Craft pretend bugs in a jar

Craft pretend bugs in a jar

Bugs are awesome and collecting them has never been this easy and safe before, that's because this activity gets kids to craft their bugs, not catch them! Avoid any unfortunate accidents or nasty bites and stings from the real thing with this pseudo science activity.

What you need:

  • Pictures of bugs
  • Coloured cardboard or craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Glitter, sequins or markers
  • Empty glass jar with lid
  • Mesh or netting
  • Rubber band and glue

Number of players:


Find pictures of the bugs you'd like to collect and draw them on the coloured paper.

Cut out the various bug shapes and decorate them with glitter or sequins and markers.

Glue or tape the bug shapes to the inside walls of the glass jar.

Turn the jar upside down and trace around the opening with a pencil onto paper to create a circle template.

Cut out the circle template and place it on the mesh screening.

Allow for an extra 2cm on each side and cut around the template and place the screening on top of the jar.

Secure in place with a rubber band or screw on jar lid.

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