April Fools’ Day: dirty coin prank

April Fools’ Day: dirty coin prank

This dirty coin trick is a favourite kids' prank from way back and an easy April Fools' Day idea.  You might want to 'let' your kids pull the prank on you first to warm them up.

What you need:

  • 20 cent piece
  • lead pencil
  • a willing victim

Number of players:


Secretly rub the edge of the coin all around with the lead pencil.

Now tell someone you will give them the 20 cents if they can roll the coin down the length of their face and across the width of their face without lifting it. They have to keep the coin in contact with their skin the whole time.

When they're done, give them the 20 cents and tell them to go and look in the mirror. They will have grey lines on their face from the dirty edge of the coin.


Interesting trivia factoid:

This age-old kids' prank appeared in an episode of Friends. Rachel taught it to Ross's son Ben. Then later on, Ross turned up with lines all over his face. Classic.

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