Battleship paper game

Kids of all ages love to spend time with pencils, textas and paper. There is so much fun in drawing and playing games. Your kids will enjoy this battleship paper game!

What you need:

  • Grid paper
  • Paper
  • Pencil

Number of players:


Mark up the grid paper so there are two evenly sized boxes of ten squares by ten squares on each player’s paper.

Label each grid by writing numbers across the top and letters down the side, so that the squares are easily identified, for example A8 or F5.

Players will use one grid for positioning their own ships, the other for recording shots against the other player’s ships.

Each player has an aircraft carrier (takes five squares), destroyer (one square), battleship ( four squares), cruiser (three squares) and submarine (two squares).

Position your ships on one of the grids wherever you choose, but they must be positioned either horizontally or vertically, not diagonally.

Once all your ships have been placed in the grid and you opponent has done the same in his grid, the game begins.

The first player makes a guess as to where the other player’s ships are by declaring a grid coordinate as the target, for example B7.

The other player checks the coordinate on their grid paper and then declares a hit or miss.

If any part of a ship is located at the coordinates, it is a hit.

If a ship is hit, place a cross mark in the coordinate box.

Keep track of the hits and misses of the other player’s ships by using your second grid.

Players take turns giving coordinates to locate their opponent’s ships.

Continue playing until one side has lost all of their ships.

The other player is the winner.

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