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Snake sock puppet

Sock puppets are the ultimate make, do and mend; activity: not only are you making use of odd socks but you are saving money otherwise spent on new toys. This snake puppet works best with colourful argyle patterned socks.

Sock puppet – simple

Puppet shows are the cornerstone of imaginative play for small children. Using puppets allows kids to express all kinds of alter egos. Making your own sock puppets will allow your child to have an input into what kinds of characters they want to create and express.

Famous finger puppets

Making your own simple puppets kills two birds with one stone: it's a great craft activity and then delivers hours of imaginative play for your child. This famous finger puppet is an easy starting point.

Curtain puppet theatre

Puppet play has enormous benefits for your child's confidence and emotional development. This simple curtain system is the easiest and quickest way to get  your kids started with their own puppet show.

Make A Shadow Puppet Theatre

A cardboard box is a great starting point for many great activities for kids. Try making this easy shadow puppet theatre and then help your kids put on their own puppet show. If you're stuck for story ideas, try using a favourite nursery rhyme like Hey, Diddle Diddle.

Ghost spoon puppet

This festive Halloween ghost spoon puppet will be a fun addition to your Halloween display. Stage a fabulously ghoulish ghost play this holiday with your kids and watch as they enjoy their imaginative play.

Frog paper bag puppet

Puppet play is a great way to fire a child's imagination: they make up the rules, the roles and all the situations. By making your own simple puppets, your child will have a hand in creating the character as well.

Elephant sock puppet

The best sock puppets are distinctive, one-of-a-kind creations made from old bits and bobs. This elephant puppet requires some basic sewing skills but can be made using items found around the home.

Wooden spoon puppets

Puppet shows not only encourage imaginative play, they bring out the creative kid hiding inside. Make your own characters or re-create an existing one to perform for family with these great wooden spoon puppets.