Easy costume: Prince Charming

Easy costume: Prince Charming

Easy costumes like this Prince Charming costume from Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, are all about the accessories. Watch the video below to see how you can cobble together a last minute costume the night before Book Week from stuff in your own wardrobe.

What you need:

  • 1 x white grandpa shirt (Mum's wardrobe)
  • 1 x pair brown pants
  • 1 x pair long boots (Mum's wardrobe)
  • 1 x belt (Mum's wardrobe)
  • 1 x cape
  • 1 x printable crown template
  • 1 x sword

Number of players:


Find a floppy white shirt in Mum's wardrobe that you can belt around the hips. Add it to some brown pants, a pair of long black boots (Prince Charming is a bit of a ponce) a belt, sword, cape and you're almost there.

All you need now is a crown.

You can make your own crown with this:

Printable crown template

Cover it with foil, add some stick on sparkles if you have them and you've got yourself a royal title.

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