Create yoghurt pot flowers

Create yoghurt pot flowers

Create stunning yoghurt pot flowers with this creative art and craft kids activity. Your kids will love making these pretty pots and this project is also a fun kids party activity, so get crafting today!

What you need:

  • a yoghurt pot washed
  • scissors
  • a coloured straws
  • paint
  • paintbrush

Number of players:


Using the scissors, cut the yoghurt pots from their opening to their base.

Do this all around (about 4 or 5 times), until the yoghurt pot almost resembles a flower, the incisions are to be the petals of the flower.

If you desire, cut the tops of the petals to create petal like edges, cutting the tops as if cutting a semi circle.

Keep them short or long.

Using the scissors, puncture a hole in the centre of the base of the yoghurt pot.

Poke a straw through the hole created in the centre of the base, making sure the majority of the straw's length is extending from the base of the yoghurt pot.

This is the flower's stem.

Using the scissors cut small slits into the top of the straw that is poking through the yoghurt pot's base.

Finally paint the yoghurt pot in a bright colour.


  • You may wish to initially collage the yoghurt pots instead of painting them.
  • Make plenty of yoghurt pot flowers and place in a vase.
  • Stick them in the soil outside as an outdoor decoration.

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