Cloth decals: How to turn trash to treasure

Cloth decals: How to turn trash to treasure

Every now and then we need a change. Jazz up old furniture with these gorgeous decals you can craft all by yourself. And being you're in charge, you choose the fabric and the design to suit yourself!

What you need:

  • cotton fabric scraps
  • stiff iron-on fabric interfacing (white)
  • scissors
  • an iron
  • a pencil
  • PVA glue
  • a damp cloth
  • a brush to apply glue

Number of players:


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2. Iron your fabric to remove any creases.

Step 3. Iron on a piece of interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric, this should make your fabric nice and thick and prevent fraying.

Step 4. Trace your desired design in reverse on the interfacing side. Remember it will come out in reverse so if you are doing letters you will need to trace them in mirror image.

Step 5. Cut out your shapes.

Step 6. Glue them on to your desired location with the PVA, brushing onto the back of decal initially then when positioned brush onto the front. The glue will soak through and create a bit of a shiny finish when it dries.

Step 7. You're done!

Notes: Make sure to wipe of any excess with a damp cloth while the glue is still wet.

Crafted by My Poppet.

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