Boxes paper game

Boxes paper game

Kids of all ages love to spend time with pencils, felt pens and paper. There is so much fun in drawing and playing games. Your kids will enjoy this paper game!

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil

Number of players:


Draw a square or rectangular grid of dots evenly spaced apart.

Taking turns, the first player connects two dots with either a horizontal or vertical line.

The other players take their turn doing the same. Their lines may touch other player’s lines, but they don’t have to.

When a player draws the fourth line to create a box, he claims the box and writes the first letter of his name inside it. He then takes another turn.

Once all of the possible horizontal and vertical lines in the grid have been turned into boxes, each player counts the number of boxes he has his initial in.

The player with the most boxes wins.

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