Balloon toss

Balloon toss

Enjoy this made-for-summer activity for kids with balloon toss! On a hot summer day, water balloons are always a hit with children so get your kids in the pool and let the action begin!

What you need:

  • one towel between two people
  • water
  • water balloons

Number of players:


Divide children into pairs and give each pair a towel.

Children should grab each end of the towel and pull it reasonably tight.

Place a water balloon in the middle of each towel.

On command, have pairs throw water balloons at each other by launching them with their towels.

Teams are subsequently required to catch the water balloons using only their towels.

Keep the mayhem going and don’t stop tossing until all balloons have been thrown.

The team with the most amount of balloons wins!

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