Cooking games with kids: Tricky textures

Cooking games with kids: Tricky textures

Feeling and getting to know your food is a big part of learning to eat properly. You can't just pop something in to your mouth and not be sure about the feel first. Imagine eating an oyster without first ever touching it! YUK! Get the kids learning all about the feel of their food.

What you need:

  • TWICE the ingredients for the No-bake cookies
  • printer
  • computer with internet access
  • markers
  • 5 small bowls

Number of players:


To create the cookies, follow the No-bake cookies recipe.

With the second lot of the ingredients, place them into the five bowls.

Have the kids feel and describe the ingredients to you. They might use words like "slippery" or "slimy".

When all is finished and the cookies have set, taste the finished product and see if they relate to the ingredients at all.

Print our worksheet to line up the textures to the ingredients.

Print this worksheet.

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