Christmas tree shapes

Get the kids involved in Christmas art they can be proud of. Activities and Christmas craft is a wonderful way to decorate your tree with shapes everywhere and show off their workon the tree.

What you need:

  • coloured craft paper or crayons for colouring
  • printed or drawn shapes (see notes)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • printer is optional

Number of players:


Print or draw your shapes, using coloured paper if you wish.

You can also use white shapes for your child to colour in themselves.

Colour your triangles green, the rectangle brown, the star yellow, and your circles and diamonds whatever colours you wish.

Cut out each coloured shape carefully.

Glue the 4 triangles together, one on top of the other, to form the shape of a tree.

To do this place the largest triangle at the bottom and the smallest at the top, overlapping each triangle so that each one leaves an overhang at either side – the spiky sides of your tree!

Glue your brown rectangle to the bottom of your tree – this is the trunk.

Decorate your tree with the other shapes, gluing them in place – star, circles and diamonds. Allow your child to be as creative as they wish.

If you wish to hang your Christmas tree, simply thread some string through the top-most point of your tree.


  • This activity introduces shapes, sizes, colours and numbers. Play educational games with your child, by using your shapes!
  • Ask them to count how many shapes or colours they can find, and separate them into piles.
  • Get them to count the sides of each shape.
  • See if they can put the triangles in order from smallest to largest.

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