Barker’s Super Fruit Crush Multipack Pouches

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Kidspot parents gave Barker’s Super Fruit Crush Multipack Pouches an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5

Wishing for an easy and healthy option for hungry, active kids? It’s Barker’s to the rescue with Super Fruit Crush pouches – now in a pantry-ready multipack! This on-the-go snack is the perfect super food snack for lunch boxes, sports practice, or to CRUSH those afternoon hunger crunches.

Barker’s Super Fruit Crush pouches are the perfect healthy on-the-go snack. They have a health star rating of 4.5, contain over 90% fruit and are a good source of fibre, with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. They are gluten-free and vegan-friendly and contain only natural sugars from fruit.

The new Multipacks are available in two flavours, Mixed Berry & Chia and Mango, Kiwifruit & Passionfruit allowing you to keep the pantry stocked with your favourite Super Fruit Crush flavours. They can even be frozen to become a fruit ice block!

Barker’s Super Fruit Crush pouches:

  • +90% fruit
  • source of fibre
  • contain no refined sugar, only natural sugars from fruit
  • no artificial colour, flavours, or preservatives
  • gluten-free
  • vegan-friendly

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We gave 50 families the chance to trial and review Barker’s Super Fruit Crush Multipack pouches. See their photos in the video and read more of the reviews in the comments below.

Popped a couple in the freezer and they loved taking them to school in their lunchboxes and were the envy of their friends who were intrigued by what they were. The portion sizes are so generous and not having a plastic lid is a game changer and makes opening them a breeze and having less rubbish is a win!


It was easy for him to open and he could squeeze every last little bit out of the pouch. I sent one in his lunch the next day in addition to his usual fruit, and everything was eaten, so it’s great that the pouches can add that extra bit of vitamins and goodness without cutting back on any of his other fruit in his lunch.


We were one of the fortunate whānau that got to trial these and we are hooked! Our favourite was the Mango, the flavours are so intense and are even better frozen. We also tried the Berry and chia flavour with Greek yoghurt and it was delicious.

Leilah Karika

I’ll let my daughter do the review “It is soooo good. Sweet and fruity. I liked it in my school lunchbox. I didn’t have to ask the teacher to open it. I was scared it would have lumpy bits but it didn’t”


Yum!! The kids loved these. Miss 7 said “these are delicious, they’re like yoghurt but better”. Master 11 & 13 couldn’t decide which flavour they liked more and thought they tasted like fruit smoothies.

April Head

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  1. Stepanka 10/10/2023 at 7:50 pm

    Thank you for being picked up for these yummy fruit snacks.
    My 9 year old absolutely loves these, especially the berry flavour, that’s her favourite.
    My 6 year old is a very fussy fruit eater, in fact he would only drink the fruit if possible. He wasn’t too keen to have a second go at these, which I sort of expected.
    I love these are so healthy, with so much goodness in them. They are not the easiest to suck on though 🙂 lm told. Easy to start with but hard to finish the last bits. They are a bit costly so probably will be buying when on special but definitely will be buying again.
    We also love the cheerful design of the pouches, nice and clear writing with all the important information on it.

    Thank you

  2. Kbarton 02/10/2023 at 9:10 pm

    We received this product to review and everyone absolutely loved it!
    The flavours are amazing. And the packs are so versatile.
    My kids eat them with yoghurt, cereal, porridge, by themselves.
    We now buy these every week. Family fave!

  3. raz1984 02/10/2023 at 2:12 pm

    I had been looking at these for Miss 8 for extra nutrition for when she does gymnastics and other sports. The ingredients were great, were convenient and a great price. But sadly, the texture just wasn’t for Miss 8 and she couldn’t get past that to try the flavour properly.

  4. kelbean25 16/09/2023 at 8:45 am

    My kids loved these fruit pouches especially the mango one. They are a Convenient snack on the go. Perhaps priced a little too high for everyday but a nice treat for them

  5. Malonina 16/09/2023 at 7:05 am

    These went down an absolute treat!! My daughter ate them all within two days and we have been buying them since! They are great for the lunchbox and for dessert and it’s great knowing you’re buying something healthy from the supermarket and as a working mum, having something to just grab and pack is essential!! The pouch makes it more fun to eat and the mango passionfruit flavour went down the best. Also great in a smoothie!!

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