Cooking games with kids: Domino cookies

Cooking games with kids: Domino cookies

If you've ever played dominos you'll know the fun they can be. Not just the stacking and crashing of the pieces but the maths that comes along with the game. There are all sorts of ways you can play but this just might be the yummiest concept yet!

What you need:

Number of players:


Create your easy chocolate chip cookies from the Kidspot recipe but rather than make traditional cookie shapes, create them as rectangles.

When adding the chocolate chips or M&Ms, add them at each end in quantities up to six. For younger kids, you can add up to four.

Pop a line down the centre. You can indent this with a blunt knife or spatula. Make sure you don't cut through the dough.

Bake as per recipe.

Once cooled, have a play with the dominoes.

Domino cookie game:

  • Match the numbers, adding only to each end. If a player cannot make a move they must pass and pick another domino up. The first person to use all of their dominos wins and gets to eat one!

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