of Treasures. The nappies are a relaxed fit with secure tabs, super absorbent and feels dry from the above and inside for about 10-12 hours. (YES, these are the driest nappies I have tried yet). It can make life so easy while traveling or at night time by providing extra leak protection; hence extra sleep for the mums .The cute packaging is an added bonus.
    I would definitely recommend my friends to try Treasures as it is such a great value for money. I am happy with what it has to offer and would keep on purchasing them in future. I noticed them at my local Countdown.

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