Creative toddlers

Creative toddlers

Getting messy and being allowed to be free in their own adventures can be a pivotal point in a child's learning and understanding. Allowing children to be artistic can develop their senses beyond your expectations.

What you need:

  • paper
  • over sized non toxic crayons


Number of players:


There are many ways in which to get creative with a toddler, especially from about nine months old. At this age kids are finding their hands and learning what to do with them.

Put an oversized crayon into his hand and while he will stab the paper at first, he will soon learn that this big thing in his hand can make colours and lines. Watch as he becomes more inclined to draw rather than just hit the paper.


  • Children learn from actions portrayed to them. Use this activity as a method of distraction for him while you are writing and he will learn what to do by watching your actions.

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